All You Need To Know About iRobot Braava Jet M6

The current 24-hour economy may not allow you to have much time for cleaning and doing many household chores. Cleaning is essential and mostly may take much time when manpower is in short supply. However, there are ways of minimizing manpower needed for some boring, routine daily tasks, thanks to robots. In this case, we are looking at a new robot that has been recently designed by iRobot. Braava Jet M6 is a device built with the ability to mop. Well if you don’t love the tasks associated with cleaning, then this is your savior. Read this article for more information about this device.

What Is iRobot Braava Jet M6? 

Braava Jet M6 is a robot built with the capability of mopping. In simple terms, it is a robot mop. This robot has some features (that we will look at) which enable it to clean surfaces within your house the same way you would by yourself. Jet M6 is a unique robot for mopping because it can navigate your floors and clean areas while avoiding sensitive areas within the rooms. It can navigate and clean under furniture. 

What Are The Features Of Braava Jet M6?

Well, this new device has some features you would love to use, some of which will make you less involved in supervision. Here are some of these features:

1. Imprint Smart Mapping Technology

This is one of the amazing features of Jet M6. It enables the device to learn how your rooms are designed on the floor and hence how to clean them according to how the floor is mapped. It also keeps data and details of the specific rooms so that they can clean the same way and better in the future. The technology enables the device to clean the areas that you specifically want to clean. Unlike other robots, Jet M6 can distinguish different areas to be cleaned. It cleans the areas that you have programmed it to clean. You will just need to tag the areas with specific names that do not contradict each other, then leave the robot to perform its duty. You can achieve this once you connect the device to your smartphone and you are using the iRobot Home app. the device will mop edges and corners within the room.

The Imprint Mapping Technology enables you to connect the device to navigate around and below objects in the room. It goes under and around furniture. Jet M6 will not just clean the surface randomly, it follows a certain pattern such that it does not clean the same area repeatedly. This ensures that time is well managed and little or no time is wasted.

2. Supports Voice Control

You would not fancy using such a device without the ability to use voice controls. Jet M6 performs tasks that you can control using your voice. The above feature is a good example, you will need to mention the name of the room you want to clean and Braava Jet M6 does it. You will need to mention its name at the start of the command clause then wait for the execution. You will also need to use the voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google assistants so that the voice control is put to work.

3. Ability To Recharge By Itself

Braava Jet M6 is one device you would love to use. Unlike many other devices, this robot mop can detect low batteries while cleaning. The unique thing is that it can trace its way to the charging dock, recharge to a good battery percentage and get back to cleaning from the stop. What a feature! You don’t have to be actively present to detect that the Jet M6 battery is low and take it to recharge. This feature enables this device to work for longer periods than you thought. Amazingly, you don’t need to reprogram it to continue cleaning since it picks from the last stop without your intervention.

4. Supports WIFI Connectivity 

The device can be controlled using voice control. WIFI connectivity makes this function very simple. You don’t need to use internet cables and cumbersome internet connections. Just connect the device to your WIFI and enjoy using it. Ensure that your WIFI signals are strong within your home since the device is mobile and would cover wider ranges within your house.

5. The Imprint Link Technology 

This is another feature that further simplifies your work. It enables you to connect (Link as the name suggests) Braava Jet M6 to smart vacuums like Roomba s9, Roomba i7, and Roomba i7+. These devices, once linked, can communicate and pass information without your intervention. For example, Roomba i7+ may finish up vacuum cleaning the dining room and then pass the information to Braava Jet M6 which will pick up the work and mop the dining floor. Smooth, isn’t it? You will surely enjoy using these devices especially if you don’t fancy cleaning by yourself, it will do all the mopping for you at the command of your voice.

This feature enables you to have more than one cleaning device working at the same time without you being involved at all. 

What Is Included When I Purchase Braava Jet M6?

You don’t want to purchase a device that will require you to buy other accessories separately. Braava Jet M6 comes with almost all the accessories you will need. You will not need to purchase its accessories separately. Here are the contents of the package that include the iRobot Braava Jet M6 Robot along with:

  • A charging dock
  • A dock tray
  • A washable Wet Mopping Pad
  • A pair of dry single-use sweeping pads
  • A pair of wet mopping pads (single use)
  • A single North American Line Cord
  • Cleaning solution

More accessories may be included in the future since the product is new and improvements are still in progress. We anticipate more advancements soon. 

How Do I Set Up My iRobot Braava Jet M6?

