Can You Use Philips Hue bulbs Without the Hub?

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Ever since we decided on building a smart home, my wife was so excited by the idea of choosing smart home lighting.  We then started to look into all the options that were available for us, but still, we were not quite sure of the way we wanted to go, we didn’t also have an idea on how to pick a smart home lighting.

Philips Hue technically is making smart bulbs that don’t require a hub. The lights don’t come with the Philips Hue bridge. Though you can still connect the lights directly to your Amazon Echo Plus without using the bridge. But you’ll need the bridge if you want to use some of the more fun features found in the Hue app, like lighting scenes and third-party features.

Having smart home lighting is one of the most adorable and desirable aspects of any smart home project. It may also be one of the most confusing ones if one doesn’t know exactly what they want to control.

You can set the lights to go off whenever you are not in a room if the light is set up. You can use Alexa, tell Alexa to turn the lights off or on. You may also set Geofence such that it automatically turns the lights on when you just get home or to turn them off when you leave.

Many great things come with having a smart home lighting solution that prompted me to write this article and thus help you in your walkthrough choosing the lights that will be best for your situation.

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