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Looking for the coolest and the best gadgets for yourself or a woman in your life? I’m rather impressed with these new and very useful smart gadgets here. This a complete guide that every woman needs to see. I am writing it so that it will help if you have been searching the internet and you could not find a complete resource anywhere else.

Due to how this issue has been personal to me in the past few months, I have found myself prompted to share so as to help others that may be considered to have smart home gadgets for women.

I decided to feature these as some of my best smart home gadgets for women because my mom is now in her golden years and my wife is in love with smart things.

Why Smart Home Technology for Women?

There has been a lot of innovation in smart technology in recent years, and it has shot through the roof. There are now virtually thousands of users now for the everyday homeowner. Let alone any device that may help them to live more independently.

Having smart home devices in your home offer peace of mind for women and their family members.

What is Having a Smart Home?

A smart home is one that is set up to provide the owners with comfort, efficiency, security, and convenience all the times regardless of whether there is someone at home.

An example could be by setting up smart cameras that will be able to alert you when they detect motion or you can also set up smart home thermostats that will enable you to monitor and change the temperatures in the home even when you are not around. And there are more smart home products for women and their uses that I am going to dive into here.

What are the Advantages of a Smart Home?

There are so many benefits that smart home products bring for us and for women in particular. It just amazes me that not many people are using them now.

Things have started to become easy for women now with the advancements in technology. Smart home devices are making lives easier. The fact that they involve technology does not mean they make life harder for women, it even gets better.

While using them may be hard for some at the onset, that is if they are doing everything themselves. It’s the exception rather than the rule. If they plan to set up everything by themselves and they are not tech-savvy, then that may be harder for them.

Some of the advantes that one gets for using smart home devices are as follows.


These are the set it and forget it thermostat which you can monitor and control even when you are away from home.


This began with the smart TVs, but now we have newer entertainment hubs with the addition of Firesticks and Alexa for voice control for home control.


Having smart home safety helps in monitoring everything to ensure that nothing happens by accident. It can even help you to ensure that all your doors are locked at night without having to go out yourself.

Smart Home Products for Women

When I think of smart home products for women, I have to think outside of the box a little bit, because after all, I’m a guy! Women’s products can be a tough one too. Because you don’t want to seem unoriginal!


This is one of the best smart home devices you can buy for her, it is a tile!

YES! I said a Tile.

Not the one that you know and are thinking of. This is a nifty little smart home gadget. Something that every busy mom should have.

I have a great wife! But she is forgetful and most of the times she will forget things in the house when we are going somewhere. This is because she is a busy woman and there is a lot the is always going on in her mind. That is why she tends to forget. In particular her keys!

If you can relate, to what I am talking about, then this is probably one of the most inexpensive, but useful smart home gadgets that you will ever buy her!

The tile works on Bluetooth technology and will be of great help in tracking down anything that it’s attached to, such as keys, shoes, a wallet… name it!

If she forgets something or they lose it, they can use the phone to quickly find it or locate it where it is. This is an absolute must-have for every busy mom. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the 4 pack from the listing on Amazon here. You can get a 4 pack fairly inexpensively!

Not a bad deal!

SEEKONE Soil Sensors

If your wife or mother have any kind of green thumb then this is the smart home gadget they have been waiting for. They will appreciate this!

SEEKONE soil sensors work for over 365 days, that’s more than a year without having to recharge them. They help in telling you all things about the soil that you are planting on whether it is in or outside.  

The smart gadget will help you to monitor light, temperature, moisture and even much more. You can pick them up on Amazon and for any avid mum or wife that is a gardener. They are well worth the price you will find considering how effective they are. Here’s the link if you want to check them out!

Smart Reminders

Once in a while, everyone forgets things. Though for women, it is to some great extent, especially my wife. When we set off to go for a journey or just anywhere like for shopping, she will keep on going back to the house now and then for something she had forgotten.

This is why Reminder Rosie makes an alarm clock that has automated reminders that are built right in. it enables you to record up to 25 different reminders and you can hear them up to 100 feet away.

It is voice-activated and it would be good to have one in the house just in case you think there is something that you may forget. What is nice about them is that they can be programmed in any language.

Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

This is my wife’s personal favorite smart home gadget that I bought for her. She always reminds me of it every time she uses it. Over the course of the past few years, the use of essential oils has become more common, especially among women.

Their health benefits and the fact that they also smell nice are some of the reasons why they have found their way to most of our homes.

One that I can highly recommend is the Sierra modern home diffuser. This is because it is the one that I bought for my wife and I realized that she loved it. It runs for up to 12 hours without refilling and is also controlled or scheduled from your smartphone. This is so nice!

Big-time win on this smart gadget! You can check out their current price over here on Amazon.


This is the mother of all smart home gadgets for your wife or mother!

I cannot say enough about how we have come to love the Roomba. We can hardly do without it in our home. My wife especially.

This has helped us in cutting the amount of house cleaning we used to do previously by an astronomical stretch!

We have our Roomba set on a schedule so that it runs every night and what we concern ourselves with is to ensure the trap is empty and change the filter every once in a while.

This is probably among one of the smartest smart home gadgets you will ever buy any woman in your life.

I have written a complete hands-on review of the best vacuum cleaners where I outlined the durability issues I ran into considering how they are very effective. We have had our 800 series for quite some time now and it still runs like a clock.

No woman wants to be pushing around a heavy vacuum cleaner in the house just for cleaning. I hate vacuuming personally anyway, so I can only imagine how will be deploring my wife to get one of those robotic vacuums like the Roomba. This will help her to a great deal in what she does.

The good thing about having one of them in the house it that you can set it on a regular schedule and even monitor how it works and schedule it from your smartphone. This is in the comfort of your couch without moving a muscle.

And when they are done, they also go back to their charging station and you have to just go empty the dustpan.

Personally, I have a Roomba in my house and I couldn’t imagine living in the house without it now. You can also have a look at my other article on the best smart vacuum to get more information on the ones that I think are the best.

There are many other vacuum manufacturers that are out there and make good ones also. These are even affordable competitors in this industry like a shark with their Ion Robotic vacuum that they have priced below 200. There are also many others on Amazon that you can check out. Just take a look at their reviews and find the one that will be right for you.

Robotic Mops

Smart robotic mops are good and they go hand in hand with robotic vacuum cleaners. They sweep and mop all the hard floors including stone, hardwood, and tile. These are good for women as they will help in doing most of the house chores.

Just like their vacuuming counterpart, you can control and schedule them through an app on your phone. They also get to the hard places where you cannot reach the house and do the cleaning. 

They are controlled and scheduled using a mobile app and one thing I love about them is that they dig into the dried on soda stains. I was surprised at how cheap they are in this Amazon listing here.

Smart Home Kitchen Gadgets for Women

The kitchen is one place that has an array of smart home products that are perfect for women. For some reason, women like to do kitchen stuff and cooking. Depending on what your wife or mother likes to do in the kitchen, you will find something in the list below that that will be perfect for them.

The Anova Sous Verde Precision Cooker

If your spouse or significant other is just like me and doesn’t like cooking, then you have one of the surest ways that you will get them on board.

The Anova Sous Verde Precision Cooker is the best ways that one will be able to cook things in their kitchen without even them knowing what they are doing

The Anova sous Verde precision cooker makes the food come out without any dry edges and is also a restaurant quality meal right at your home. You can also link it to your smartphone and be able to monitor your food as you prepare it far away from home.

You can have a look at the current price over here on Amazon. This is what I call dummy cooking. Which is very perfect for me, since I usually live on the grill all the time.

….speaking of these grill…..


The Meater is one of the best smart thermometers that you can buy for your grill at home. I swear by mine.

Ther are completely wireless and this something that I have not found in any other grill thermometer up to date. Been search all over the internet and am yet to find one soon.

Setting things up on the meater is really simple. There are many tutorial videos that are offered n the app if you are looking for instructions on how you can cook a particular meal. Any mum would really love to have one of these and even use it to teach her children how to cook.

The Meater also has probes which help in monitoring the heat of the meat that is being cooked internally, with a sensor that also monitors the external temperature around the meat.

This enables women, and even you to grill in a smart manner. The food will be tasty and yummy. You can check out their current price over here on Amazon.

