Can My Phone Work As A Remote For My Non-Smart TV?

You have used remote controls for so long now and may be wondering whether your phone can perform the same tasks. Well, most people have purchased and are using the latest smart TV and have managed to use their phones to perform remote control tasks. However, several people are still using non-smart TV and desire to use their phones as remote controls.

Can you use your phone as a remote control on your non-smart/regular TV? Yes, you can effectively use your phone. There are several ways of using your phone as a remote. Technology is growing rapidly and therefore solutions are available for your problems as described in this article. However, most of the modes used are APPS and you will need to download them, most of these apps are for Android devices with a few of them applicable for Apple devices.

How Can I Use My Android Smartphone/Device As A Remote Control On My Regular TV?

Android users have many apps at their reach. Most of these Apps work effectively if your phone has an inbuilt IR blaster without which you will need to purchase some hardware devices such as an IR Blaster Dongle. To control your regular TV, Google Play has these Apps available for you to use. All you need is to go to your Google Play store and search for some of these Apps, download, and install. These Apps include:

1. AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Home Control

This app id is available on Google Play. Several people have downloaded and used this app, and it is well rated. 

2. Twinone Universal TV Remote 

This is also another great app to use. It is not so popular but is available on Google Play. Some people have also downloaded it and it is working well. It is very simple, once you have downloaded, install the app and choose the device you want to use.

The app is free and does not require any subscription.

3. Lean Remote 

This app is available readily on Google Play. It is unique because it can be used on other regular devices (devices that are not smart) it can be used on devices such as DVD players and Roku. It is supported IR.

The above universal remote apps are mostly free for android devices.

How Can I Use My iPhone As A Remote Control On My Regular/Non-Smart TV?

Apple device users may suffer a blow since most Universal control apps are not available on the Apple App Store. A few apps are available on the App Store such as Lean Universal Remote Control App and AnyMote Universal Remote App. However, these apps may appear to have a slightly different version from the one on Google Play.

Do you need alternative methods of doing the same task? Perfect, there are a few third-party/hardware devices that you can use. You will need to purchase these hardware devices to have your iPhone doing this task effectively.

They include:

1. PADY IOS9 Lightning Adapter 

iPhone do not have pre-installed IR (Infrared Blaster) in them and therefore this hard device will work perfectly. The device, however, works alongside other apps. One of the most suitable compatible apps is ZAZA, which is a universal control app.

2. IR Blaster Dongle

A dongle is a hardware device that is usually connected to a phone through the headphone port. This works perfectly especially for iPhone 6 and below. For iPhone 7 and other latest iPhones, the AUX input does not function the same way as iPhone 6. You will need to purchase Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter so that the Dongle will work effectively. 

You must be very careful when purchasing the Dongle for your iPhone. Apple devices are not compatible with most random devices connected to them externally hence the need for proper research before purchasing a Dongle.

Note that the above devices can be used for android phones which do not have a pre-installed IR blaster. 


Are there other devices that can work as universal remotes?

Multiple other devices can perform the task of remote control perfectly. Here are some of these devices:

  • IR Hubs 

IR hubs use IR transmitters which make remote signals available all-round the room where it is placed. Your android device will only need to be connected to the hub via Bluetooth. IR Hub provides you with the ability to control all non-smart devices within the room including your TV.

  • Zopsc Wireless Smart IR

This is a wireless device. It is mostly compatible with Type-C smartphones. It uses phone batteries and not external batteries therefore easy to use whenever you want to. 

This device controls all devices. Amazingly, you do not need to point it to the device you want to control so that the action is complete. This is very efficient and effective.

  • Broadlink Smart IR Remote

This device gives you multiple freehand services. Apart from controlling your TV using your phone, you can use voice control. For you to use this device, your smartphone should have an IR Blaster.

Can I use my tablet/iPad to control my non-smart TV?

Although some tablets may still have IR Blasters installed in them, most tablets presently do not have IR, it is therefore not possible to control your TV using your tablet.

iPad does not have IR and hence cannot control any non-smart device.

Are the Universal Remote Control Apps free?

Most of these apps available on Google Play are free. Charges may apply when downloading. Very few apps will cost you some money mostly apps from the Apple App Store.


You can easily use your phone to control non-smart devices in your home. Whether you are using android or IOS, it is possible to control your non-smart TV.  You MUST be careful when purchasing a third-party device for your iPhone since some/most of them will not work when incompatible. Do not force the above-stated apps into your smartphone if they are not compatible. It is advisable to use hard devices rather than forcing a single app on your phone.

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