Comelit Visto Smart Video Doorbell Review


Comelit has now launched a video doorbell that enables smart capability on a 24/7 basis to enable homeowners to have total peace of mind with no compromise of their home aesthetics.

These are Italian door entry manufacturers that are known for their high specification solutions, and this doorbell is no exception from what they are making.

Their Visto smart doorbell is architect designed and is a revolutionary that connects via a home wifi network to enable homeowners to see, hear and also to speak with their visitors from any location there are using their smartphones or tablet.

Visto Smart Video Doorbell

This features a high definition camera and also has superior speakers and microphone and a full two-way audio and video communication that is available.

The other good thing that has been added to the doorbell is IR LED for night vision to ensure the home is protected day and also night.

Visto also has its dedicated app that is available and free to download for both Android and Apple devices. The app has features for motion detection, free local recording to the mobile device and with optional recording to the cloud. The homeowners have the ability to manage all aspects of their Visto devices from the app, like managing the notifications.

Main Features of the Visto Smart Video Doorbell

  • HD camera that enables amazing video streaming
  • Night vision IR LED that is for low light conditions
  • Full duplex two way A/V communication
  • Wide-angle camera lens
  • Motion detection sensor that is advanced
  • No battery required, full-time power connected
  • Easy user interface app
  • Cloud storage for 24/7 video stream and motion detection
  • Free local recording on the mobile device, for pictures and video clips
  • Works with door chimes that are digital and mechanical with the same wire and power supply
  • Onboard relay for door strike and gate release ability

Accessories and Aesthetics of Visto Smart Video Doorbell

  • The product design is by a prestigious Italian design house
  • Comes in default anthracite black with other optional replacement covers in silver mist and cloud white.
  • Comes with angle mount brackets for installation on the wall, with add on a wireless chime
  • Small size for easy wall-mounted installation, no junction box is needed

User Experience With Visto Smart Video Doorbell

  • The possibility of managing the same app different devices that belong to the Visto family-like Visto cameras
  • A smart selection of the motion detection area by use of a powerful algorithm
  • Multiple users for each device
  • Selectable motion detection in a custom mode for each Visto and family of devices
  • Call push notifications
  • Motion push notifications
  • Firmware and app updates directly on the cloud

What Visto Smart Video Doorbells Present

The Comelit group presents their Visto smart video doorbell that connects a video doorbell on your wifi network to stream live video and audio directly to your tablet or smartphone.

When you have Visto, it enables you to answer and unlock your door with ease, whether you are on vacation or just at home seated on the couch.

The advanced motion sensor sends you an alert when someone walks in your yard or comes close to your door. The Visto doorbell enables you to monitor what is going on around the entrance of your home.

The Visto doorbell comes with a free recording for any motion detection triggers or visitors that ring your doorbell to your mobile memory. There is also optional cloud storage that enables you to record videos live 24/7 to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Thinking About Home Security?

At this point in time, you can get two main product options that are in the Visto lineup; these are the Visto wifi and the Visto 2.

The Visto wifi is a no brainer in terms of installation because it relies on two wires that any other standard doorbell would interface with.

The Visto 2 offers a complete hard wired course of action that is suitable for situations that a weak wifi signal may be an obstacle.

Both of them ship with the dark graphite faceplate, but the user may opt for the silver mist or the cloud white alternatives that re available.

Comelit Doorbell Review

The Visto is sleek, busting with features and functional, and was designed by architects that are based in Milan, Italy. The rumor mill is churning with whispers also that Comelit is making a move to showcase Visto on the runway during the Milan Fashion week.

The Visto features some of the best things you would like to get in a smart video doorbell. These include an HD camera with night vision and motion detection triggered push alerts that go to your phone. It also incorporates two-way audio via its built-in speaker and microphone.

The Visto is finely crafted and equipped to connect directly to your home router via Ethernet or wifi. The direct connection to the web enables 24/7 live recording to a local on-site recording or cloud if you prefer. Visto is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Comelit Video Doorbell Deals

One of the ways you can be able to safeguard your home and property from invasion and any unwanted solicitors is by identifying who is at the door. This is the first line to a defense that enables you to see and speak to the person that is outside and also record footage of the visitors that come when you are unable to answer.

These are devices that use wifi to stream the live video to you, and Comelit smart video doorbells are no exception. The devices will typically stream live videos to your phone and offer various features that include video storage and motion detection among many more.

You can have a look at this best deal on the price of Comelit smart video doorbell here on the Amazon listing, I was surprised at how I could get them on the cheap!

Is Comelit Visto Smart Video Doorbell Worth it?

Any smart doorbell that is worth its salt should be equipped with a video camera that enables it to send alerts to your phone along with a live video stream once the doorbell is pressed.

The good thing about the Comelit video doorbell is that it comes with all these features and many more others. The price of the Comelit video doorbell is under $350 and this is worth your investment as you will pay more for any smart doorbells that offer features like 1080p video, motion detection, two-way audio that enables you to speak to those at the door with video streaming.

The infrared LEDs provide up to 30 feet of black and white video and motion-sensing technology that can help you to differentiate between people and animals.

Video doorbells do not have local storage for your recorded videos, this means that you have to subscribe to a cloud service in order for you to view your motion doorbell triggered videos.

You will be required to pay some amount of money from $3 and up per month for the plan that will enable you to view your live footage. If you would like to view some of your older footage, then you have to save the clips as they will be deleted when their allotted time is up.

Comelit With Other Smart Home Tech

Most home security systems have video doorbells as their add on component, but these devices do not work on their own. You will need to connect them to a system hub.

However, they have to interact with other smart home features like doorbells, lighting, and sirens.


When you are choosing the video doorbell, you have to make a choice of the kind of device you want to have. There are some that run on batteries while others get power from low voltage wiring.

Wireless doorbells are easy to install as it draws its power from the battery though the batteries tend to deplete quickly depending on how often they are used.

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