Can I Use My Smartphone to Operate My Garage Door Opener?


Yes, you can open your garage door with your phone, thanks to advancements in technology in mobile phone platforms and installing the app required. You can connect your phone through the app to your garage door and use it to close and open.

I like this method because it helps me not to carry a remote control around.

You can easily forget carrying a remote around, and that can be really a disaster, but a phone is always at arm’s length with you. Having a smart garage door opener that you can control with your phone enables much efficiency and less carriage.

It is very important that you should have a smart garage door opener because it will be of great benefit to you. From just ensuring safety and security in your home to enabling peace of mind knowing that everything in your home is safe. A smart garage door opener is something I would highly recommend for every homeowner.

The Best Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

If you are a smart homeowner and you want to get the best of the best that will ensure there is enough security in your home and for your garage door. Then you are at the right place, having smart garage door openers that you can control with your phone is the best thing, and I have done all the paperwork and groundwork for you here.

MyQ Smart Garage Hub

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub is good if you want to make your dump garage doors smart for most people that may already have some garage door openers. They are the most inexpensive and very reliable and also the easiest way that can make your garage doors smart in just 15 minutes of installation.

They may be small, but they will do exactly what you are looking for. What you must ensure is that their sensor unit should go to the top panel of your garage door and the hub unit should be mounted near where the garage door stops in the lifted position. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller is what I currently use in my home, and they are my best pick. I have never looked back again ever since I installed them, they practically work with anything and ensure that I control my garage door with my phone.

Advantages of the MyQ


The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller alerts me on my phone anytime when the garage door opens and allows m to close it from any place that I am.


The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller also updates me and enables me to control my garage door using my phone app.


The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller is very compatible with many garage door openers that are installed after 1993, something that you don’t have to worry about during installation.

Many Necessities

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller comes with many necessities that enable easy installation and Wi-Fi hub, door sensor, a mounting bracket, and with instructions for downloading the app. 

Ever since I installed the Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller in my home, I have loved how they have been so reliable and enabled me to have peace of mind. Considering that they would also work with many brands of garage door openers, I considered them safe for buying, and they are an easy win. 

Is Chamberlain MyQ Garage Controller Compatible with Alexa?

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller is compatible with Alexa though you may need to connect them through the IFTTT to be able to connect it to other smart home systems.

They are compatible with Google Home as they work with Google Assitant and IFTT, though to be able to use them together, you need to have a plan either for one month or one year with MyQ.

According to Chamberlain, the Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller will work with most of the available garage door brands that have standard safety sensors and were made after 1993.

MyQ is compatible with Nest, Xfinity, Wink, Nest, and SmartThings smart home systems, and they are also compatible with Apple smart home though you have to buy there adapter. The adapter will enable you to connect your Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller to the garage door using Siri and enable you to create scenes so that the lights will come on when the garage door opens up.

Can MyQ Control Two Doors?

Yes, the Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller can control two or more doors. The MyQ Garage Wi-Fi hub is able to control and work with up to 16 MyQ enabled devices like the door openers, gate operators, and light controls.

The MyQ garage can also monitor and control two doors that are compatible, although you must have a second door sensor that is separate from the second door opener.

Garage Door Openers that are Compatible with MyQ Garage

  • Genie or Overhead
  • LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Stanley

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub and MyQ Garage are made to be compatible and work with brands of garage door openers manufactures after 1993, have a program or a learn button and have photoelectric sensors. Here is the list of all the garage door openers that are compatible with the MyQ Smart Garage Hub and MyQ Garage.

Genie or overhead

The intellicode 1 and intellicode 2 garage door openers manufactured between 1996 and 2016 are all compatible, though you may find others that were manufactured from 2016 to date that is not compatible. For you to determine the year in which they were made, you must check at their serial numbers on the motorhead. If the serial number starts with 16, then they were manufactured in 2016, and if they start with 96, they were manufactured in 1996, etc.

LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain

All the garage door openers that are made after 1993 and they include all Chamberlain manufactured door openers. You can determine if the garage door that you have is compatible by looking at the learn button on the head. If you get that it has learned buttons that are Yello, Purple, Orange, Red, and Green, then your myQ Smart Garage Hub or MyQ Garage is compatible.


The Smart Garage Hub and the myQ Garage are only compatible with Wayne Dalton garage door openers that run 372.5MHz frequency and the 303MHz frequency. For you to determine which frequency your garage door openers are operating on, check with the manufacturer.


Smart Garage Hub and the myQ Garage are compatible with 310MHz secure Code door openers and the Linear318MHz Megacode garage door openers.

