Arlo Base Station To Google Wifi: Read This Before You Buy


The Arlo base station is what helps you to securely connect Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras through a router while also providing extended range connectivity with the best battery life for Arlo cameras.

Features of Arlo Base Station

  • USB local storage backup
  • Smart siren
  • Upgrade options

What Arlo Cameras Work With Arlo Base Station

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What is The Range of Arlo Cameras?

The range of Arlo Camera is a maximum of 300 feet or 9 meters from their base station. This maximum range for Arlo cameras is reduced by wall, ceiling and other obstructions that are between the camera and the base station. Although this is more than sufficient to cover the home area that you want to place the cameras.

Arlo cameras are mostly built upon two major components; the Arlo base station and the individual Arlo camera which connect to the internet through the base station.

How To Extend the Range of Your Arlo Cameras

The best way you can increase the range of your system is by using a power adapter or a repeater. When you are using an extender, it will provide you with the choice to select the location you want to have your Arlo camera according to your wishes.

Plus, you will also have to link your base station to the access point directly. You can also connect it to the power adapter or wireless repeater which you are using. This will allow you to choose the location of the router freely as you don’t need to keep it close to your base station. The recommendation is to keep the base station in a place where you can get maximum coverage of your camera. 

If you are using Arlo Q, then it also needs to be connected to the wireless repeater. This will give you the flexibility to use it and install it far from the access point.

How to Extend The Range of Arlo Camera

The following are the steps you have to follow when you want to increase the range of your wireless camera when you are using a Netgear wifi range extender.

  • First, ensure that the wireless repeater you are using has an Ethernet port.
  • Install the wireless extender and add it to the network. Then install the extender by following the steps given in the manual of the extender.
  • Take an Ethernet wire and use it for connecting the Arlo base station to the wifi extender.
  • Press the power button on your base station to turn it on. After some few minutes, the power light, as well as the internet light, start glowing green.
  • Complete this setup by syncing the Arlo camera.

How to Extend the Range of an Arlo Q Camera

Follow the following steps if you want to increase the range of an Arlo Q camera.

  • First, install the wireless extender and then link it to your wireless network
  • Connect your Arlo Q to the power source and then turn it on.
  • Connect the Arlo Q to the wireless extender by entering the network name and the passphrase of the extender. Then install the cameras using the installation directions.

What Does the Base Station Do for Arlo?

Unfortunately, you cannot connect your Arlo cameras directly to the internet through your wifi network. You must connect your Arlo camera to arlo base station. The base station will then enable you to connect them securely to the internet through the router while also offering long-range connectivity.

But if you need to have more range for your Arlo cameras, there are these two solutions you can use.

Move Your Arlo Pro Base Station to a Better Location

By having your base station in a better location in your home will enable all your Arlo cameras to get a better signal from it. If you are using the Arlo Pro 2 base station, it requires a hardwired ethernet connection, but this does not mean that the camera is trapped next to your router. You can use some powerful range extenders like the Netgear Powerline Adapter 2000 to enable you to have optimum performance. 

Get a Second Arlo Pro Base Station

If you have a large house and you would like to place your Arlo pro cameras over the whole house to cover an area that is larger than 300 feet, you will then be required to get a second Arlo pro base station.

This will enable you to connect the cameras that are outside of the first base station’s range to your second base station. Although this option is quite expensive and the process of managing these Arlo cameras through multiple base stations is a little extra hassle, but doable.

How Do I Connect My Arlo to Google WiFi?

You can connect your Arlo to a network switch that is connected to your main google wifi puck. The Google wifi works just like the other wireless routers. It will enable you to connect to the Google wifi just like any other wifi device, what you need to do is to connect your wifi and enter your SSID or the password. There should be at least one USB port where you will plug your Arlo base station.

That is the link that you want and should be established; I actually use the eight-port model. One of the ports will be used to connect to the google wifi. This means that if you have a five-port, then you will have four ports for wired devices. What I would recommend are the 5 or 8 port Gigabit models to enable you to leverage the speeds of your high-speed internet connection. Your Gigabit speed can be obtained from your ISP if you are from the USA.

If you have various smart home devices in your home, you can also connect your Arlo to any puck which has an available Ethernet port. Then you can have it hooked to the main access point via a five-port unmanaged network switch. 

Does Arlo Connect to WiFi or Base Station?

Arlo cameras first have to connect to the base station and not directly through the internet through your wifi. This is to enable the base station to securely connect them to the internet while also enabling battery life for the cameras.

How Do I Connect My Arlo to a New WiFi?

