Cheap Smart Lights That Work With Google Home


After getting your Hub and or Assistant. The next very smart thing that I would do is investing in smart lighting. This is mainly because, if you are like 90% of the population, then you forget to turn off your lights.

The Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

These are one of the best decision that I did for my smart home lights. They enable me to adjust their brightness and the color temperature with the outright color as well.

They make my house to feel like a college town head shop, and enable me to make all the lights in my living room to be purple.

The Philips Hue bulbs are the best and cheapest smart light bulbs that enable me to choose from over 16 million colors that will change the atmosphere and the look of the house using my voice.

A friend also recommend me to buy the Hue Dimmer Switch that enables me to expand the accessories of my lighting system. This enables me to adjust the intensity and color of my lights smoothly and switch them on and off.

From experience I have had with the bulbs, I have realized that I ended up just caring for the ability to be able to change or adjust the brightness and color temperature of my bulbs.

Some of the bulbs you may find out there will only allow you to adjust the brightness and not the color temperature and brighter blues during the day when you want them to and relaxing yellows in the evening.

I had been struggling in my life thinking of a situation whereby I would be able to change the color of my room to appear green or blue. It was not until I had these Philips Hue smart lights.

You may have a look at my article here on if Philips Hue bulbs need a hub for more information.

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