Considerations for MyQ Garage Hubs

The MyQ Garage and the myQ Garage Hub will not be able to operate a garage door opener that has Di switches; either can be configured for monitoring your garage door opener. If it is in the monitor mode, then the MyQ app can advise if the door is open is closed but it cannot activate the door opener.

The MyQ Garage and the MyQ Garage Hub cannot operate a LiftMaster, Craftsman, Chamberlain or any other Chamberlain unit that uses a 433 MHz frequency. These units need a MyQ door control that is paired with the Hub or internet for them to use.

The Chamberlain B550 Garage Door Controller

The Chamberlain B550 is the best option for most garage doors as it is incredibly strong, quiet, and durable and has a built-in MyQ technology that allows you to open and close the door. This also allows you to know the status of your garage door from anywhere using your MyQ app.

The range of the Chamberlain B550 is one thing that I loved about them. They have a Triband technology that boosts the remote range up to 1500 feet that is pretty impressive.

The Chamberlain B550 also has a wireless exterior keypad that permits access with a four-digit code that is secure and includes a 2 3 button remote controls that enable you to control up to three openers just incase you have more.

The Chamberlain B550 hs top-notch security, they actually have 2.0 100 Billion code encryption that is built in to protect against hacking. They also have posi-lock anti-theft protection that will stop anyone trying to open the door by force.

The Chamberlain B550 also has another primary difference in that they have a battery backup. The battery backup helps during times of power failure, and it offers 1 ¼ HP lifting power that comes handy if you have a large door.

Advantages of The Chamberlain B550

Easy to use

The Chamberlain B550 is a smart device that I have found to be easy to use and also seamlessly connects to the home network with the built-in network.

They are silent

The Chamberlain B550 has a belt-driven system that is strong and helps to keep them virtually silent.

Have alerts

The Chamberlain B550 enables you to receive alerts on your phone anytime that your garage door opens or closes. You can also use their app to set a recurring schedule that will enable you to turn the lights on or off.

Has safety sensors

The Chamberlain B550 comes with safety sensors that help to protect vehicles and people that stop the door from closing in case of obstructions. They dissuade forced the opening of the door.

Easily Synchronizes

The Chamberlain B550 easily syncs with other popular smart home devices and platforms and enables you to keep control of your device from any place.

What to Look for When Buying Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


There are garage door controllers that require a very strong Wi-Fi signal for them to work. That is the point you wished they would have improved them before you bought them. Currently, most of the manufacturers are only offering Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Bluetooth connectivity will only work well if you connect the smart device with a range of say, six meters. You will not be able to connect to other smart home devices and also control it if you are far from home. That is why I prefer Wi-Fi connectivity; this works fine and will enable you to control your garage door remotely and also connect it to other smart home devices in your home.

Compatibility level

If you already have some garage door and you are wondering if they will be compatible if you make them smart. I can assure you that when you get the MyQ smart garage door opener, you will get the best compatibility across the board.

When you are looking for a smart garage door controller, ensure that the brand is compatible with the kind of door you already have.

Also, make sure that the kind of smartphone you have supports some kinds of apps that you will need to use. There are certain smartphones that do not support certain apps. I would recommend that you find an expert that will help you through this process so that you buy a phone that is perfectly compatible to avoid all kinds of hassles.

Extra features

Also, make sure that you have a look at the add on features that will help to enhance your smart garage door opener. There is an option where you can choose from extra features like parking assistant, wireless microphone, video monitoring, carbon monoxide detectors, and many other features.

The extra features will enable your family members to access the garage door, and you can also enhance the security so that the police are alerted if you suspect a home invasion if you are away on vacation.

How To Make Your Dumb Garage Door Smart

The first way, as mentioned above, is by using the smart garage door openers above that will enable you to close and open automatically. They use a sensor that will open and close the garage door; this is a time saver and lifesaver.

Even if you already have a garage door opener, then this is smart security for your garage door. The nice feature that I like about having smart garage door openers is that it will notify you every time your garage door is opened.

If you want your existing garage door smart, I can assure you that after having tested many kinds of smart garage door openers, I found that MyQ smart garage door opener by Chamberlain had the best compatibility you can ever get out there. The kit is available here on Amazon, and it will help you to connect to the internet and allow you to control your garage door remotely using your smartphone. 


Yes! There may be other options out there for garage door openers, but after trying out a few of the options and doing much research online, I feel comfortable to recommend nothing but only Chamberlain.

I can conclude that the Chamberlain B550 is definitely what you need in your home and the MyQ Smart Garage Hub.

These are smart garage door openers that are worth your investment; you will not need your clicker to get within range, you will be able to access everything through your smartphone.

You can compare there durability, convenience, functionality, specifications, and compatibility with the rest. They are simply the best.

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