Smart Switch for Ceiling Fan and Light


I had been looking for a way I could smarten my dumb ceiling fans for quite some time but never knew how I would go about it. It had become a great concern because I wanted to go smart in all things in my house.

I wanted something that will be compatible with Wi-Fi and is also Bluetooth enabled to help in controlling my fans. The freedom to be able to control and adjust the speed of my fans and light using amazon Alexa, Siri or Google assistant was something I really fancied and wanted.

It was during this time that I stumbled upon the GE Z-Wave wireless smart fan speed control to help me in controlling the speed and the Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer 2E for the lights. You can check the GE Z-Wave wireless smart fan here on Amazon, and the Aeotec micro smart dimmer here on Amazon.

I went ahead and replaced my existing wall switch with the GE and mounted the Aeon up. I ended up mounting the whole devices up in my canopy because I did not have an existing wall switch on my fans since they were being controlled only through two pull chains on the fans themselves.

How you can control each separately

  • I was hoping that I could separate them, especially in my living room. This would enable me to integrate it with my Harmony.
  • I found out a way that helped me solve this problem, its the solution I would give to anyone. Though it may cost more than you expected the Enerwave hidden switch is the solution, you can find one here on Ebay.
  • I did my best to make sure that the fans were all wired to enable the wall switch to control the lights only. Then I the smart dimmer switch would be used for the lights and the Enerwave for the fan.
  • Though by so doing you will only be able to do on and off for the fan, though it may also be used for changing the speeds apart from just controlling the fans.

The GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control

I had never imagined myself controlling and scheduling the speed of my ceiling fans from anywhere using one of a kind fan switch. This was like a dream come true to me.

I made a quick replacement of all the standard in-wall switches and had now to use the wireless control of my ceilings from wherever I was in the world and at any time. I liked the fact that it has a three-speed control system and an integrated LED indicator light and needs in-wall installation with hardwired connections for full control from my smartphone and that of my wife.

We could also control using tablets, PVs and the Z-Wave also enables wireless remotes. It completely gave me the control of my home like I have never had before.

Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control

If you are looking for a single device that will be able to control both the light and fan, then you are in the right place. What about this one we have here and it is compatible with SmartThings and Alexa. I have been used to the separate ones from GE Dimmer and fan controls. But these new ones are the best. The Hunter Fan Company 99375 Universal Ceiling Fan Wall Control is also wink compatible, four-speed remote control that adds new functionality.

Is There a Smart Ceiling Fan Light Dimmer Switch?

I am a big fan of this although I had some that froze. I had to reset everything. And yes, there is a smart ceiling fan light dimmer switch. I have them, and I like them. I have been using the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave smart fan control successfully. They do require a hub, something like wink hub or SmartThings that can manage Z-wave devices.

Ceiling Fan Options – Remote to Smart Switch

As things are turning out these days, you may not feel like adding a piece of technology or another hub to your existing smart home array. But if that is the case, then you can always buy a new smart ceiling fan.

You can find a few brands out there that are making some, but you may want first to make sure that it’s compatible with any hubs you are currently running. Like the Wink Hub, or Samsung SmartThings.

I’m a big fan of the Hunter brand personally. They make SimpleConnect fans which work very well and have a broad compatibility range.

They also work with Alexa, and that’s good because most people aren’t fans of SimpleConnect App.

I have been using Hunter models; they are wifi enabled and include a remote control with tuning capabilities to help you create the perfect environment in the house. I was surprised at how cheap they are listed here on Amazon.

Why a Smart Ceiling Fan?

You may want to be able to set it on a timer.

You may be looking for a solution for your fan to turn on when your room hits a certain temperature.

You may also want to use Alexa to control your ceiling fan.

These are just a few of the reasons that people want to make their old ceiling fan smart. I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been thinking about it, then it makes sense as long as you don’t spend an arm and a leg on it.

I didn’t want to spend much either, and that’s why I’m probably making this guide here for you. This will help you to know what your options are before you go and start making the wrong decisions out there or buy something that will not work with your existing fan.

Benefits of the GE Z-Wave

  • The fact that it is compatible with Alexa to enable for voice control though it requires an Alexa supported hub was nice. This meant I could use my voice to control how it functions when I want to turn it on or off.
  • I was now able to turn on and off and also adjust the speed of my fans levels manually and also remotely using the Z-Wavecontroller.
  • By using it, I get up to 50% improved wireless range, faster processor that is 250% faster, 400% more memory and energy efficiency over Z-Wave classic products.
  • The smart fan control also replaces a switch which only controls fans and lights must be on a separate switch.
  • The device is compatible with Alexa and requires that one must have Alexa supported Hub that will enable voice control. The Alexa device and Hub are sold separately.
  • It has interchangeable paddle switch, white and light almond paddle in the same package.
  • It is compatible with many Z-Wave certified hubs that include pule, SmartThings, wink, Nexia, trane, smart security, Nexia,Honeywell, vera, iris, harmony and connect.

How I connected it

I guessed that if the switch turns on the fans, then it will control the light if I tapped from the same power. I looked for a way of dimming the lights and having them isolated from the fan controller.

I considered the following procedures.

  • Connect the fan controllers normally and then put the GE Add-in switch in the canopy.
  • I then installed the GE add-in Z-Wave switch and tapped the neutral to it
  • I then tapped the red traveller to it
  • Then I hooked up the load to the light wire that is going to the fan lights. The only problem I encountered is when the fan was off I did not have power to the lights.

The logic I had was that by eliminating the switches at the wall and having the power run directly to the canopy then I could be able to split the power to be able to control both the fan and the lights separately.

You can also look at my article on how to make a dumb ceiling fan smart here for more information.

Key features of the GE Z- Wave Smart Ceiling Fan control switch

Complete control

The switch enables wireless control using smartphones, PCs, Z-Wave controlled remotes and tablets.

Ultimate flexibility

It enables you to control the speed of your fan and have a scheduled timed event or also create a custom scene from any place that one is located at any time. It does not control the lights; they should have their separate switch.

Requires a neutral wire

It replaces your current light switch and is very easy for one to install using the existing wiring at home. You should make sure that your home has a neutral wire before buying one.

Ceiling fan control

It helps in adjusting the speed of the fan (low, medium and high) that is good for indoor or outdoor fans. The switch should only be installed for indoors.


You can transform any home into a smart home no matter how it looks by using this GE Z-Wave smart fan control switch. If will offer you with ultimate flexibility and can be used by itself or with up to four GE add-on switches in three, four, five and six-way wiring configurations.

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