Can Roomba Completely Replace Traditional Vacuum Cleaners and Mops?


Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners and YES, they can definitely replace your traditional vacuum cleaners and mops. The main reason why I use the Roomba and would definitely recommend them is that the Roomba is fully autonomous. There is no human presence needed for them to work.

Can Robot Replace Normal Vacuum?

As per now, they are not yet there. This is because robot vacuums do not have all the capabilities that the normal vacuum cleaners have. robot vacuums can only vacuum as long as their battery can last. But when their charge is up they then stop and you have to recharge them. This is the part that makes them not completely replace normal vacuums.

There is no need for human presence when having a robot cleaner, it cleans the floor by itself. Just a simple press on the ‘clean’ button and it vacuums the entire level of the home.

Before I bought one of them, I would look at their prices, and I kept on wondering if I would ever be able to afford even one of them, even when I was very sure that I need to have one.

Let me admit that back then when I first read about Roomba, I was not a fan of spending up to $800 on them. I didn’t even imagine that they had such nice value, especially remembering that almost all the vacuum cleaners I had previously owned in my house never lasted for more years.

And that’s the big question that everyone is asking themselves as they consider buying vacuum cleaners. Are they worth all the money? Well, I’m going to go dipper into this topic and cover everything that you may need to know.

If I can simply put it, Roomba is the best smart vacuum cleaner. Let me explain here. A few years ago I used to hear about smart vacuums. Most of the time I would hear about the robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner and how cats love to ride on them.

Now here’s the deal… Roomba can replace your existing vacuum cleaners and do all the work you never imagine. But first, let’s have a look at this fast.

Can Roomba Clean in Corners?

Roomba can clean corners by making several passes and runs around it and shuffling in as best as it can and does a fairly good job at cleaning the corner. This is except the small triangle in the corner.

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