Desktop Apps For Blink XT Cameras

The first day that I was told about Blink XT security cameras, immediately I was impressed by them after having tested other several options in my basement. Their results were mitigated, not until I met Blink cameras that seem to be the perfect solution I have been waiting for.

Blink cameras cost just less than all their competitor’s brands, a bundle of three of them would still be less costly than one from the competitors. But yet they offer you the freedom to place them in any place that you would like to put them. I even now bought some more for my house after testing their performance with the basement.

The fact that they are wireless and they are also battery powered gave me some more hopes because I now did not have to worry about blackouts and wires.

Blink for Mac

Despite having the odd window size and interface, Blink for Mac works in a great way and also offers you an interesting way for you to see small changes in two images. This program opens so quickly and also downloads with a set of example images.

The app is very easy to use after the user has selected the photos to compare, the user must label them as picture 1 and picture 2 and then place them on the desktop. When you click the ‘start’ button, the images load automatically into the main window.

The two photos continually switch several times a second, and this helps in revealing the subtle differences in a way that is interesting. These rapid changes almost move like an animation. Users can shift the images around the window using the up and down buttons, but these changes are small.

Blink for Mac offers a good resolution especially if you are looking for an easy way that you can compare mages or if you are a fan of image puzzles but you cannot catch all the differences.

Blink Home Monitor for iPhone

Blink cameras are few of the battery powered home monitoring systems that you can ever get which are so simple to set up and perfect for homeowners and renters. Through the app, you get to receive motion alerts, customize the cameras and their settings to suit your needs, you can also watch live HD videos.

The Blink systems are very affordable, and they also do not require you to have a monthly fee.

Setting up different blink elements

The first time that I bought Blink XT cameras, I had some problems in setting them up. The sync module was not connecting to my wifi, and a red light was always being shown. I then changed my networks SSID, reset it and tried again.

I later received an automated email that came from Blink which told me that the system had noticed that I had some problems and they were suggesting a few things. They suggested I connect using a wired connection to the Ethernet port instead of using Wi-Fi. When I tried it, it worked.

After I had set it up, I unplugged the cable, and the sync module connects wirelessly now.

The new updated Android App, the setup process has had some great improvements. I tied by resetting my Blink XT cameras after the app had been updated and started from scratch to see if the red light issue would still show up again. But it was not there, the setup was smooth, and it took only five minutes for it to finish.

Here is the process I used for the updated app.

Account signup

The very first thing that you need to do when you buy Blink XT cameras is to sign up for a Blink account. This process is simple and does not have many struggles.

You just have to choose your country or region where you are from, provide the email you use and a password and you are set.

The Sync Module Setup

Once you enter the Blink app, you then tap the ‘Add Sync Module’ and make sure that the blue light is flashing on. Then ensure you connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network of blink and enter the serial number and then tell it what your Wi-Fi network and its password are. Then wait for a few seconds for the setup to be complete.

Adding Your Cameras

After the sync module is complete, you will see an image ‘Add a Blink Camera’ in the middle of the app’s homepage. If you tap that image, you will be taken through a process of adding your cameras by first inputting the serial number, verifying the signal strength between the camera and the sync module.

Then validation of the placement of the camera by seeing a live view. You will then be asked to give a name for your camera, and then you take a still picture which will show on the Blink home page. Then you are done.

You will have to go through the same steps for you to set up each of the 2, 3, or other cameras that you have bought with the Blink bundle. All your cameras will then be showing up on the Blink app.

Blink Android App

This app is very functional and should be functional and should do the job for you at any time. Though it may not look like a modern Android app and the graphics may not be up to date, the Blink team seems to be on top of things on improving and updating the system.

The cameras and their experience are getting better with time with a couple of things being changed.

If you would want to know how to weatherproof a security camera, then my article here would be of great help in giving you more information.


In my experience after using Blink for quite some time, the Blink apps are the types that do not get replaced easily once they are discovered. The Blink team makes finding, generating and converting any iTunes, Apps Store or Book Store app a nice piece of cake. The ability of it to be maneuvered into any existing URL scheme also enable it to be more powerful. You may also have a look at my other article on the Best Outdoor Security Cameras here.

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