DoorBird vs Ring Doorbell

Doorbird and Ring doorbells both serve the same purpose of preventing intruders and burglars from getting into your home. However, these video doorbells have some similarities and differences that we have clarified in this article.

DoorBird Doorbell

Doorbird doorbell is a video doorbell that is designed and developed by a German company, Bird Home Automation GmbH. The company has majorly designed the doorbell for large buildings and commercial buildings rather than small residential buildings. However, they still design and produce the Doorbird Doorbell for residential use. There are few doorbell models built by the company but D101S and D101 are the most popular of all. 

Here are some of the Doorbird doorbell features that you can consider:

  • You can view the front of your door from wherever you are (all over the world, unrestricted). This is enabled by the Live on Demand feature that is built into this doorbell.
  • Built with a 720p camera. The camera also has night vision, you can therefore view images footage at night.
  • Other than the normal power connection, it has an option of Ethernet cable power connection (Power over Ethernet feature).
  • Has an option of cloud storage. With cloud storage, you can store all the videos recorded by your doorbell. However, you will need to subscribe to premium cloud storage services.
  • Other than the cloud storage option, you can rely on your doorbell’s storage for 7 days, that is, it can store all the videos and events recorded for 7 days.
  • You can have a 90-degree vertical view or 180-degree horizontal view since the doorbell is built with that capacity.
  • Some models support video and audio calls. Your visitors can communicate with you via the doorbell.
  • The doorbell technology supports smartphone controls.
  • Since the doorbell supports smartphone controls, it has an option that allows you to connect and enable it to contact 8 different smartphones. We earlier mentioned that most DoorBird doorbells are designed for commercial buildings, therefore, this feature suits the function best since you can connect the doorbell to 8 different stakeholders.
  • Some of the models are built with geofencing technology that allows you to automatically open the door/gate. Not so many doorbells have this technology.


  • You will need a subscription to enjoy the service. Well, most people don’t like subscribing to packages other than entertainment. Therefore this is a major disadvantage of this doorbell.
  • The doorbell is expensive to purchase compared to other doorbells, in this case, the Ring doorbell which has almost similar features but comes at a lower price.
  • Installation might require specialized personnel. Installation is more complex than for the other doorbells.

If you settle for this option then here are some accessories that come in the device package:

  • Mounting bracket.
  • Screws.
  • User manual and warranty information.
  • Installation guide.
  • The DoorBird doorbell.

Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is another option. Most people prefer this doorbell due to its low price compared to the German-made DoorBird doorbell. Another feature that attracts most users is that it has a wireless option. You can choose to purchase a wireless doorbell or the other option that is cable-oriented.

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Here are some of the features that serve as its pros:

  • Built with a horizontal field view of 180 degrees and 140 degrees vertical field view.
  • If you fancy different colors, then this is the right option, it comes in different colors, unlike the Doorbird that has limited variety.
  • Supports the Live View on Demand Feature where you can watch all your camera recordings from wherever you are.
  • Supports cloud storage for all the recordings.
  • The wireless ring doorbells have batteries with a life span of 6-12 months.
  • It is a 720p camera. 
  • The camera has night vision technology.
  • It supports audio streaming.
  • It is built with smart motion technology.


  • The wireless doorbells cannot support the Live View On-Demand feature due to high power consumption.
  • You will need to subscribe to Cloud to enjoy their storage services.
  • You cannot view videos while using the free version of the Live View on Demand feature.
  • For the wireless doorbells, there is no spare package for the batteries as most users would expect.

If you consider purchasing the Ring doorbell, these are some of the accessories that are packed with the device whenever you purchase it:

  • User manual, that comes in different languages that will most suit you.
  • A drill bit.
  • Micro USB charging cable (for the wireless doorbells).
  • A screwdriver and screwdriver Bit.
  • Installation guide and warranty information package.
  • A Mounting bracket.

