9 Best Smart Gadgets for Pets


Pet toys and gadgets are getting smarter with time. Recent introductions to pet toys and gadgets are equipped with technological capabilities now that make playing with and caring for your pet fun and convenient.

There is no better tie to get some smart gadgets for your pets than now with these new gadgets. Pets are family members and not just animals as most people view them. Our furry friends deserve all the best and technology has made caring for them, even more, easier and better than ever.

Let’s have a look at the best smart gadgets for pets for your pets.

Automatic Litter Box

Smart kitty is an automatic self-cleaning litter box for a few minutes after use. Smart kitty starts its raking system so that it can separate waste from litter. The droppings of the cat go into a closed container that hides them while preventing odors in the house. When you want to remove the waste, simply detach the containers disposable molding and then throw it away.

The set up is easy and consumes less power and less clumping litter compared to the traditional litter boxes. The litter box continuously self cleans throughout the day and has a quite slow moving bowl that turns and makes a full rotation in an hour.

This is the time that waste is sifted out and carried in the conveyor belt to the covered removable waste bin. You can have a look at the current prices of the litter box here on Amazon and forget all the pain and the furry, fuzzy feline butt of scooping poo every day.

Automatic Pet Feeder

We all love our pets and want to make sure that they feed well and on time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because it will conflict with work, schedules, and meetings. This is the point where you need to have a pet feeder on the cheap. There are other alternatives that are on the higher end, but you will have to pay a few more bucks to get them. But the WOpet automatic pet feeder comes in to solve most of the problem.

There is no more worrying about missing the schedule to feed the pet with the intelligent feeding system that is included to help you personalize the feeding times, portion size and the proper ingredients.

This automatic pet feeder is easy to use and has an LCD screen and inbuilt voice recorder and speaker to help you communicate with your pets even when you are away from your home. You can have a look at the automatic pet feeder here on Amazon and see their current prices and reviews.


  • Customizable frequency, allows you to set up to four different times a day
  • Voice recorder and speaker for communicating with your pet at anytime
  • Food categories that are suited are dry.

This is what you need if you go on vacations a lot. The setting of your voice is good to help your pet not feel lonely when you are away. It will always keep coming to the feeder every time they hear your voice.

Automatic Pet Doors

Having an automatic PetSafe wall entry pet door allows your pet to go in and out without the hassle of opening and closing the door constantly. These pet doors are very practical in homes where installing a pet door on an entry or side door is not practical and not convenient. There are different wall materials where this wall entry pet door can be installed like the stucco and brick. This makes them one of the best wall mount dog doors you can get on the market.

The durable frame PVC is great for withstanding UV exposure. The double flap design helps to keep out weather and provides energy efficiency. Before going to puncture a hole in your house and install some cheap, flimsy and ugly looking door, consider having this PetSafe wall entry pet doors. You can have a look at automatic pet doors here on Amazon to know their current prices.

If you want to use the door as a regular flap, it is also possible. There are three modes that are available with petsafe smart door, locked, unlocked and automatic. If you are a first timer with electronic dog doors, there may be a transition challenging.

The dogs that have the SmartKey on their collar get allowed in while those without are not as the door remains solidly shut. It Is amazing to keep the stray dogs, foxes, cats, and raccoons out of your home. One smartkey is included in the package, and if you have more pets, then you may need to have additional keys.

Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Having a tag pet tracker attached to your dog to help in knowing the whereabouts is good and helps to give you peace of mind. You get to view the location of your pet through an interactive map via your tablet, phone or computer. There are push notifications that you also receive when the pet strays away from home. The Whistle 3 combines GPS, cellular and wifi technology and gives you a comprehensive and accurate tracking.

They are also durable and waterproof and attaches to any collar and is designed to go anywhere with the pet even swimming. The battery has the longest lasting period and can last up to 7 days. The strength of your wifi and cellular coverage impacts the battery life of the three batteries. When the batteries need to be changed, there are notifications that are sent and recharge only takes 2 hours.

A subscription fee of $8 a month is charged which I consider being a small price considering the peace of mind you get when your pet is wondering. Monitoring the activity of your pet helps you to have rest and enables you to keep your pet in shape for their age, weight, and breed. You can have a look at the pet tracker here on Amazon to know their prices and product reviews.

Automatic Smart Water Fountain

This automatic pet water fountain features a flower inspired the design and has three water flow settings. The blue color increases its attractiveness and is a color that your pets can see greatly. The two litter water capacity can stay for up to a month without replenishing frequently. The material used for making it is environmental friendly made of finely polished antibacterial resin material. The quick release structure enables it to be easy to remove and cleaned. The pump is super silent, and the sound can hardly be heard.

Water is best kept fresh when you use automatic pet water fountains because they use filters to help in making the water pure, dirt free and better tasting. Cats can be put off from drinking water when you put it in a bowl because of the water losses its freshness and good taste after sitting for a long time.

