All You Need To Know About bObsweep PetHair

bObsweep PetHair is a robotic device used for cleaning after pets. Some of the cleaning features are like cleaning all types of floors in your home. You can clean your carpet using this device, as well as tiled floors or wood floors. Moreover, the device is the best for people with allergies  since it cleans all the allergen particles on your floor. It is good for people who own pets that shed a lot.

However, if you fancy robotic features and smart controls, then this is not the right option for you. The device does not support mobile apps and WIFI connection. 

Features Of bObsweep PetHair

 Here are some of the best features:

You Can Control bObsweep PetHair Using A Remote Control

The device does not support any app control or voice control and is therefore designed with a remote control. However, the remote will not give you a smart home experience since you will have to manually press the button to execute desired actions within the device’s capability.

The remote enables you to select the power mode that you want to use out of the three available power modes. You can use the remote to control the device, move it to the specific area that you want it to clean. The remote has buttons with arrow indicators that will allow you to navigate the robot within your house.

Capability Of Cleaning Multiple Floor Types

Most cleaning robots are limited to specific floor types. This robot is unique. The uniqueness is that the device is capable of cleaning almost all types of floors in your house. However, one limitation is that some floors are uneven and therefore the robot may not clean them as you expected. 

If you want to wet mop your floor, you will have to attach the wet mopping bottom at the button side and fill the reservoir tank with water. However, you cannot rely on this robot to wet mop your floor perfectly following a certain pattern on its own since the device is not built with mapping technology to wipe and clean, it will hence frequently skip some spots on the floor.

When it comes to sweeping and collecting particles, it has brush rollers that perform the task. All the debris is swept by the brush rollers leaving little or no particles behind.

The Device Can Recharge By Itself

With a battery of 2200mAh, the device can barely last for an hour. The battery can support the device for 40 minutes when fully charged and when the device is working continuously.

If the floor is rough and dirty then the device will take less time before the battery dies off since the battery is less powerful than the cleaning task. cleaning dirty floors will require the motors to propel faster than usual hence more power consumption.

Amazingly, the device can  get itself recharged without you being involved. Like iRobot m6, it will recharge and then resume its functions. 

This indicates that the battery doesn’t suit the device. The device performs a greater function than the battery capacity. The motor is powerful and therefore a battery of 2200mAh will die sooner than expected. You will not achieve a continuous cleaning experience with this kind of battery. 

The battery power of this device will force you to clean for longer periods or limit you to cleaning a small area.

Other features that the device possesses include:

  • Adjustable speed of up to 3 modes.
  • Supports scheduling where you can schedule where to clean. You can schedule it to clean the carpet of a given room, it will only clean the carpet.
  • Has a large dustbin size of 1 liter.
  • Has a 1-year warranty.

Disadvantages Of bObsweep PetHair

Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • Cannot be used to mop large areas before recharging since the battery dies off quickly.
  • Does not support mobile control and hence you cannot program and control it using your smartphone.
  • Does not support voice control and will require you to use your remote control.
  • You have to physically block it from accessing restricted areas. It does not automatically detect restricted areas.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Many Sensors Does bObsweep PetHair Have?

The device has three sensors: drop, touch, and dirt. All these sensors are just as their names suggest. Touch will inform the devices whenever it comes in contact with physical devices and the dirt sensor will sense dirt particles.

Does bObsweep PetHair Have UV Light?

This robot vacuum has UV light which sterilizes the floors as it cleans. There is a button on the remote for the UV light. The UV light turns ON only while Bob is working, and automatically turns OFF when he is at rest. 

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