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I became curious about smart home hubs when the new Samsung SmartThings V3 hub was released. So I hurried right out and decided to buy one to use it in my home. I am a smart home fanatic. You may have heard me talk about SmartThings previously in most of my other articles.

So is this new entertainment hub, the Samsung SmartThings V3 is it having everything that it is being advertised to be or just a prank?

You may be wondering if there are any new features and advantages that one gets for having a Samsung V3 Hub?

You may be having the other versions also and wondering if you should upgrade from using the old SmartThings Hub to this new V3?

What Smart Homes Can Do And Features?

There are new stuff and features that come with the hub itself and have changed and also some other new sensors that have been added as well.

This new home entertainment, the Samsung SmartThings V3 hub is made a little smaller in size than the other predecessor, but not it cannot be noticeable though.

Though I realized that this version 3 does not have a backup battery like the version 2 has which was a 4 double-A batteries.

This is something that I am not going to worry so much about because we don’t lose power often to have such problems. So this was not a big deal for my household.

This new SmartThings Hub also has an Ethernet port but this does not have to be plugged into the router like the previous version 2 because it has new Wi-Fi capabilities.

This new hub also works with both z-wave and Zigbee devices, but it may not play nice if you would still like to have the previous version of Samsung SmartThings hub still connected as well. This means that you can only decide to use one or the other.

You may also want to check the compatibility of the cameras that you will use to hook up to this new hub because they have removed support for some different manufactures for reasons best known to them.

The cost of this new hub is one other factor that drove me to run out and get it as fast as possible and test it. The price is about 30 dollars less than that of version 2. That is a good bargain!

You may also need to have the SmartThings Connect App, but not the SmartThings classic app so s to have this new version set up. However once it is added to the connect app, it will also show up in the classic app.

If you would like to have a look at this version 3 in this new glory, you can check it out the current price here on amazon.

Things to Consider For Home Entertainment

There are many considerations that should be put into place when before one can purchase home entertainment. things like the wireless protocols that it is compatible with its operating systems and many other factors should be considered. Here are a few considerations that I had when I was having my home entertainment.

Samsung SmartThings V3 Sensors

SmartThings has made an update on all of the old sensors to other new models. Even the motion sensor, the multipurpose sensor, the water leak sensor, smart outlet and now they have also made a new cool smart button also.

Do not worry because all of these also work with version 2, but they are all a lot less expensive now. This makes it, even more, cost-effective for you to biff up your system.

SmartThings Water Leak Sensors

I am a fun of having water leak sensors. When you have a flood in the basement, even just a little flood, then you will have an understanding of the value of knowing when this just happens so you can get on it just immediately.

The good thing concerning this new water leak sensors is that they also have two sensors on the top and the other two on the bottom, this is something the predecessor did not have.

There is also a new feature in the app that gives you the opportunity to turn on a camera once moisture is detected, or lights or anything you would like. That is a big plus to them

If you would like to have a look at the current prices of the water leak sensors you can check them here on amazon.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors

There are some new things that have been introduced by this new Samsung SmartThings multipurpose sensors. All these are for the good. One of them is the magnet. It is much stronger than that in version 2.

This new version does not have a mounting plate like the old version but that is not a major point of concern because it is still held strong by 3M tape bought with the sensor.

The sensors do not need to be put close together like in the older model for the app to be able to pick up whether in a closed position or not.

You can find these multipurpose sensors here on Amazon.

SmartThings Motion Sensors

This new motion sensor has a cool new look and also sits on an axis point to enable you to move it around in different directions.

The sensor also is made with 3M double-sided tape just as mentioned before and this makes it easier to stick on the wall than the older version. The new sensor also picks motion from a far distance much better also.

If you are interested in knowing more about these motion sensors you can check them out here on amazon.

The SmartThings Button

The SmartThings button works in a similar manner as IFTTT. The button is programmed and told what you want to be done for one click, two or three clicks.

I had to buy this to help me turn off things at night because am always the last person to go to bed at my house. When I had finished programming it with the SmartThings app, I was surprised at how good it worked. Just a tap of the button and it starts to do what you want done without waking up other people in the house with Alexa’s loud voice.

You can also check out the current price of SmartThings Button over here on amazon.


If you are planning on upgrading from the previous Samsung SmartThings version, I would like to warn you as early as now that it is not that easy. You will be needed to manually move over all of the routines and everything else into version 3.

If you find your version 2 good and you are happy with it, I would skip updating to version 3 for now.

My concern with these sensors is their battery life, and I think that is always my concern with battery-operated Smart Home buys.

At the end of the day still, the price point of Samsung SmartThings is down and I would say that if you are planning on implementing Samsung SmartThings for your first time then consider version 3 from the price perspective primarily.

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