How Do I Reset My Soundbar?

Who doesn’t love perfect sound? Everyone would love to listen to good sounds. To achieve this common objective, Soundbars have been made. There are a wide variety of soundbars. Many companies that are competing in the market have produced quality soundbars that you can use. You only have the task of selecting the brand of your choice. Some of the most common brands include; Samsung, Sonny, Vizio, Bose, LG, Philips, Yamaha, and Sonos. These are not the only brands, there are many others that I have not mentioned.

Every device develops problems or manmade devices sometimes have a few defects. Your soundbar may develop some defects and errors hence not working as you expected. You don’t need to worry because in this article we shall look at some of the defects and how to fix them. 

Why Do I Need To Reset My Soundbar?

You may not need to reset your soundbar if it is working perfectly as it should. However, several errors may cause your soundbar not to work as expected and hence require you to reset it. Some of these common problems include;

  • The soundbar does not play music but is connected to a Bluetooth device within a good range.
  • Your TV rejects connection with your soundbar and vice-versa
  • Your subwoofer does not produce sound even though it is connected to your soundbar.
  • Your soundbar goes to sleep without you instructing it.

How Do I Reset My Soundbar?

I have earlier stated that there are a variety of soundbars from different brands. I will be taking you through some easy steps you would follow to reset your soundbar from a number of these brands. You may conduct a soft reset or hard reset. Let us take a look at how you can reset your soundbar from these brands:

1. Samsung Soundbar

Use the following steps to reset your samsung soundbar;

Using a remote or a control device

  • Press the power on button 
  • Continue pressing the button until the display panel shows INIT OK 
  • Your soundbar will restart on its own.

Without remote/control device

  • Repeat the same process but in this case, long-press the power button on your soundbar 
  • Stop pressing when  INIT OK is displayed on the display bar

You can conduct a soft reset by shutting it down and disconnecting it from the power source, and wait for about a minute. Then power it on again.

2. LG Soundbar

The soft resetting process of your LG soundbar is similar to any other device. You just need to turn it off after the necessary connections are made, then power it on again.

For a hard reset:

  • Find the sound effect bar on your remote 
  • Then look for the volume down button on your LG Soundbar control panel 
  • Press both buttons at the same time
  • Reset screen will appear on the display of your Soundbar

3. Sony Soundbar

A soft reset is the same as for the above two brands.

Hard reset/factory reset for Sony Soundbar may vary depending on the Sony model you are using. Some models may cause all the other devices connected to it wirelessly to disconnect while others may not.

To conduct the hard reset. You need to:

  • Press the volume and power buttons together 
  • Do this for 10 seconds until the soundbar displays the brand name on the display panel.

 You may need to unplug it from the power source for a few minutes.

4. Philips Soundbar

Philips has a very unique way of resetting. While the others may require two buttons, you will need three buttons to hard reset your Philips Soundbar.

Look for these buttons first: Volume Down, Treble Up, and Bass Up.

Then press all the above buttons at the same time for more than a second. The soundbar will immediately turn off and then on.

The settings may or may not go back to reset mode.

5. Sonos Soundbar

Follow the following process:

  • Put the soundbar off and plug it out from the power source
  • Connect it back to power
  • You will need to press one of these buttons: play or pause button, mute button, or join button
  • Once you choose the button to use, press it until there are orange and white flashlights
  • The buttons will then turn green indicating that the process is complete.

The above process needs you to pay close attention to what you are doing for the best results.

6. Bose Soundbar 

A little bit of technology is applied for this brand when resetting.

You will need to disconnect any voice assistant connected to your soundbar before doing anything. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Bose app and choose Voice assistant
  • Choose Remove Account
  • Switch off your soundbar
  • While it is still off, find the forward skip button and the power button
  • Press these buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  • There will be an amber flick on the display panel indicating that the hard reset is successful

You can as well soft rest by switching it off and disconnecting it from the power source and then reconnecting it back again. 

7. Yamaha Soundbar

Yamaha soundbar has some unique soundbars from their varied models.

Some models do not have a control panel on the soundbar. But you can use your remote for this simple task.

  • Turn off the soundbar
  • Long press the power and volume up buttons
  • Continue pressing until the control panel has all its lights on
  • Put the soundbar on again.

Note that the lights on the display panel will not flash if your soundbar can connect with Amazon Alexa.


Why is my Soundbar not powering on?

Your power connection is most likely to be faulty. Check the power source and turn it on. Check if the soundbar is turned on and switch it on. You can as well confirm whether the power cable is in the right condition.

If the problem persists then there might be an internal failure and hence you should consult a professional technician.

Why is my Soundbar going to sleep on its own?

This may occur mostly if you have set your timer. The timer might have been set to sleep after some time and it will do that automatically.

Go to your setting and turn off the timer.


Soundbars make sound very pleasing to listen to. The above procedures will work effectively depending on the brand you are using. We would recommend you to connect your soundbar to a TV of the same brand for effective results. For instance, LG and Sonny Soundbars work best when both the TV and Soundbar are of the same brand.

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