Lock and key systems have rapidly been improving. The innovation of smart locks has given rise to the adoption of new lock smiting methods. One of the most significant improvements smart technology delivers is the keyless system that simplifies house entry procedures.

The August Smart Lock does not require a Wi-Fi connection as it runs on 4 AA batteries and uses Bluetooth as the means of communication. You can install the August App on your phone and it enables you to control the lock regardless of whether there is power in your home or not.

As technology continues to grow, new better ways of protecting assets in our properties are being found through smart locks as they provide some level of convenience that cannot be sort with the traditional locking mechanism.

We all recognize that it can be puzzling to reach keys sometimes since they can be easily misplaced. With smart locks, all you need to do is pair your Bluetooth or connect your WIFI to the deadbolts system, and you have easy access to the house.

August is one of the well known and fast-growing smart lock developers, but recently they have created a fourth-generation Wi-Fi smart lock that’s more advanced in technology and makes.

Unlike most intelligent locks that require a complete hardware change, this lock doesn’t need you to change your hardware. August Smart lock fits over the inside latch on the deadbolt, which allows you to smarten up your home security while you keep your outside lock looking and functioning the same.


With August smart lock, it’s unbelievable what your door can do. Change your entire experience with a lock that automatically the door immediately; you step out and unlock it when you approach. You have full power and control in your hands.

August smart lock may also require WIFI to function; it is easy to use and guarantees more security. The lock has date encryption and two authentications that secure your lock. You can control and manage your door with the August app on any Android and Ios smartphone or use your apple smartwatch to monitor your door.

August smart lock doesn’t require a separate hub to connect to a WiFI network; this is because it has a design with all the necessary hardware inside that support WIFI. Controlling August Smart lock is done via the August smartphone application, and it supports Google’s Assistant, Alexa, and apple home kit.

August smart has a door sense that alerts you when the door has been open and for what time range. Due to its Wi-Fi compatibility, you can program the WIFI smart lock to automatically unlock and lock the door when you arrive or leave your premises.


August connects serve as WIFI Bridge between the serves and the smart locks so you can lock and unlock your smart lock remotely from your phone. With intelligent connect, you can easily let a guest in your home without being physically present.



  • A WIFI device that’s up and running
  • (settings-WIFI)
  • Ensure your WIFI network
  • An active August Smart WIFI lock
  • Smartphone compatible with the August Smart locks app.

August Smart Lock Installation

  • Connect the August connect into a power outlet source within 15 ft. preferably opposite or adjacent form the smart lock.
  • Wait for a green flashing light on the August connect to appear
  • In the August application got to the menu and tap set up the new device
  • Select the set up connect option
  • When ready, set up plug connects into the outlet close to the door and follow the instruction on the app

August smart WIFI smart lock installation is easy, and you install it on the inside of your door over the existing deadbolt. Most doors are compatible with the WIFI smart lock.

August smart lock is compatible with most smart home devices so that everything swiftly works together. It fits seamlessly into your smart home.


August smart lock has a financial level security system with a 128 bits AES software encryption and two-factor authentication for account log-in that protects your account.

It also allows you to see the lock and unlock record from all the locks remotely on your phone when signed in as the owner. It tells you the time and activity of all the door locks. The above log-in feature has a guest book attached, where you can let guest easily access your house.built in WIFI on the hand means reduced life battery

Control From Far

Since August Smart lock is WIFI enabled, you can control it when you are outside and out of the Bluetooth range. You need to bridge your home Wi-Fi with the device; this gets done through August’s connect WIFI accessory feature.

August directly plugs into a power outlet and should sit within 30 ft. for a reliable connection, the closer the better the performance. To join these two, select the new WIFI setting option the lock settings menu option in the application, and from that, you’ll get instructions to map it to the home WIFI network. Once you successfully pair the two, you can control your August Smart lock from anywhere once you are online.


The August smart has an anodized aluminum shell that comes in a dark grey hockey puck shape. Its 3.2 inches in diameter and 2.2 inches deep. The out edge of this lock has a small ring of LED light that glows when the door is being unlocked and beams blue and flashes red when being locked. Inside the smart lock are for AA batteries, a Z-Wave radio that allows you to control the latch automatically.

Included in its packaging box is the lock, a door sensor, August connect WIFI  bridge, a mounting plate,  and three tailpiece adapters needed for the full installation and functioning of the WIFI smart lock.


If, in any case, you lose your phone or your battery dies, you can go ahead and use physical keys to unlock the door even with the August Smart lock installed. As discussed earlier, you still keep your door’s deadbolt. Alternatively, you can log in to your August smart app using a different phone to unlock the door.


August Smart lock is very likable since it’s easy to use and works very well.  This lock makes your life more comfy since it has free e-keys automated unlock, unlock settings, and logical management systems. As seen in the entire article, it uses WIFI to function, so yes, August smart lock needs WIFI. On the other hand, they lack internet-based control, which can be quite limiting.

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