Blink XT vs Blink XT2

Blink XT and Blink XT2 are security cameras built by Amazon. Blink XT was released in late 2016. XT2 on the other hand, was built recently. Therefore, XT2 has some improved features such as resolution. We will describe some of the common features in these models and some of their functional differences. 

Comparison Between Blink XT And XT2

Free Cloud Storage

Both Blink XT and XT2 models support free cloud storage. Whenever a video is recorded, it is sent to the cloud for storage. This happens with aid of a sync module (a device that we will discuss in this article). Unlike most cameras and devices that will offer free storage for the first 7 days, these cameras will offer you free storage for the camera’s lifetime.

However, the capacity of the storage is limited. You cannot store so many clips. You can store 120 minutes every time. If you want to store more videos, then there is an option of upgrading to a monthly subscription. The videos stored earlier (up to 120 minutes) are deleted if you don’t have a monthly package and then other videos recorded lately are overwritten.

You can store events according to your preference. The default period of recording for both Blink XT and XT2 is 5 seconds. However, you have the option of setting it to 60 seconds using the mobile app. Therefore, if you want to record and store many events, you can use the default setting of 5 seconds where you can store up to 1440 events unlike the 60 seconds setting which will result in fewer events stored.

Blink Sync Module

This is a device that connects the camera to the cloud. You cannot store clips or videos to the cloud without this device whenever you are using Blink XT and XT2.

Sync module relays on a network (wireless) so that videos are uploaded to the cloud. Therefore, whenever there is a faulty internet or no internet connection, you cannot upload any content from the camera to the cloud. This further explains the necessity of this device for your Blink cameras.

Blink XT and XT2 are packed with this device whenever you purchase them. However, you can purchase the Sync module separately. Moreover, you can use the XT2 sync module on Blink XT and vice-versa. The sync module is not limited to connecting only one camera, you can be connected to up to 10 cameras using a single Sync Module. However, the cameras should be within a range of 100 feet since the device relies on wireless connections within this range. Beyond 100 feet, you might not upload the clips to the cloud.

With the above-stated feature, it is possible to connect both Blink XT and XT2 using the same Blink Module at the same time.


This is a major feature that you must consider whenever you are purchasing a camera.

Blink XT has a resolution of 720p HD while XT2 has a resolution of 1080p HD. There is barely any difference between these two resolutions. Images are almost the same. Most people prefer a resolution of 1080p HD to sound more superior but in a real sense, there is little or no difference. However, you might notice a slight difference when capturing moving objects.

2- Way Communication

Most security cameras achieve two-way communications mostly through lights and sirens. For the Blink camera models, there is a microphone and a speaker on the camera. 

You don’t need to rely on sirens. You can therefore hear whatever is happening at the scene being captured by your camera. From your house, you can communicate to the person at your gate/ or door without going there using the microphone. The speakers on the cameras will also help you scare away intruders since there is no siren.

Sometimes sirens or lights may not help you pick deliveries from delivery guys at the door or gate before they leave but with speakers and microphones, you can communicate with them.

However, the above feature that we have described tends to favor XT2 model and therefore making it superior to Blink XT when it comes to this feature.

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Common Features In Blink XT And XT2

  1. Both models can support wireless connections. They use the Blink Module, a device used for uploading clips to the cloud. The device uses a wireless network and connects to the cameras wirelessly. Therefore, the cameras support wireless connections.
  2. Free cloud storage for both models. However, you cannot store videos/clips whose total capacity is more than 120 minutes but there is an option of upgrading to a monthly cloud package.
  3. Blink XT and XT2 are built with Alexa integration since they are produced by Amazon.
  4. Blink XT and XT2 are built with motion detection sensors and can therefore send notifications and alerts whenever there is motion.
  5. Both models use batteries (AA) but have an option of a USB power plug-in.
  6. They are both weather-resistant and can therefore be installed outside.

Differences Between Blink XT And XT2

  1. XT2 supports 2-Way communication that is not supported by Blink XT. 
  2. Blink XT has a resolution of 720p HD whereas XT2 has a resolution of 1080p HD.
  3. XT2 supports zone monitoring but XT does not support zone monitoring. Activity zones are specific areas of focus, whenever there is motion within the boundaries of these areas, your cameras will send you an alert or notification. Other brands have sirens and lights for these functions.
  4. XT2 camera achieves a battery life of 2 years, the same as XT. However, XT2 will achieve the 2 years while supporting additional features like 2-way communication, zone monitoring, and a 1080p HD resolution. These features are not in XT yet the battery life is the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install My Blink XT?

Both XT and XT2 are installed similarly. Follow these steps to have your cameras up and running:

  1. For both Android and iOS, download and install the Blink app. Insert batteries into your cameras.
  2. Put the Blink Sync Module within a range of 100 feet from where your cameras are placed. It will show you green and blue lights whenever it is functioning well.
  3. There is the setup wizard on the Blink app that you installed on your phone. The setup wizard will help you set a wireless connection and signing/activate your account.
  4. Check whether you can get feedback from your cameras. Position the cameras in places that you prefer. Ensure that they are in range with Sync Module and that you can get feedback from each camera.

Does Blink XT Support Blink Live View?

Blink Live view is where you can view cameras feed live without relying on alerts, notifications, and detection. This is a live view as the name suggests. However, the feature is only supported by XT2 and not XT.

Do The Cameras Adjust Area Of View Automatically?

NO. Both XT and XT2 cannot tilt by themselves. You will need to tilt them yourself. This is one disadvantage with these cameras.

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