Can’t Connect Wemo To Google Home? Solution!

I bought Wemo insight switches and Google Home and tried to connect them. They now work perfectly well. However, it took me like two days for my Google Home to find my switches and connect with them. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the Wemo app to try and see if it would work.

I triggered a firmware update immediately, though I already had the latest version and I am glad that by now I have everything working out just fine.

In this article, I am going to share some of the problems that I encountered in connecting my Wemo switches to Google Home with some errors that I encountered and late on solved them to find a way that they work just fine now.

I have also written a complete hands-on guide on how to make a smart room with Google Home where I outlined the functionality issues I ran into.

Cant Add Wemo App

You can have all of your apps updated and tried resetting your Google Home and WEMO. But then you find that you cant add the wemo app to the Google Home device as it may say that either restart the device. You may realize that it does not still find it even though you may have restarted one and many times or added the SSID manually with MAC code.

When I was setting it up, I realized that my Google Home was just working well with my Sonos via chrome cast audio, but I could not just get it to link with my WEMO. I could see all the devices with DHCP addresses, simple L2 network when I did a network scan, but the problem was still there.

If this is what you are experiencing with your Wemo, you may consider asking yourself the following questions to help you determine what could be wrong.

  • Have you tried to reset your Wemo device?
  • Do you have issues with your other home automation devices?
  • Have you updated your Wemo app and Google Home app?
  • Where are you located?
  • What exact error message are you receiving?
  • How many devices do you have on your network?
  • Do you have IFTT recipes that are set up?

These are the questions that will help you start over.

This is what you may consider doing. Make sure that your Wemo device is showing up in the Wemo App and you are also able to control it from the Wemo app. Then try to relink your Wemo account in the Google Home app.

If you have checked all of the above, you will realize that you can control all of your devices via Google Home and IFTTT. You will then realize that this is a common issue.

You can achieve voice control via your Google Home through the IFTTT, and this then means that it may not be necessary to integrate your Wemo to Google Home, though it would be nice.

Wemo Switches No Longer Working With Alexa?

You may have bought Wemo switches just like I did and an outlet. The issue may be at the installation stage, or it may come after sometime and everything is just working perfect until when the issue begins.

Consider the following steps if you experience this issue.

Remove the skill and then reenable the skill

  • Remove the device from your Alexa, which will get discovered no problem again but will not get connected to the device to control it.
  • Factory reset all of your switches
  • Remove everything and then reset everything back to how they were initially before you had any smart things.
  • Power cycle your Alexa
  • Reset your WAP reset your router and modem

Well, if you have done all of the above and the issue persists, I think that is a Wemo cloud issue where it only works on Wemo app and not on the third party like Alexa and Google Home.

This is what I consider as 100% Wemo problem. This is because you may have even set them up and then just one day they stop working.

The Alexa app may say: unresponsive

Google Home: say can’t connect

Both of the devices may see the Wemo device but still not connect to the Wemo though the Wemo app works manually. It may not connect when you try to connect via cellular. According to what I have seen, it is their cloud and not your network.


I would advise that you secure a stable internet connection if you want to avoid any issues on integrating your Wemos via Alexa. When you update your firmware it will be of great importance and will help in having optimum performance and will also fix any bugs.

To check the firmware of your Wemo device, click on the pen icon at the upper right corner and then check the status. With regard to Google Home, is your app updated? If they are not, then make sure that both your Google Home and Wemo apps are running on their updated versions. For further isolation. Try to check it with an android device if it is possible.

But there is some hope because the support team at Wemo say they are currently aware of this issue with the remote access and its partner integration. They have their engineering team working on the issue to fix it as soon as possible.

Here is my Guide if you Would like to Link your Wemo to Google Home

The process of linking is pretty simple as long as you have remote access that is working for your Wemo devices and your Google Home virtual assistant is also set up and working properly.

The following is the list of Wemo devices that can be linked to Google Home.

  • Wemo switch and motion
  • Wemo insight switch
  • Wemo light switch
  • Wemo dimmer
  • Wemo mini

Basic requirements that you need to meet before you can see your Google Home with Wemo devices.

  • A Google Home Virtual Assistant
  • The Google Home App
  • The Wemo App
  • At least one Wemo device

You may have to consider the following before linking to your Wemo Home Wifi; you need to have at least one Wemo device that is set up and is working.

Then set up your Google Home Virtual Assistant and set up your Google Home device and ensure that it is working.

Once you have completed all that, the following steps you will use your Google Home App once everything else is set up.

  • Open your Google Home APP and then tap Add.
  • Then tap on Set up Device
  • Then choose Have something already set up?
  • You will then be directed to a list of available smart device partners which you can link to Google Home. Search and then choose Wemo from that list.
  • Then tap on Ready to Verify for the process to begin.
  • You will then have two minutes to toggle one of your WeMo devices to enable Google Home to locate them. Press the power button on your device before this timer ends to enable Google Home to locate them.
  • When it is located, tap on Yes, That’s me.
  • Then you will have to ADD TO A ROOM.
  • Choose a room for your device then click on Next.

Wemo Device Not Detected

If you have done the above steps but still realize that detection does not take place, here are some troubleshooting tips that may consider trying.

Confirm that your phone has remote access

If you can take your phone to a remote connection, switch to it and try controlling your wemo devices.

Try to reboot your router and modem.

I hope the above information was helpful to you. You may look around this blog for more information on smart homes and smart devices.


If you would like to know how to make a smart room with Google Home, I have written an article here that will give you the steps to follow and have a smart home. You may also want to know if Google Home must work with the internet, and here is an article that will answer that question for you.