August Smart Lock Model Comparison

The deadbolt you have on your front door may be lightly serving its purpose and unlocks keeping out any unwanted guests in your home. Although that may be enough, if you are tired of just leaving your keys and you are not like other people, or you don’t want to have multiple keys around in your home, then getting a Smart Lock is the answer for you.

Smart locks will not necessarily make your home any safer, but they just allow you to have more control. You are able to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, and you can also pass the digital keys to your friends and families or anyone that regularly visits your home.

August home has been manufacturing some of the best smart locks for quite some time now, and they have few models that I am going to cover in this article to help you know which one fits your home or your budget.

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

This is the original model of the August Smart locks. The lock has a Sleek and hockey puck design which integrates with the most types of lock hardware that you would like to improve.

Finished the manual installation, the August app takes over and enables you to set up your key chain. It is at this point that you can specify who has access to the lock and also the specific times that they can access it. You can also create virtual keys for guests and family members.

This model uses a Bluetooth system for it to operate, which requires that you are fairly close to the lock for you to have access. There is an automated system that is working in conjunction with a GPS system and operates the lock once the GPS system determines whether the user has left or just arrived.

You can upgrade the Range and the features of your August Smart Lock 2nd Generation by purchasing the August connect Wi-Fi Bridge. This unit will plug into a power outlet for you to access the features; you then operate the lock functions from your phone.

The August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge allows you to connect with a variety of smart Home Hubs like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and wink hub.

It does not have DoorSense technology to tell you if your door is closed, which can become frustrating at times when you forget to lock your door, thinking that it is secure when it is open.

It is compatible with HomeKit, which allows you to get your lock to work with Siri.

The August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is sold separately and requires extra purchases for you to connect your lock to the internet and with other smart home gadgets.

It is not compatible with z-wave, and this limits you are smart Home connectivity.

It also does not have a physical thumb turn-on lock.

This lock is strictly a Bluetooth system, and it requires that each user access the door when they are approaching within a few feet away. It has an automation system that takes care of locks and unlocks when you come and go away from your home.

It uses GPS information to determine when you have left, or you have arrived.


It is good looking smart lock and installs quickly, working exceptionally well.

The intuitive app makes the temporary and permanent keys easy to configure.

Geofencing ability is unique.


Extra equipment is needed to integrate with your other smart home hardware.

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

This model has a design that is different compared to the second Generation. The model has a traditional pump turn design and integrates easily with the lock, though it does not support the Apple HomeKit.

After you have installed it, the app takes over, and it primarily uses Bluetooth to operate. You can upgrade this model by purchasing the August connect Wi-Fi Bridge that is sold separately.

Guests can have access when you create virtual keys in your August app; there is a feature called DoorSense, which is not there in the second generation; this is very important, especially when the auto-lock is engaged.

Auto-lock is a feature that enables the door to lock automatically after a preset period of time; if the door is open after the time elapses, DoorSense does not allow the lock to engage. The feature works with your August app to show you if the door is open or closed.

DoorSense also requires the installation of additional hardware, a magnetic sensor that is placed next to the lock.

One of the most obvious differences between this third-generation and narration it’s the design, which is long instead of round and also has an actual thumb turn. There are also features that make this lock user-friendly, although it has sacrificed the HomeKit support which was offered by the second Generation.

One of the additions mentioned above is DoorSense that goes on your door frame and notifies you if the door is actually shut.


It is ridiculously easy to install if you have a screwdriver and helpful videos if you are stuck.

They are a perfect option for renters because you keep your own keys and do not also change the exterior look.

It has a sturdy and high-quality build with a Solid metal exterior.

The app is easily configured and easy to use.

There is the ability to give temporary digital tools that make it a great option for vacation rentals.


The Wi-Fi Bridge separately, meaning you cannot have access to their remote access features until you spend some more extra money.

The auto-lock feature makes it too easy to lock yourself out if you are going out for a moment.

There is a Spotty connection for auto-unlock if you have an Android phone.

The locks and bridges are one for one, which can really get expensive if you have multiple doors.

August Smart Lock Pro

This is among one of the best smart locks that you can install on your door front and has the same design as the Second Generation. It integrates easily with other different locks.

The device uses Bluetooth to alright the only difference is that you don’t have to purchase the August connect Wi-Fi Bridge separately; this is included in the package.

This model has received many improvements to make the user experience easier, as the installation has by introducing video tutorials in the app.

Message app has been designed to decrease the level of control you have over the device. With Dawson’s function being supported.

August connect allows you to connect an added smart Home Hub called z-wave Plus, and you can answer me you install the August doorbell cam pro and yeah it remotely with your August Smart Lock and unlock your door front for guests.

There is a bundle of option with the lock that enables you not to purchase the August connect separately, one of the biggest differences are the whole kit and z-wave compatibility. Although you will pay more for August 4 compared to the rest, this comes with plenty of upgrades.

It enables  DoorSense technology with active monitoring, compatible with a home kit that enables you to unlock your door with Siri.

The August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge gives you additional functionality and features without the costs of buying it separately.

If you are a real user, it works with z-wave Plus and allows you to integrate it with your smart home system. If you have a wink hub or smart things, you have the option of adding the functionality of the August connect bridge using either of these hubs instead of the bridge.

It does not have a physical thumb turn; you only lock or unlock by turning the outside of the lock.


The lock has seamless integration with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, HomeKit, and z-wave plus.

It is also easy to create and manage donkeys which is ideal for rentals.