Wireless Perfect Bake Pro

No more measuring! Yess! That is true. If you are a fan of baking, then there is one thing that is a pain to you, that is to deal with measuring g the right quantities. Many bakers fail in this area, and we have the wireless perfect bake pro that will give a hand.

No more hustle.

With the Wireless Perfect Bake Pro, you don’t have to worry about measuring anymore. It is now a thing of the past. All you do is to place a bowl on the scale and pour! That is it!

It links you up to your tablet or smartphone and then it shows you a virtual bowl that has measurements so that you don’t have to measure wrong again. You are also able to tell the app the ingredients that you have on hand and it will help you by providing a recipe from what you already have. This helps to simplify the work and my wife likes it so much. She would struggle with making the right measurements before but not now.

You can also make a shopping list from your app for the ingredients that you require for a particular recipe that you want to make.

This is probably the coolest smart gadgets for the kitchen that I have seen. I am yet to see more coming but so far, hands down, this is just awesome.… PERIOD.

You can check out their current price over here on Amazon.

Smart Microwave

I know that you would like to control your microwave using your voice. This is by using Alexa. Am sure that there may be someone that you know who does that or would really like to try this out. This, in my opinion, would make the ultimate smart home gadget that women would really like to use. It is fairly new in the market.

What does it really do? – Basically, all it will do is to connect with Alexa and make it so that you tell Alexa to cook for you your popcorn on high for let’s say 45 seconds or however long it may take.

The use of voice control has definitely been changing the way in which we interact with our homes and the microwave is no different from the other gadgets in the house.

If you like to check them out, you can usually find them over here on Amazon.

AmazonBasics Smart Microwave

There is the new AmazonBasics 700watt microwave and it is the game changer for women in the kitchen. Things have never been any better than this before!

It connects to the Echo device via Bluetooth and it is integrated with Amazon Dash services right inside the microwave as well.

T also has a built-in ask Alexa button that enables you to ask Alexa directly to run for like say 30 seconds or whatever time that you need it to run.

This is probably one of the best Amazon Alexa interfaces that you’re going to find anywhere as well according to what else I’ve seen here on the internet.

You can order the AmazonBasics Microwave over here and have a look at the features and customer reviews.

Connected Toothbrushes

If one of the concerns you have is dental health, then there now a great way with smart gadgets that you have found helpful. Women love to keep a close eye on what is happening especially with their teeth as it is part of their beauty.

We have the Phillips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected that is a full-featured Bluetooth toothbrush. This will help women to take the guesswork out of their oral routine. The toothbrush uses smart sensor technology that sends all your brushing data to a free Sonicare app in real time through Bluetooth wireless technology.

This is a great way to help in monitoring how good your oral hygiene is. This is similar to having a dentist in the house watching your every time you brush your teeth and telling you some tips on what you should do differently. If you are interested in reading more about this and their price, you can find it over here on Amazon.

Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers

Women love to keep fit and look good. From what I have seen with smartwatches and fitness trackers, they have been used by people mainly to track steps, heart rate, and many other features. People have become so fond of them now that they have bought several of them and tried out already.

There are many devices manufacturers now out there, and many options of them for one to choose from. If you just go to Amazon and type in ‘smartwatch’ or ‘fitness tracker’ and have a look at the many options that will come, you will realize that you will be spoiled of options to choose from.

But I have personally come to like the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, it is really exciting to have one of them. Though I don’t like the way it nags me when I don’t wear it enough.

Smart Smoke Alarms

Smart home smoke alarms have been around for quite some time now and what appears is like they are getting smarter with time. People have embraced using them for the past few years and they have become a favorite for women.

However the few that I have installed in my house are compatible with Samsung SnartThings hub that I have talked about in many articles here, are the alert 2-in-1 combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm.

They have an integrated wireless alarm system that is capable of sending you mobile alerts and emails so that you know what is going on in your home. This has helped to have peace of mind in my home as fears of fire are now gone.

You can order your smart smoke alarms here on the cheap in the Amazon listings.