Step1: Download and Set up the Arlo App

  • You still need to use the base station, although the process is still painless and takes only about 10 minutes. To start the process, you have to first download the app to your smartphone, iPhone or Android devices.
  • Then open the app and tap on “New to Arlo.”
  • On the next screen, you go to, select the product of Arlo you want to set up, let’s say the Arlo wire-free.
  • The app will tell you to install the Arlo Base Station hub. This is done by plugging one end of the Ethernet cable included into the Base Station and the other end to the free Ethernet port on your router. Plug the power cord in and press the ON-OFF button that is next to the power connector on the back of the hub.
  • After setting up the Base Station, click on “Continue” in the App.
  • Then wait for your hub to power up. The app automatically searches for the hub on your network.
  • When it is now ready, “Choose Timezone” in your app.
  • Select the time zone and click on save in the top right corner. Then tap on the back arrow in the top left corner.
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed
  • Then give your base station a name. Then click on the “Continue” button, and you will be done.

Step 2. Sync Your Arlo Cameras to the Base Station

Now is time for you to sync your Arlo cameras with the Base Station. This is done one camera at a time.

You should make sure that your cameras are within a couple of feet of the base station when you are syncing. Click on Continue in the app.

During this process, do not take out the batteries of the camera. If the battery of the camera is not installed, go ahead and install them.

Start by pressing the sync button that is on top of the base station for like two seconds. The far-right green light will begin to blink.

After that, you will have to create the sync button which is on the camera until the blue LED light on the front of your camera begins to blink.

Once the base station and the camera are all in the syn mode, they will automatically connect to each other. After they have connected, click on Continue in the app until you get “Sync Complete” on your screen. You then click on Finish and add more cameras if you have more than one to connect. 

Step 3: Update the Base Station and Camera Firmware

After you have finished syncing all of the cameras you have, hit on “Finish” and you go to the main screen on the Arlo app where you are prompted to update the app. Click on the “Update Base Station” and wait for the update. You will also update the cameras when the update on the Base Station is complete.

Step 4: Check Out Your New Security System

When you finish updating all the Arlo cameras, you can then click on the “Live” button to see a live view or the Arlo camera.

When your app, you can manually record a video, sound the alarm, snap a photo, adjust the brightness of your camera or enable or disable audio capturing.

Can Arlo work without Internet?

The Arlo camera cannot work without the internet as they do not have their internal storage, although there are some few like the Arlo base, which has the ability to store locally. Arlo cameras only connect to the base station from where they connect to the internet and only records while on the internet.

If your internet connection is down, there is nothing which is recorded, and you cannot access your cameras. The Arlo pro version videos even when the internet is down though you must first unmount the drive and view it on a computer for you to see what happened. Although they don’t send notifications because the internet was down, and the videos will not sync to the cloud when their connection is restored.

Can Arlo work without a Base Station?

No. Arlo cameras cannot work using a base station because they use the base station to connect s they use Z-wave for communication wirelessly, rather than with wifi like the other consumer-based security systems like Nest Cam. The base station helps the Arlo cameras to which in turn communicates to the home wifi network.

Arlo Base Station Won’t Connect to the Internet

If during the process of installation, Arlo cannot discover your SmartHub or base station, the following are some steps you should follow to troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot Base Station or SmartHub

Step1: Turn off your base station and unplug your Ethernet cable that connects it to the router.

Step2: Begin the installation process and ensure that you connect your base station to the router before powering on the base station.

Step3: If Arlo cannot discover the base station, check for the colour of the LED on the base station

  • If the internet LED is not lighting after two minutes, this means the base station failed to connect to the router. You should unplug and re-insert both ends of your Ethernet cable which connects your base station to the router. While doing this, make sure the base station is powered. 
  • If the internet LED lights a solid amber, it means the base station is already connected to the router, but it is unable to connect to the Arlo cloud server. First, make sure that your router is powered on and connect to the internet.
  • If your internet LED lights gree, you should perform a factory reset on the base station and try installing again.
  • If the internet LED is flashing amber, you should contact Arlo support and speak to one of their experts.

Step 4: If you complete all of the above troubleshooting steps and you find your Arlo still unable to discover the base station, contact Arlo support and speak to their experts also.

Do Arlo Cameras Work With Google Home Hub?

Yes, all Arlo cameras work with Google Home Hub through the Google Home app(iOS), Android. The connection will enable you to put up a live video feed of your Arlo camera on your Google Home Hub. When you have Google Home Hub added to your smart home setup is a great way for adding other functionality to your smart home cameras.

Having Google Home Hub enables you to have a live view without using your phone by asking Google to show the place you want with your voice command or just silently with a touch screen menu on your hub.

