Losing or misplacing keys is something that most people have to deal with daily, this can have you spend a ridiculous amount of time as you try to trace where you put your keys. It is usually frustrating, especially when you are in a rush and every minute counts.

Many people typically waste a lot of time as they try to find or trace misplaced keys. Tracking keys can highly drain your energy and generally make you devastated.  Well if you usually see this key hunt frustrating getting yourself a key finder would be a perfect solution.

How Does Key Finder Work?

Key finders, dubbed as Electronic finders or key locators, are tinny devices that allow you to locate and track any object that you pair them with using limited efforts and quickly. You can match your Key finders with many objects like wallets, keys and mobile phones.

The goal of having a key finder is to help you reduce the time it will take to locate your keys and other personal items.

There is a wide range of key finders in the market that can make it hard for someone to decide on what exactly fits your needs. This article will highlight some of the essentials you should look out for,

Key Details to Pay Attention to When Getting Key Finder


Physical appearance and make of a key locater is one of the things one should factor in when choosing a key find. Before you even get into technological factors, the physical structure and its design are of importance. Here are some of the build factors that you should lookout.

Durability and material.

A key finder design should be long-lasting and have material capable of enduring harsh conditions; this mainly is because it’s paired with items that people use daily and frequently carried around. The material should also be user friendly.


Getting a waterproof finder is quite safe since it will not get ruined if it gets wet, in cases where they get into contact with water, e.g. spills.

Weight and Size.

Carrying a key finder that’s too large may seem weird, and a heavy key finder may be awkward and uncomfortable. On the other hand, it doesn’t need to be very small because it can easily fall off your key ring and get lost.


Check the expected length of the cell. Always go for one that has a long lasting battery and doesn’t require frequent replacements, if it does it may need the replacement just when you’ve lost your keys. Alternatively, you can get a rechargeable one.

Typically ones that have replaceable batteries tend to last long but, you may need to stock the batteries prior, while rechargeable needs to be changed frequently. With that in mind, you can go for a battery that suits your lifestyle.


The sound volumes of key finders usually vary depending on the model. You can find other models have loud annoying sounds while others have low volumes that make it even harder to trace your keys. It’s essential to test the sound before you purchase to avoid getting a key finder that may be annoying or useless. Ensure you get one that can be heard well from a distance without being annoying.


It would be best if you went for a key finder that gives Value for your money. An affordable yet reliable key finder that suits your desire would be perfect. Getting a  pricy finder with unreliable features wouldn’t make any sense.


The setting should be user friendly. They should allow you to make changes at your convenience; also, they greatly influence ease of use in your locators. It should be easy to take apart when one needs to fix or replace batteries. They need to be convenient and comfortable to use for the user.


The average active- range of most recent key finders is 100ft plus. The type of key finder range depends on the kind of space you have. If a range is too small, then it means you need to be very close in for your key finder to raise the alarm and alert you on the position.

Radio Signal finders tend to have a broad range but fail to have the outside community support outside their range. Usually, the range of devices on the locators is worked out without any interference from doors, walls, furniture and other obstacles. The actual range can be affected by these factors.


Key finders have either the Radiofrequency signal or blue tooth signal technology. There are many advantages to a Bluetooth key finder, but you may need to install applications compatible with the device. One of the significant benefits of Bluetooth you can trace keys position even you’re your Bluetooth is out of range through a user community.

On the other hand, radio signal key finders require minimum set up and don’t need compatible devices to operate, hence makes the user friendly. However, one relies on the sound and flashing lights in the key holders to find the keys which may be ineffective if your object is very far.


Most key finders have flushing lights to help you find an item you are tracing. If you intend to get a key finder with lights, it best advised to go for one that has led lights, since they are brighter, long lasting and durable. Lighting can mostly apply when using an RF key tracker.

Which Key Finder is Best?

The best overall key finder is Tile Mate and is the number one best selling Bluetooth tracker. There is a good reason why most people like Tile. The company is among the first ones to enlist the use of Bluetooth in helping people find their keys, wallets, cars and their valuables.

Tile is now even smaller than the original one, less bulky and also able to go to more places.

When your possessions get lost, all you have to do is to use your smartphone app to locate the nearby possessions as Tile Mate will ply a loud tune that will help you to find it.

If for some reason your device is out of range, Tile Mate will track the location history so that you can have a better idea of the last place you had it.

The other good thing about Tile is their community also, you can go to the community and report a missing item on the Tile Mate app and if any of the 5 million customers can report its location, it can help you to find it.

Tile Mate can also last on a single charge for one year. This should make you not to worry about recharging or doing any other maintenance.

Features of Tile Mate

  • Range of 80 to 90 feet
  • Attractively priced
  • Replaceable battery
  • Decent range
  • Two way find feature locates your phone

How Much is a Key Finder?

The average key finders cost form $20 to $30, though there are some few options like Tile Pro that cost almost $35 and have a longer range than these other standard key finders.

One of the most expensive key finder if Pixie Point, it costs more than $50, while the cheapest key finder if Mynt ES that costs below $15.

The good thing with key finders is that they are usually offered at a discount from their prices especially when you buy many trackers. Tile has the four-pack that costs below $100 at a discount if you were to buy it.


A key finder is an enormously useful and exciting device that generally relieves you the stress of turning things upside down and moving from room to room trying to get your keys. Most people tend to overlook their needs and buy them after the need arises.

However, Key finders save you a significant amount of time and are easy to use. They are a perfect solution for those people who promptly misplace their keys. Choosing the right key locater for you is much easier once you understand the key features that one should consider. The above considerations act as a reliable guide when selecting the right key locater that suits your needs and preferences.

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