10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Games For Single Guys

Are you an introvert? Socializing and talking to people can be exhausting for some people. Humans are said to be social beings but that does not mean that everyone finds socializing and talking to people enjoyable and interesting. Some people lack self esteem and can only talk to people virtually. With the current technology, the current generation is more into phones and video games than physical engagement in talks with other real people.

You might admire girls but lack the courage of facing them and most have a relationship with them. However, you don’t need to entirely lose hope because there are some virtual girlfriend games available for you. We will give you some of the virtual girlfriend games you can ever come across. These games will keep you busy and you may not notice that you do not have a girlfriend. They may relieve you of depression. Physical people may not treat you the same way even if you are deeply in love with each other but we have you covered in this article because virtual girlfriends in these games will not treat you like humans may in some cases.

1. Focus on You VR Girlfriend Game 

This game was developed by Smilegate Entertainment. The game has a high school set-up and the storyline involves students, you will play the role of a senior high school student who is studying photography and partially works in a local café. You came across a beautiful girl, (HAN YUA) at a park. You coax her to be your photo model and she accepts but she is too shy before the camera, so she goes away…

The game has some very unique features such as; 

  1. More than 180 voice recognition tickets.
  2. The lead female has new hairstyles and costumes.
  3. Many pictures of the HAN YUA.

Click on this link to find much about the game and download; https://www.viveport.com/1ecff3e4-e50b 

2. VR Kanojo

This is one of the famous VR girlfriend games introduced in 2018. You must have come across this name somewhere. This is an amazing game that gives you a wonderful experience with the lead lady, SAKURA YUUHI. The feeling of the game is almost similar to real life.

NOTE that the game is exclusively created for adults there. It has a lot of adult content which makes it almost a real-life experience. 

The game involves so actively, you can feel Sakura’s warmth and breath. Sakura has been enabled to converse with you like a real human, she can laugh and smile with you.

What more will you want! 

The game gives you the option of changing Sakura’s clothes and dressing her newly. This is unique, isn’t it?

Your computer can install the game if it has the following features;

  • A 4GB memory and available space of 4 GB.
  • Windows 10 with 64bit
  • Processor Intel Core i5 4590
  • Graphics NVIDIA GTX 970, GTX 1060, and AMD R9

This game has amazing features but it has the following results;

  • Expensive, especially on Steam with close to $ 16 for a 50-minute gameplay
  • Sakura’s voice may repeat itself often.

You can download the game on; https://store.steampowered.com/app/751440/VR_Kanojo__VR/ 

3. Mirror 

This is another game released in 2018. Note that this game is also for adults just like the others described above. It has sexual content and nudity not suitable for non-adult users. 

This game is interesting, you can set the flow of the story you want among the options in the game. For adventurous people, this is the best game for you. 

The basis of this game will give you an adventurous experience with many beautiful girls. It owes its name from the basis of its stories. There is a magic mirror that is the destiny of very many extremely girls. You get the great opportunity of accompanying the girls if you get the mirror…

It has many visual novel elements. It is one of the games that have match-3 visuals.

Your device doesn’t need to be too big because the game fits on devices that have;

  • A processor of 1.2 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • Operating System of WIN7, WIN8, and WIN10

This is one game that does not require too big space for installation and storage.

You can find it on; https://store.steampowered.com/app/644560/Mirror/ 

4. Together with VR

Together VR is not more than a game. You spend time with your virtual girlfriend, Hoshihara Mei. You have a room for the two of you. The room is private and you get to have fun. The room looks like a real home and is equipped with fancy things. Together VR allows you to play games with Hoshihara in the private room.

Together VR has some new features such as Korean and German subtitles.

Find the game on; https://www.vivereport.com/b5ea62db-9ea 

 It is compatible with;

  • Oculus Rift
  • Vive Cosmos Elite
  • Vive
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Vive Pro
  • Valve Index

5. VRChat

This game is not like the above mentioned.  Here you get to connect with different people on the platform. You will find someone who will probably match your interests. It is a platform where you can play games with the one you are comfortable interacting with virtually. The common game is the capture the flag game. There are other games like bowling. 

The amazing thing about VRChat is that you connect with real people virtually and have a virtual date full of games. It will improve your social skills and mostly make you comfortable around people even though it is virtual. 

On this platform, you may end up hooking up with a soul mate, who knows? Most of the users are probably people like you and your interests will be much compatible. You only need to create a custom avatar where you can converse with almost everybody. You can find one. 

Find more about the game and purchase it on Steam.

6. House Dating VR

You can get an amazing experience using House Dating VR. You get real-life experience. 

The lead female, Seyun, in the game has ‘real’ characteristics. All you need to do is to talk to her seductively, the way you would talk to a real-life girl. You get to date Seyun whenever you feel like it. She acts following your seductive talk. She will act to impress you if your words are impressive to her in the game. You get LP (love point) whenever you impress her. Seyun is of Korean descent and you can ask her to give you Aegyo which means expressions of deep affection.

The One limiting factor of using House Dating VR is that it can ONLY connect with Oculus Rift and Vive.

7. My Virtual Manga Girl

This game is exclusively for dating. All the activities involved in the game require you to make the virtual girl love you more and more. The beautiful thing about this game is that it has very many amazing and beautiful girls. You just have to choose one and try to impress her. It has features that allow you to take her on dinner dates, play mini-golf. The goal is to make her love you more and that is why there are features that will enable you to gift her many things like flowers and beautiful dresses. You also get to know more about her. She gives back love the same way you treat her and makes you happy. The app allows you to view her from all angles (360 degrees).

You only have to date one girl at a time. This requires you to choose a girl whose traits are more or less like yours.

The game app is available on Google Play.

8. Virtual Girlfriend Momaday

One major advantage here is that the app is not limited to Android users. It is available on the Apple store. The app is as fancy as the others. You can view your virtual girlfriend on 3D from all angles. It is amazing because you can kiss her while talking to her. The gifts in the game are also not limited.

9. Naughty Girlfriend 

The name of this app suggests something. Just as is its name, the girlfriend in the game will do amazing things for you. You will ask her to give you a dance and she will do it amazingly. You can unclothe the naughty girlfriend. You are allowed to change her outfit as much as you want. 

Finally, the app unlike most virtual girlfriend apps is compatible with oculus rift. You can download the app on Google Play.

10. Dream Girlfriend

Most of us like dreaming and creating images of the girl we would love to have close to us. This app gives you the liberty of creating the girl of your dream. You make her have the features you want. 

Her body shape and color are your choices. You make her exactly what you imagine. This sounds interesting as you can create your satisfaction. Find the app on Google play.


What Is The Best Virtual Girlfriend Game?

From my experience, VR Kanojo and VR Chat are the best games. VR Kanojo has amazing games that are almost real. On the other hand, VR Chat will allow you to converse with real people where you can begin a real relationship with a r real girl.

Are Apps Better Than Virtual Girlfriend Games On Steam?

This is a very nice question. Games available on Steam have proven to be the best. Some apps on Google come with a lot of advertisements and sometimes the games are not as reliable and satisfying as the others.


You cannot be an introvert and single without some fancy things to do. The article has described some amazing games. Try them out and light up your life.

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