Automated Thermostats

My wife begged me for some time about getting smart home thermostats but I was not for that idea. When we finally got one, I was glad that in the end we finally did. In fact, we have now installed for them in every corner of the house. They have made our lives much more convenient, I can only imagine how my wife feels of the convenience and how it makes her feel to change the temperature in the house at her convenience when she wants.

The smart thermostats are also handy even if you are in bed and would like to change the temperatures without getting out of the bed. In addition, I later realized that it has made my heating bills to go down drastically.

I would boldly say that they helped us to save close to $200 in the first year in bills. If you would like to know about the best smart thermostats that I would recommend. I have written a complete hands-on review of the best smart thermostats where I outlined the durability and connectivity issues I ran into. I would suggest that you read my article on them here.

Water and Leak Detection

I used to constantly worry about water leaks and other aggravations that my wife may concern herself within the house especially when I am not around. This is because you have to know that there is a problem for you to fix it, but she has no clue what is going on in the pipes. My mum also had the same problem, considering that my dad worked far away and would only come home a few days in a month, that living alone was quite a concern for her.

That is why it is important to have smart water leak detection. Samsung SmartThings is actually making water leak detection that works with the security system. I have written an article that completely covers the best smart water leak detection equipment that should buy here.

The good thing about having smart water leak detection in the home is that you can place them anywhere that you are concerned about a leak and the moment it picks up on it you get alerted on your smartphone. You can also have them set off a siren or alarm if you would like it that way. Feel free to check my article here for a more and detailed explanation on the best smart water leak detection equipment.

Smart Ovens

The leading cause of most fires in the homes is stove fires. Though people have started to embrace smart ovens, as they are coming soon to a home that is near you. Women would love to have one of these smart ovens in the house because of the convenience and the efficiency they would have in the kitchen.

There are two items which I would like to recommend here at this point, one of them is the Wallflower Smart Monitor for the electric stoves.

The good thing I love about it is that it will be able to warn you when the stove is left on by accident or turned on without your knowledge. And it only works on the electric stoves. The other good thing about them is that they do not charge any monthly fees because it uses an app to send the warning messages. This is not an automatic shut off if the stove is left on. The only thing it will be able to do is to remind you that the stove has been left on.

You can check their current prices here in the Amazon listings.

The second product which I would like to recommend here is probably the most expensive one, but it is totally worth it, IGuardStove. This is a device that when it is hooked up to your current stove it has the ability to monitor motion and detect if you have left the kitchen. It also detects if you have returned to the kitchen area. Women love to have this device in the kitchen.

The nice thing about it is that it has an automatic oven shut timer that shuts off the oven after the time you have preset. Though it also has a manual override which you can use to disable the auto shut off timer to enable longer cooking.

Here is a link you can check IGuardStove in the Amazon listings.

Smart Coffee

This smart kitchen gadget will help you top stop taking a lot of your time in preparing your coffee. You can use this smart kitchen gadget to help keep you caffeinated in the house.

It can be set to start at a specific time or if you feel lazy, you can turn it on from the comfort of your bedroom using your smartphone. And once you have finished swilling the brew, make sure that you set up another round to start automatically brewing. You can get a smart coffee maker here on the cheap in the Amazon listings.

Smart Slow Cooker

I am in love with slow cookers for my house. They work so well, you can even throw in them some Swedish meatballs or have a nice buffalo chicken dip anytime you want them without having to think twice. Smart slow cookers are the thing now. They are so nice by making everything you need to control them accessible to you on your smartphone.

Having everything on the phone helps me to start or stop my cooking, adjust the temperatures and the cooking time and also set my own notifications. You can get smart slow cookers here on the cheap on Amazon.

Smart Sous Vide

If you still find using the slow cookers a little bit old school, then what you may prefer to use is the smart sous-vide remote cooking device.

This is a way of cooking where the food is placed in a vacuum sealed plastic bag and then cooked slowly in steam or a water bath. The little beauties hold the tank at refrigerator temperature until it is now ready to cook.

The ability to use an app is an advantage with this gadget, you set the timer on the app and forget about it. Personally is another of my wife’s favorite ways to cook on a daily basis. No more need to stay around monitoring the food. Mostly, this is because we tend to be a little lazy when it comes to staying in the kitchen to cook. You can get smart sous vide here on Amazon on the cheap.

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