Ecobee Thermostat Is Running Too Hot? Here Is Why


When Trouble Began

On one particular day, my wife got up and as usual, took our daughter to school. Then later on came and prepared herself for work. Due to the hurry, she was in, she did not realize that the thermostat in the house (which is normally set to 70 degrees on schedule during the morning hours) had cranked somehow a few degrees above the usual temperatures and it was still going up.

I usually work in from home due to the kind of job I have and much of my work is in my basement during much of the day. The few times that I would only get up the stairs, I would not get anywhere close to the thermostats and at this time would not even think of checking them up. The thermostat where I was working from (basement) seemed to work just fine. So I figured that nothing would not be wrong anywhere else.

I have been reading about where some people had installed Ecobees, and after a few weeks, they later noticed that one of them would start to display the temperatures off by up to 5 degrees. They were then able to go to the settings of the Ecobee thermostats and then set an offset of +5 degrees so that it could now show the normal temperatures.

Before I went on to buy my Ecobee thermostats, I had read online about a few people that had some issues with their Ecobees getting hot and they were revealing the temperatures as more sweltering than what the real temperatures were. They specifically pointed out on Ecobee 3s; this almost made me think twice about this brand.

Ecobee Running Hot

Later on that day, at around 3 pm, my wife came back home from work, and she came down the basement to where I was and yelled at me. “WE HAVE A PROBLEM UP HERE!” I quickly ran up the stairs as fast as I could so I could find out what was going on.

What Happened?

I found that our brand new Ecobee thermostat was now set to 81 degrees and still was climbing with no end even though we had set it to 70 degrees. We started to troubleshoot the thermostat following the manual and even reset it twice to the factory settings.

I then immediately contacted the technical support of Ecobee and informed them of the problem that we had. I can point out that one of the main reasons that I choose to go with Ecobee thermostat is because of their outstanding customer support! Their response was very timely as we needed it.

The Ecobee representative who we spoke to first asked us for the serial number of our Ecobee unit and then looked at the status report of it from his side to see when the problem started, and all this could be done from where he was by just connecting to our Ecobee.

One can also go to the Ecobee Website, login and look at their ‘home iq’. That helps in tracking he temperature in each room and can be of great help in helping you to figure out at least when the problem you have may have started. We then realized that our problem started that morning when my wife just left to take our daughter to school.

He then told us to pull off the thermostat that was not working correctly from the backplate and have its wiring checked. This is really an easy to do a thing with an Ecobee thermostat. So we were able to tell just after checking all our connections that everything was set up right.

I just got off the phone with the Ecobee support because it was dinner time. Though I felt like continuing with the call after dinner.

I later thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to switch the thermostat in my living room on and another one in our daughter’s playroom. Guess what!? It worked just well; it was perfectly fine. This helped us understand that it was not our wiring where the problem was coming from. The Ecobee support I received was awesome!

Ecobee customer service

I then decided to call back the customer service of Ecobee support to ask them the steps that we needed to undertake. We had planned for our trip to Disney the coming weekend, and that was on a Monday.

The Ecobee support representative who I spoke to told me that they were going to ship a new replacement and do an RMA. He even promised that it would be shipped to us on time. I then asked him if they first needed the broken one first.

To my surprise, he said that they would first send out the new one first to me right away then when I get the RMA label, I return the broken one. This surprised me so much.

The support told us that they only ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We were speaking with them on Monday, and they said they were shipping it to my house in New Hampshire from Toronto in Canada. We later received the new one on Thursday.

Best Customer Service For Smart Thermostats

If you would like to have a look at the current prices of Ecobee thermostats, then you can check them here on Amazon.

All I am saying is that Ecobee makes one the few best thermostats. Maybe, maybe not but for my part, it was worth the money in my opinion to have such good customer support. That is very priceless! You may also check my other article to help you if your Ecobee won’t connect to Google Home here.

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