Having water fountains offers a continuous stream of fresh water, and this encourages your pet to drink more water during the day, and they may end up improving their drinking habits.


  • 2L water capacity
  • Multiple drain holes base to prevent water overflow
  • Antibacterial pp plastic and resin without BPA
  • Silent submersible pump
  • Low consumption
  • Hand wash only

You can get one of this smart water fountains here on Amazon. Research suggests that most cats dislike still water as they associate it with bacteria, so cats are prone to drink water that is flowing continuously and has a fresh taste.

Pet Camera

Having a monitor for your pets is something to fancy. The video function enables you to check on your pets and even talk to them when you are not in the house. The connection of the pet camera is through a handy app that lets you to even talk to them via a two-way radio.

The pet cam that I use is the PetCube gadget. I like it because it lets you treat the pets remotely. You can dispense a treat remotely to your pet using your mobile phone. PetCubes bites combine two super rad gadgets in one, a monitoring device and the treat dispenser. The treat flinger holds up to two pounds of tasty snacks and can throw them up 6 feet. The camera streams 1080p HD video and has 138-degree angle view wide.

The cam also has two-way audio so that the pet can hear and listen to the commands you have while you decide on the smartphone if they get a treat. There are other aspects like the night vision, treat reorders and the three color options.

These Petcube bites treat cameras enables you to see, talk, toss treats and reward your pet from your mobile app and see your pet in HD and night vision. Say hello to your pet with the two-way talk and get motion alerts and sound alerts. Petcube is the most innovative wifi pet camera with treat dispenser and provides a great home security solution. You can have a look at pet cameras here on Amazon to see there current prices and reviews.

Chest Mount Strap and Action Camera

Having one of this on your pet will enable you to record everything that they see. It enables you to strap a camera on the chest or back of the pet. The camera is fully waterproof and enables you to fully see things from the point of view of the pet. If you get the GoPro camera, you can connect, stream and upload the videos of your dog right from the device. GoPro Fetch is separate from the camera.

The chest strap has wide compatibility and is fully adjustable and enables you to have different perspectives. They can be mounted on the back of the dog and the chest. They are also hygienic and washable. You can have a look at one of the dog fetch harness chest strap belt mount here on Amazon.

The strap works well with this action camera that is waterproof that is wireless wrist remote controlled. The camera has built-in wifi and HDMI, edit and shares your action and you can also download the app to record all the action of your pet on the phone. The wifi signal reaches up to 10 meters. The ultra HD 4K video recording of the Akaso action camera makes it among the few with the professional video quality.

The remote control of the camera enables you to choose the mode you prefer from recording to taking photos with just the press of a button. The built-in 2.4G wifi enables the Akaso action camera to seamlessly connect to the phone and enable you to share the videos and pictures instantly.

The Akaso action camera is literally the best if you are thinking about if you should do it. Get the action camera right now here on Amazon. It is freaking amazing for the price and good value for your money.

Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

If you have an active dog that wants to play always or you would just like to look for a fun alternative to playing fetch and promoting an active lifestyle for your pets. Having an automatic ball launcher is s perfect fit for both you and your pet. They have several benefits apart from fitness and enabling mind stimulation, training, and independence. They are also very fun.

The iFetch automatic ball can be used with either batteries or an AC power cord that is amazing. This enables you to use batteries when you are outdoors and AC power cord when you are indoors. Many dogs can also be trained on how they can use the ball launchers themselves by fetching the ball and getting it back in the ball launcher opening.

iFetch is among the original manufacturers that introduced ball launchers to the masses. They had the flagship iFetch ball thrower designed for small to medium size dogs. The adjustable distance makes the iFetch suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Ability to train the pets and stimulate the mind
  • Adjustable distances
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Various tennis ball sizes
  • Reasonable prices, options for low high budgets

The prices for automatic ball launchers vary widely from one another. They are a growing trend in the pet industry, and the technology aims at making your pet’s health a top priority. You can have the iFetch automatic ball launcher here on Amazon and have the ability to play with your pet by dropping the ball into the device and let them play independently.

Pet Bathing Tool

Having the Aquapaw pet bathing tool combines a water sprayer and a bath scrubber I one. This makes bathing your pet easier and also practical. Each aquapaw comes with showerhead and a garden horse adapter, and this enables you to easily connect with the easy to install a splitter.

No need to worry about worrying about switching between sprayer and the scrubber, the wearable bathing tool combines the best of both worlds; you simply turn it on or off by making a fist. One thing I love about it is that it can be operated entirely with one hand — less sparing water for less mess.


  • Ergonomic one size fits all design straps securely to any hand
  • It’s a slim and flexible sprayer
  • Innovative design that reduces spraying water and speeds up bath time
  • Includes and adapter for connecting to shower bath tub and outdoor garden

You can have a look at the aquapaw pet bathing tool here on Amazon. The price is right well and worth the investment.

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