Do You Leave Alexa Plugged in All the Time?

The amazon echo is here to help when it now comes to setting your prefered music streaming service and also setting reminders. however, it as to be consistently on as opposed to turning in on when you need it.

Amazon Echo doesn’t work without being plugged into power all the time when you take off the power plug, it goes down. they also need to be connected to the Wi-Fi all the time for them to work.

The active listening footprint of Amazon Echo is minimal compared to the other always-on devices and the only time that you are recommended to unplug is if power fluctuations are anticipated. Otherwise, it should always be plugged in.

So you may be asking yourself what amount it may be costing you to have a device that you leave on all the time as opposed to turning it on them only when you need it.

I have a breakdown of how much electricity the various Echo devices pull when they are in standby mode, that is when they are just sitting there and not doing anything.

  • Echo Dot, 1.75 watts
  • 1st Gen Echo 2.95 watts
  • 2nd Gen Echo 1.95 watts
  • Echo Plus 2.4 watts

Echo Spot 1.9-2.25 watts (depending on the brightness of the screen)

Of course, these wattages may mean nothing to you but it is useful when you want to know when calculating how much that wattage costs you in your electricity bill.

For example, if you have 2nd Gen Echo that is left in standby mode for a month, that would cost you around $0.21, though this depends on how much electricity costs in your area.

The Echo uses up slightly more electricity when it is actively being used, whether that is in playing music or telling the weather. I have a breakdown of what the Echo Usage devices are pulling while they are playing music.

  • Eco Dot 2.1-2.4 watts
  • 1st Gen Eco 3.1-3.4 watts
  • 2nd Gen Eco 2.4-3.4 watts
  • Eco Plus 3.0-4.3 watts
  • Eco Spot 2.6-3.2 watts

This may add slightly to your monthly bills but not as much.

If you don’t like to listen to music while you fall asleep or you don’t want to be bothered to manually turn it off when you are done, Amazon Eco as a built-in sleep timer function that turns the music off automatically.

Sleep timers are available on a handful of devices that play music. the sleep timers automatically turn off the music after a certain time is passed, so wen you have a sleep timer of 60 minutes, the device automatically shuts off at 60 minutes as you fall asleep.

When you have the Amazon Echo, the device on itself doesn’t shut down but any music or audio will stop playing automatically. it is easy to set a sleep timer, all you need to do is say, Alexa, set a sleep timer of 30 minutes, and once the time reaches, whatever was playing will automatically stop playing.

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