When you get Google Home, you get all the Google Home voice control features with other additional functionality of video touch screen. With Google Home Hub, you can also control your smart thermostats, smart lighting and smart video doorbells among many others.

How To Connect Arlo Cameras to Your Google Assistant App

What you need to connect Arlo camera to Google Assistant

You should have Arlo cameras that are compatible with Google home.

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You should have a Google Home hub, a Chromecast device, a media player that has Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast.

You should also have the google assistant app on your mobile device.

Connecting Arlo to Google Assistant App

Launch your google assistant and make sure that you are on the home page

  • Tap on the + icon
  • Tap on the Set Device > Have something already set?
  • Then select the icon of Arlo in the list of device options. You can also search for it or scroll down until you get to it.
  • Sign in using your Arlo account. Your Arlo camera is then added to google account
  • Test if the camera is working and say “Hey Google, show [Name of the room you have put the camera] on [The Name of the google device].”
  • To stop streaming, say “Hey Google, stop [Name of Chromecast device].”

What Arlo Cameras Work With Google Home Hub?

  • Arlo ultra 4k
  • Arlo ultra
  • Arlo pro
  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Go
  • Arlo Q Plus
  • Arlo Q

The entire line of Arlo cameras work with google home and include even the Arlo Pro 2 and the new Arlo pro ultra 4k. Arlo cameras are increasingly popular because they are completely wire-free, and they use a battery that is rechargeable which allows them to have maximum flexibility and placement.

The Arlo Ultra 4k

These are my favorite cameras that work with google home. The reason why I like them so much is that they offer so much flexibility for a smart home camera. They operate with either a rechargeable battery of they can be used with a charging cable which will keep them constantly powered, and there is no need to recharge the batteries. 

These Arlo ultra 4k system will also allow you to have the most flexibility in the place where you want to place the camera. The cameras also have HD 4K resolution, a built-in night vision, and an integral spotlight. 

Do Arlo Cameras Work With Alexa?

Yes, the entire Arlo cameras are compatible with Alexa. They work with either Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot to enable the streaming video from your Arlo camera. This makes them a great option compared to other cameras.

Arlo cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors, and they also have a small magnetic mount which allows you to place the cameras nearly in any place. Hardwiring your cameras may seem to be a better option since there is no need to change batteries and it is also more reliable.

However, the process of hardwiring a camera is not for all people. Plus, it could cost you between $100 – $1000 if you get someone to install them for you.

But if you have the Arlo cameras, they are inconspicuous cameras to place around your home.

What Can Arlo Do With Alexa?

If you enable the Arlo Skill on your amazon, Alexa, it will then allow you to see the live feed of your Arlo smart camera, but you must first have the amazon Alexa spot or amazon Alexa show to enable you to see the video feed. This is a great option that enables you to pull up your camera feed quickly.

Arlo Alexa Commands

The following are some of the commands you can use when you have Alexa.

“Alexa, show me my back door.”

“Alexa, show me my Arlo Pro Camera.”

“Alexa, show me [Name of Arlo Camera]”

Arlo Cameras That Work With Alexa

  • Arlo Baby (Model ABC1000)
  • Arlo Ultra (Model VMC5040)
  • Arlo Pro 2 (Model VMC4030P, VMS4x30P)
  • Arlo Wire-free (Model VMC3030, VMS3x30)
  • Arlo Q (Model VMC3040)
  • Arlo Pro (Model VMC4030, VMS4x30)
  • Arlo Go (Model VML4030)
  • Arlo Q Plus (Model VMC3040S)

How To Connect Arlo Cameras to Alexa

To have taken the full advantage of the features of the Arlo camera, you need to have one of the following devices.

Steps To Connect Arlo To Alexa

Step 1.

Install your Arlo cameras and complete their setup through the Arlo app.


Open the Amazon Alexa app your smartphone


Click on the menu on the top left on your screen.  Click on the “Skills” tab in the menu.


This goes to the Alexa skills store; these are apps for your Amazon Alexa devices. In the search bar at the top of the screen, enter Arlo, and the Arlo skill pops up.


Select the Arlo skill and enable then enter your Arlo account username and password.


Once you have done that, the skill is then linked to the Arlo. Alexa will ask you to discover devices, click on yes. If it does not ask you to discover devices, go back to the home screen of the Amazon Alexa. Click on the menu in the upper left and click on “smart home” in the menu.


In the smart home menu, tap on + to add device if you don’t see your device listed. If you already have it added, it shows up in the smart home devices. It is now connected to the amazon Alexa show or spot.


To now view on your Amazon Alexa, just say “Alexa show me my backyard”  and the display will appear. You will need to use the name you gave it for it to appear.

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