Installation is simple with only a screwdriver and instructional videos.

There are no changes to the exterior.

It has a sturdy, high-quality build metal exterior.


The auto-unlock feature can sometimes be unreliable, and opening from an app take longer than a key.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This latest edition of the August Wi-Fi smart lock is a better option. Just like the previous August Smart Lock Pro, it turns your existing deadbolt into a smart home device that you can control using your phone. Only that this time you don’t have to buy a separate bridge that you connect to Wi-Fi; it has built-in Wi-Fi.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock features

It comes with features like built-in Wi-Fi and automatically locking and unlocking. This is a better improvement of the August Smart Lock Pro, as it is smaller, slimmer, and comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection. You will not have to spend an extra $90 to buy the separate bridge.

  • It works with most the single-cylinder deadbolt.
  • A bridge is not necessary because of the building Wi-Fi integration.
  • The installation is easy.
  • Automatic lock and unlock.
  • There is guest access through the digital keys.
  • You can remotely lock and unlock the door.
  • The lost phone feature enables you to disable your app and all the virtual keys.
  • Biometric verification is enabled for locking and unlocking the door.
  • Works with Apple watch also.
  • Uses your existing deadbolt

Many smart will make you get rid of your entire existing deadbolt and replace it with a new one. But August keeps using the existing deadbolt but turns it into a Smart Lock.

Rather than taking out the whole lock, you just have to remove the thumb latch and swap it with the August Wi-Fi smart lock. This enables your standard old deadbolt to function as a Smart Lock without even getting new door keys.

Remote control and automatic locking

You will rely mainly on your phone to control your August Wi-Fi smart lock. The August app gives you remote access to your door lock for you to lock or unlock it from anywhere. The lock also has an automatic lock and unlock features that enable you to lock the door behind you when you leave and unlock the door when you get home.

The August lock does not come with a keypad, although you can buy a separate keypad if you want to.

Smart alerts and activity feed

The August harp has customizable settings that enable you to get alerts when certain people enter or leave your house. You also get to decide which alerts you want to get, and you can also check out anything you missed in the activity feed in the app.

The August app also tells you when your door is open or closed; it comes with DoorSense technology that will alert you if your door is left open.

Biometric verification

The new feature that comes with August Wi-Fi smart biometric verification, where you can set the August app to require your fingerprint or face ID before it can lock or unlock the door. This is important if you are prone to losing your phone.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock home automation.

You get access to multiple smartphone platforms because it works with more platforms than the other snapped locks I have reviewed. It pairs with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, zee world end SimpliSafe.

If you are looking for the best option for linking a Smart Lock to your other smart home devices, then the Smart Lock is the best option. There is no subscription that is charged to use this service.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installation

The installation of the best Wi-Fi Smart Lock just a few minutes. This is because you are only replacing one part of the deadbolt. It may probably take you longer to find your screwdriver than it will take you to set up this August Wi-Fi smart lock.

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installation overview:
  • Tape the exterior part of your deadbolt to your door so that you hold it in place while you install the August lock.
  • Remove the existing thumb latch with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Use the screws from the existing thumb latch to attach the August mounting plate to the inside part of the door.
  • Use the right adaptor for the lock, based on the shape of your tailpiece, and attached the tailpiece to the adaptor.
  • Pull out the wing latches on either side of the August lock.
  • Slide the lock onto the adaptor and close the window latches so that it is secure in the mounting plate.
  • Take off the faceplate and pull out the battery tab to activate the battery.
  • Download the August app and start as a new device.

Is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock good?

The August Wi-Fi smart, excellent choice if you want to make your deadbolt Smart.

For the features, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, biometric verification options, customizable alerts, automatic lock functions, and many more features.

For the pricing, it’s a little bit more expensive though it includes touchscreens might make it even better for its price.

For home automation, this is the queen of automation because it works with Google Assistant, Alexa, z-wave, Apple HomeKit, and SimpliSafe.

Are smart door locks safe?

Smart door locks are rated based on the same security grades as your regular deadbolts. Is security grades usually come from ANSI and BHMA, and the highest possible grade is one or AAA, while the lowest is three or CCC.

That being said, smart locks have some security flaws that you will not find in your regular deadbolt. Like if you use an auto-unlock, anyone that has your phone can get access to your house. Smart locks and can also be opened by anyone who has the access code just the same way anyone who has a key can open your regular lock.

The only good thing about smart locks is that you don’t have to change the entire lock to deny someone access; you just change the passcode. You also don’t have to lend out spare keys that could potentially be copied, or you will forget about them. The access codes could be deactivated even later.

Which August Lock Should I Buy?

As you can see now that you have read through the August lock comparison, they are few reasons why you would prefer the second Generation, the Third Generation; the Smart Lock Pro is the August Smart Lock. This comes down to your system, budget, and preferences.

You can buy the August 2nd generation if you want HomeKit control with Siri at a lower price, but if you like to control it remotely, then you will have to buy the August Connect.

You will buy the 3rd Generation if you are not a news home kit and you would like the least expensive lock that has a thumb turn with a unique design that is user-friendly. It also has DoorSense technology, which will notify you if the door is actually shut or not locked.

Get the Smart Lock Pro if you would like more features and compatibility. If you have z-wave products especially wink hub four smart things, then this is the best choice for your setup.

Get the August Wi-Fi smart if you have interesting in making me home smart and would like to integrate it with the rest of the devices. This is because it works with most smart home devices.

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