Can I play Netflix on Google Home Hub?

When Google Home Hub was released, many people expected that it would set the world on fire. But unfortunately, that did not happen like it did when the amazon echo show was released. There was a muted applause when it was released, unlike what the internet giant expected. Now, a few months in, and they are gaining ground, especially now that you can watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub. 

You can now play Netflix on google home hub as Netflix is now compatible with Google Home Voice-activated speaker. Now Google Home works with Netflix on TVs that have Chromecast built-in and Chromecast.  Now all the TVs that have Chromecast built-in are compatible with Google Home voice control. 

How to Link Netflix Account to Google Home Hub

  • Launch your Google Home app
  • Then select the menu icon
  • Under Google Assistant, choose  the More Settings
  • Then select the Services tab
  • Select Videos and Photos
  • Find Netflix in the list and tap the Link icon to link your Google account the Netflix App
  • You are now able to start controlling Netflix on your Google Home connected device

Once the process is done, you are now able to activate streaming through these services using nothing more than your voice. You just have to say the command words and Google home will begin the playback.

The shortcoming that Echo Show had was that it could not play youtube videos, but the good thing with the Google Home Hub is that it is compatible naturally. This is a big advantage of having the google home hub as they keep on improving it and add a bunch of other apps.

The apps cover video, audio, productivity, shopping, podcasts, and smart home apps. This list is always growing and is a good sign of the company.

Google Home Netflix Commands List

  • Say ‘OK Google’ to wake up the Google Home Hub.
  • Say to it ‘Open YouTube on TV’ or ‘Open Netflix on TV.’
  • Tell it ‘Watch The Crown on TV’ or ‘Watch The Crown on Netflix on TV.’
  • Say to it ‘Play Stranger Things on my Chromecast.’
  • Say to it ‘Watch next episode on of The Crown on TV’ or ‘Watch next episode of The Crown on TV.’
  • Tell it ‘Pause’, ‘Rewind’, or ‘Stop’ for extra controls.
  • Say ‘Rewind two minutes on TV’ to be specific.

There are a bunch of other voice commands that you can have depending on what you want to watch on Netflix. These voice controls are usually logical, and they relate specifically to what you are looking out to achieve and what you want to watch.

There is a need for you to be specific when you are giving these commands as the google home hub can play content on your TV or Chromecast.

Can’t Link Netflix to Google Home

The support for Google Home hub is one of the most recent addition, and the app is not also the prettiest you can get out there. You could find yourself spending a good amount of time setting it up because it may not be easy. You may even have to link Netflix to the hub a couple of times so that it may start working. But the joy of having it set up is exciting and motivates you to keep on.

If you try to link your Netflix to the google home hub and you realize that it doesn’t work, you should try setting a default TV or playback device. That may work fine if you try t. if you are having issues with Netflix playback, you should first try this and see how it would help you sort the issue. You can always undo it if you realize that it is not working.

How to Set up Playback Devices on Netflix

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select the account and the devices from the menu
  • Chose the devices you want to use as default
  • Chose the cog settings icon in the top left
  • Select default TV to set as the default playback device.

These playback devices will have to be set up before setting a default.

Once you do this, Netflix should be able now to play as normal on the Google home hub. This is what worked for us. The advantage of having to do this is that you no longer have to add your voice commands on TV. All you have to do is say the command words ‘OK Google, play Stranger Things,’ and it understands your commands and plays them on the default device.

Even after selecting the default device you want to play on, you can still play it on other devices by specifying the device in your commands.

Having Issues Playing Netflix on Google Home

If you still experience the issues when watching Netflix on the Google Home Hub, you may now consider linking their two accounts again as you did in the first process.  It tried doing a couple of times when I was setting up, and it seemed to be fine.

I did not experience any issues in overwriting a previous link request with a new one to make make it work for me.

Google Home needs to be plugged in, I have written a hands-on article here that covers the details of that. Definitely have a look at it. I was surprised at how cheap I could get this Chromecast TV from the Amazon listing here.

How to Cue up Netflix Shows and Photos using Google Home

Watching a show on Netflix using google home is not any different from throwing music from Spotify or youtube videos on the TV.

Most of the time, Google Assistant does the work of determining what you want to watch. When you say commands like “OK Google, play ‘Friends’ on [Chromecast name],” it will play some funny friends compilation videos on youtube. When you get such an issue, you must make sure you specify the commands and where you want it to play.

If your TV supports CEC, the best part is that speaking up any of the commands will power on the TV before cuing up Netflix, music streaming, or youtube. This is a benefit of Chromecast, but when you pair it with Google Home helps you to avoid buying expensive harmony remote just for turning on the TV.