Firefox And Roku Guide: How Do I use Firefox on Roku?

Google Chromecast has been the best casting device and it has a very good value for your money. 
It has helped put the normal television we have in our homes into a smart one by projecting the contents from our devices onto the screen.

But its compatibility with other third-party browse us apart from Google Chrome has been a concern for some users. Google Chrome is definitely the most widely used and most sought-after browser but some users have their own choice for some particular features that are offered by other browsers like Firefox opera and Edge. 

If your preference is Firefox then your main question is if it can cast your content on TV, the answer is yes Firefox can. In this article I am going to give you a guide on how to cast your content from Firefox to your TV follow these steps. 

How to cast Firefox to a TV using an Android phone 

What you need 

  • An Android phone 
  • Firefox browser installed on your phone 
  • A Chromecast built television or have Google Chromecast dongle 

Steps to Cast Firefox browser to TV

  • Set up your Chromecast by connecting it to your TV and connecting it to the same Wi-Fi net that you have connected your phone 
  • Open your Firefox app on your device and type
  • “about:config” on the address bar. Accepting page will then appear after you accept and make sure that “browser.casting.enabled” is true 
  • Ensure that Adobe Flash Player that is already installed on your device is disabled because it may change the video configuration for some files 
  • Make sure the content you want to cast is supported by Google Chromecast. 
  • Visit any page and once you have loaded your content, tap the cast icon that appears at the bottom of the video control section 
  • Tap the device that you would like to cast and the Chromecast connected to TV appears after connecting, then the contents of your mobile will appear on your TV 

Casting the Contents on Windows, Mac OS: 

Firefox browser for other operating systems like Chrome OS windows iOS and Mac are available but the native casting functionality is not available in these operating systems. But there is a small window of opportunity for Firefox in the Mac and Windows operating system that you can see below. 

There are Android emulators available online for both Mac and Windows OS like Nox emulator and BlueStacks.

You can be able to access them and download them online 
You can open the software and set it up and after this you can download the Firefox browser from Play Store inside the emulator and follow the instructions above to cast content.

Why Is This Neat? 

This comes in handier than you can think and if you do not have a Roku remote you can use your phone instead of the remote, when in combination with the Roku Android app this makes the physical remote to be totally redundant.

The other reason why when you cast Firefox to look who is neat and simple it’s because Roku turn regular TV into a smart TV so you don’t have to bother with watching video of a small Android screen when you can watch it on a TV.

You can appreciate the value of Roku when you know how much are good quality smart TV cost though they may not be an ideal solution but they will keep one improving constantly to make their service better 

What’s Missing? 

This feature only works for android devices and it’s unfortunate that you can’t do it on any other platform which is a letdown for windows and iOS users, although there is a way that you can cast content from your iOS or Windows directly to Roku without your Firefox browser 

It is also good to mention that Roku should expand the supported video format list so that they include other popular formats for them to cast more videos to it 

Cast a Web Browser to Roku From Windows 10 

The easiest method you can use Roku web browser is by casting a browser from your Windows 10 PC to the Roku device. This is also the way to cast the clearest web browser because it has minimal of resolution distortion in the process 
This workaround is made possible because of technology called Miracast, where you can Project your monitor including in extended mode to any device that supports this technology like Roku devices 

Projecting to the Roku Device 

For you to use this technology you need to be running the latest version of Windows 10, so make sure that you have run all the latest updates on your Windows 10 machine. 
When everything is ready to the left the small notification icon that is at the lower right corner of in the Windows 10 taskbar. 
In the list of features that are available you will see a project icon, select it and this will launch the windows 10 project feature that lets you to project your screen to any wireless display on your network. 

You will need to select how you want to project your screen with these options; 

  • PC screen only: This will only display your PC and not the other screen 
  • Duplicate: This will duplicate your main computer screen to the Roku device 
  • Extend: This will use your Roku device as an additional monitor 
  • Second screen only: This will project only to the Roku device and will not display anything on your PC screen 

Select the option that you prefer, extend is the most common choice that most people use sing you can continue using your other screen while you are web browser is on the TV via your Roku device. 

Though you may not want light from the other screens distracting from the TV display and this is when you may opt for a second screen only. 

Select the option that you want them select connect to a wireless display which is located at the bottom of the list. 

After you have done this you will see a list of devices on your network that you can Project to, these are all the devices that typically support casting using Microsoft Miracast technology. If there are any two devices that you have paired you are also likely to see them here though you may not be able to cast a Windows 10 screen to Bluetooth devices. 

In just a few seconds you will be able to see your TV screen displaying the background image from your machine thanks to the Roku device your TV is now an extended monitor for your computer. 

Using a Web Browser on Your Roku 

You can now be able to launch your web browser and drag it into your TV since it’s an extended screen from your windows 10 computer. 

You can browse the web app and display any page that you will like and anyone who can see the TV will see your web browsing activity. 

If you would like to play videos from any streaming site you just have to visit the site and browse the video you want to play, like on YouTube. 

You should keep in mind that any sound for that video will come from your computer, so if you would like everyone in the room to hear the audio of what is being streamed you will need to connect your computer to speakers or any sound system that will be loud enough for them to hear. 

Disconnecting From Your Roku 

When you have done casting your web browser to Roku device, go back to your PC monitor. You will see at the top a connection status for your Roku device and just select to disconnect the connection. 

This will switch the TV display back to your Roku main screen and you cannot continue using your Roku as normal by either using your Roku remote app or the Roku remote. 

Casting Web Browser From Your Android 

The other method that will let you use her Roku web browser is by casting your Android browser to your Roku device. You can do this because it’s not give up comes as a default on most Samsung Android devices, if you do not have you can install it from Google Play store. 

You should not that smart you are retired in October 2020 and now you should install the SmartThings app where are you access the functional as functionality and scanning the available device devices that are near you.

By now you cannot cast a Roku device from iOS device yet. 
For you to use Smart View or SmartThings app you should swipe down on the main screen with two fingers and select the Smart View icon from the list of apps that will appear. 

Your Android device will then scan the network for any supported wireless display devices that it can cast to, and this is where you will see your Roku device on the list. Turn on the Roku device and when you are asked if you want to start casting with SmartView select start now. 

You are Android screen will then immediately show up on the tv where you have your Roku device connected. 
While you are casting your Android device a status will appear to say that Smart View is on an Android, you can then open your favorite browser app and start browsing. You are mobile web browser will be displayed on your TV through the Roku device. 

You will now be able to display anything from the web browser that you want on your TV and all the audio will be coming from your Android device so if you want everyone to hear that audio you need to connect the Android device to an audio system or if you have Bluetooth speakers they will work well. 

When you are ready to disconnect them just swipe down on your Android main screen again and tap on the Roku icon, and this will disconnect your Android from the Roku device and stop the web browser from casting. 

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