All You Need To Know About iRobot Braava Jet

iRobot Braava Jet is a robot mop. The device is one of the latest inventions by Braava. It has features that make mopping easy and efficient. It is built with some great technologies that make it to be defined as an amazing mop robot. 

Some of the amazing technologies include Imprint Smart Mapping. This technology gives the robot the ability to mop your house following a specific pattern such that it does not clean the same area repeatedly. Imprint smart mapping also enables the robot to study and keep the data of all the rooms that you would love to clean in your home, this will make it possible for it to clean the same rooms again without you programming it again. 

The robot can also use that technology to clean your floors based on their design and orientations such as tile pattern or navigation around the furniture in the room. This is just one of the technologies that come with iRobot Jet m6. Continue reading this article to know more about this amazing mop robot.

What Are The Specs Of The Robot?

Well, it is important to know all the specs of the robot:

  • Lithium Ion battery type.
  • Box weight of 11 Ibs.
  • Robot weight of 4.85 Lbs.
  • The robot is 3.5 inches and 10.6 inches wide.

These are some of the basic specs you need to know about the robot.

What Area Can The Robot Clean?

The robot can mop large rooms since it can recharge itself whenever the battery is low. However, on average, the robot can cover between 300 – 1000 square feet before it runs out of battery. It covers this area when you have attached a clean pad and the water tank is full. You must include the cleaning solution so that it does not leave some tracks along the path that it is cleaning. It may leave tracks if you use a cleaning solution that is too soapy. Try to use the cleaning solution that is packed with the robot at the time of purchase, if it runs out, purchase the same type/from the same brand. 

The robot could clean a larger area than the average if you refill the tank and change the cleaning pads frequently, you don’t need to worry about the battery since the robot can recharge itself whenever it senses that it is running out of power.

Do Bona Floor Cleaners Work With iRobot M6?

Bona floor cleaners are not approved to be used with this robot. The manufacturers always pack cleaning solutions when you purchase the robot. It is advisable to use these cleaning solutions so that you don’t damage the robot.

Some users have tried the cleaner but it has not worked perfectly for all the users. We have some users diluting the solution to be the same concentration as the water you have diluted with, the results are not too bad. 

If you must use these cleaners, then you might need to dilute the concentration to 50%. If you are not so sure of what you are doing, do not use the solution at all to avoid damaging the robot.

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Does The Robot Obey Asimov’s 3 Laws Of Robotics?

The Asimov laws of Robotics are that:

  • The robot shall obey all the instructions given to it by the user.
  • The robot shall not harm or cause damage to humans.
  • The robot shall not perform or get into actions that will damage it.

Well the iRobot m6 satisfies the requirement of all the above laws. The robot supports voice controls from voice support devices you can therefore command it and the robot will perform the tasks that you have commanded it to. The fact that the device is built with the Imprint smart mapping, it is able to learn and keep the data of your rooms’ floor outlay and you can therefore whenever you command it will mop as it should.

The robot will not harm you since its task is to mop and  it has the map/outlay. It will mop where you command it to mop.

Lastly, the iRobot m6 cannot cause damage to itself, it has the ability to navigate around obstacles such as furniture.

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Is iRobot M6 Compatible With Other Devices?

The robot is compatible with other devices. The common devices are the Roomba devices (s or I Roomba series). The robot can be connected to other devices due to the Imprint Link Technology that is built-in. The other devices are similarly robots and this technology enables them to communicate with each other and perform the cleaning tasks. You can use the iRobot Home app in your smartphone to devise a cleaning plan for your robots. Cleaning will be done according to your command, one robot, for example Roomba i9 will finish its task and pass the message to iRobot m6 which will take over and complete the remaining task.

How Frequently Do I Need To Recharge The Robot?

iRobot m6 is built with this special feature, it can recharge by itself. You don’t need to keep recharging it every time. What you need to do is set up the charging dock in an accessible place (not downstairs or upstairs). Once the robot detects that the battery is low, it will stop and move back to its charging dock and recharge without you prompting it to do so. One more amazing thing is then it will pick the task from the last stop and continue; you don’t need to reprogram it. Therefore, the question of how frequently you need to recharge is answered by this feature.

Is The Robot Worth It?

Yes, the robot is worth it. We have described most of the features above and you will enjoy using it if you purchase it. You can use voice control on it, it can recharge by itself, it mops every room following the floor pattern of each separate room, and you can wet mop or sweep using the wet or dry cleaning pad that comes with the robot.

All of these are features that you will love. 

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