Setting up Braava Jet M6 is very simple. It does not need much tech know-how. It is recommended that you use the device manual to guide you. However, follow these steps for a quick set up of your Braava Jet M6:

  • Connect the charging dock to the power source.
  • Activate the robot by attaching it to the charging dock so that there is some sound that will let you know the device is awake. There will also be some ring lights that will show you the batteries are activated.
  • Once the robot is on and active, pair it with the iRobot Home app on your smartphone so that the firmware and software are up to date. If you don’t have the iRobot Home app, you can find it on the play store or app store, download the app (there could be similar apps in the play store, choose the app with more reviews and a lot of downloads) and install it, then launch it.
  • Put the drip tray. Don’t force any connection, and if the tray is not attaching, check the manual and study how to attach it as you don’t want to damage your new device.
  • Put one cleaning pad of your choice (dry for sweeping or wet for mopping) on the bottom side of your robot. Again you don’t need to force the attachment. Use the manual to learn how to attach the pad (study the pictorial tutorials). If there is a cleaning pad already attached, press the button on the front of the robot to release the pad. The robot works with one pad at a time, you cannot put both the wet and dry pad at the same time. You can switch pads based on the type of cleaning you want. 
  • Detach the water tank of your robot. Fill it with water upto the line shown in the manual. You may not need to do this if you are using a dry pad for sweeping.

How Do I Fill My Jet M6 Tank?

This is a very essential procedure that every user must know. If you are using wet pads for mopping, you must fill the tank and if the floor area is large, you might need to refill the tank more than once. You therefore must have this procedure whenever you are using the robot mop. Steps to fill your tank:

  • Open the lid by thumbing the tank and releasing the latch.
  • Get the tank out of the robot by its handle.
  • Before adding water, put 4-6 caps of cleaning solution (packed in the robot box).
  • Add warm water to the cleaning solution to fill the tank.
  • Hold the tank handle and put the tank back into the robot.
  • Thumb down the handle and place the lid as it was before.

The cleaning solution is not compulsory. You can use water only. Do not use any solution other than the one recommended by the manufacturer (you can purchase the same brand of cleaning solution).

Connecting Braava Jet M6 To iRobot Home App

Having the device connected to your smartphone will help you execute commands from the comfort of your desired location. Here is how to connect the robot to the app:

  • Put on Bluetooth on your smartphone. The connection requires Bluetooth for connection.
  • Navigate to the iRobot Home app on your phone.
  • Choose ‘Add a robot.’
  • Choose Braava Jet, in this case, Jet M6.
  • Toggle add a Braava jet and add your robot.

What Is The Price Of iRobot Braava Jet M6?

Braava Jet M6 (6110) may be significantly pricier than other previous models, but in our opinion it is worth it. The features that come with the device are excellent and save a lot of time when it comes to cleaning. For our highest traffic areas, we created a mopping schedule of 4 moppings by the Braava Jet M6, followed by 1 manual mopping by any adult in our home. We have set this schedule to make sure any corners or areas under the furniture are not missed and are caught by the person mopping every fifth time. This way we saved 80% of mopping time, and the high traffic areas in the home are always clean. 

If you are purchasing a new robot, look for the latest release as it may have more features. Some of the users have given good feedback concerning the product. Find more about its price and specs on amazon:

Can I Use Jet M6 Robot Mop To Clean Specific Stains?

The robot has a good feature for this purpose. It has Precision Jet Spray that cleans such stains on your floor. These stains are common in the kitchen. The spray can clean stains like kitchen grease, pet messes (urine), kids’ messes, coffee stains among many other stains. When cleaning pet messes, you can restore the good scent in your room/house by using the cleaning solution which will ensure that there is a good scent. You can command the robot to clean specific stains in specific rooms since the device has the Imprint Smart Technology and  supports voice controls.

Can I Use Chemicals of My Choice With The Jet M6 Robot Mop?

You surely have other detergents and chemicals that you value and love using for cleaning your home. However, for Jet M6, you are restricted to only using water if you run out of the cleaning solution that was packed with the robot at the time of purchase. However much you desire to use your preferred cleaning chemicals and detergents, you don’t want to damage your device.  Therefore, try and avoid these other chemicals. Stick to the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jet M6 Robot Mop


The device has many pros thanks to its amazing features. Here are some of them:

  • Supports voice control and hence can be commanded once the right voice support devices are connected to it. You will only need your voice to get the cleaning done in your room/house.
  • Can be connected to WIFI hence making your voice control function easier. You just need to ensure that the WIFI signals are strong enough and cover a wide area within your house.
  • Can clean a wide area without supervision. The Imprint Smart Technology gives it the ability to clean different rooms based on their floor outlay and design. It can do the task every other time since it learns the rooms and keeps the data for the future.
  • You can either dry sweep or wet mop. The device can switch between these two modes once you change and put the pads that you want (wet or dry).
  • You can use it to clean the specific stain on the floor such as a dog track. It has precision Jet Spray Technology.
  • The robot can clean edges and navigate around objects like furniture. It is possible to clean under furniture.
  • You can clean for as long as you can since the device has a feature that enables it to recharge by itself whenever it detects a low battery. It will then pick from the last stop hence working continuously without you being involved.


The device just like any other device has a limitation, however, all the good features tend to minimize the number of limitations. The main disadvantage of using the device is that it might have a higher price than your budget. Other cons are:

  • You cannot choose your own detergent and cleaning chemicals.
  • May fall from the stairs when cleaning rooms upstairs especially when the charging dock is downstairs and the robot is cleaning upstairs.
  • The associated app, the iRobot Home app cannot connect to android devices below 7.0 and iOS that are below OS 13.


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