The Common Features Of Ring And DoorBird Doorbells

  • Both doorbells have the night vision feature.
  • The video recording quality of both doorbells is 720p.
  • They both support the Live view on Demand feature.
  • They both support cloud services (on a subscription basis).
  • The horizontal view is 180 degrees for both the doorbell cameras.

There are also similarities in the packaging. Both brands provide their consumers with similar accessories when packing the devices such as mounting brackets, screws, user manual, and warranty information.

The Differences Between Ring Doorbell And DoorBird Doorbell

The Field Of View

The field of view shows the area that your camera will cover. The cameras of both doorbells are almost similar. They both cover a horizontal view of 180 degrees but the major difference between the 2 doorbells is the vertical view coverage.

The Ring doorbell tends to be more superior to the DoorBird doorbell when it comes to vertical view coverage. The Ring covers 140 degrees whereas DoorBird covers 90 degrees. Therefore, the Ring doorbell has a wider field of view than the DoorBird doorbell.


Price is a major consideration. Most people look at the price before they can purchase any device. For these two devices, price is a major distinguishing factor. If you are keen on your budget and you don’t want to spend much on the doorbell device, then you might consider the Ring doorbell.  The German-made device (Doorbird doorbell) is more costly than the Ring doorbell. All the DoorBird doorbell models are expensive and would require you to dig deeper into your pocket. 

Based on price, the Ring doorbell is much more affordable. 

Color Variety

Ring doorbell comes in Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Venetian Bronze, and Polished Brass.

The Doorbird doorbell, on the other hand, comes with only two color options. If you fancy uniqueness, then this might not be the best option, you will find most people with the same color as yours. It comes in a stainless-steel color and white Polycarbonate.

Doorbell Size

It is important to consider the doorbell size. The two brands have different sizes and you will have to choose the best size that will fit the type of your doorframe or door.

The Ring doorbell is smaller in size than the DoorBird doorbell size. The dimensions are not too different from each other, Ring doorbell has the dimensions of 4.98 *2.43*0.87 feet whereas DoorBird has the dimensions of 6.18*2.95*1.38 feet.

Usage Of Live View Demand Feature

The Doorbird doorbell does not require an extra connection to use the Live View on Demand feature effectively. Ring doorbell, on the other hand, you will have to establish a hardwire connection to use the feature effectively. The feature uses a lot of power on Ring doorbell devices.

Based on this feature, the Doorbird doorbell stands out and is superior to the Ring doorbell.

Power Connection (Supply) And Operating Temperature

The operating temperature of the two devices does not vary too much from each other.  20-50 degrees Celsius for the Ring doorbell and 20-40 for the DoorBird doorbell.

Power connection and supply have a major difference between these two devices.  For the Doorbird doorbell, you will have to source power directly from your home power supply. The doorbell has an additional feature that gives you double services. Power Over Ethernet is a connection that enables you to connect to both the internet and power at the same time. This will save you a big deal as you will have two connections at the same time.

Ring doorbell on the other hand has two options. You can either use the wireless model or the cable model. You will need to hardwire for the cable power connection. If you have the wireless model, then you will need to charge the batteries frequently, the package comes with a USB cable that you will use when charging the batteries. The batteries have a lifespan of 6 – 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wireless Ring Doorbell Worth It?

The wireless Ring doorbell will serve you well but will limit you from using some of the amazing features like Live View on Demand which uses much power and the batteries may not support the services for long. You will need to establish a hardwire connection. 

How Will I Know That The Night Vision IR Is Functional

The IR light for the night vision will glow red. This indicates that it is performing its function. 

Is Ring Chime Necessary?

Ring Chime enables you to get notifications from your doorbell camera directly. Normally, the notification gets to you via your smartphone. Ring Chime is a device that you can attach to your house so that you can get the notification directly from the Ring doorbell. You will, however, have to purchase the device separately. It is an optional device.

Can I Connect My Smartphone To These Doorbells?

Yes, you can connect the doorbell directly to your smartphone such that you can control actions from your location.

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