How to Choose Wi-Fi Oscillating Fans.


Fans also dubbed as air circulators provide a secure, quick cooling solution in various situations. Most people are familiar with blade fans that circulate air throughout a space to ventilate and dry an area.  However, with new technology in place, additional features have come up and made fans a viable cooling option for people, and they remain a more economical option as compared to air conditioners.

The work of any WIFI controlled fan is controlling the airflow in your office or house to keep it fresh and relaxing through WIFI commands. In most cases, if you are in a warm environment, a WIFI controlled fan is a must-have accessory. With the flexibility of a WIFI enabled fan, you can switch between different modes supported using your smartphone or smart device (Alexa, Siri). These types of fans do not consume as much electricity as air conditioners. 

Wireless fans are have become the in thing, and they are rapidly gaining popularity. Several stand fans are Wi-Fi enables in the market today: and picking one that will suit your price range, and quality is not an easy task. 

The article below entails some of the critical tips that you can use to choose a WIFI Oscillating WIFI fan that will meet your needs.

Things to Consider When Picking a Wi-Fi Oscillating Fan

Easy to Use the App

Any smart home accessory should be user-friendly for you to maneuver around the settings easily. It is one of the critical things to look out for when choosing a Wi-Fi oscillating fan, among other smart devices. The application connecting your phone to the fan should also be easy to use, compatible, and easy to upgrade.

Remote Control Included.

Your phone may shut down or get spoilt, what would be the other alternative to control your fun. A remote would be a perfect back up feature that would come I handy with your smart fun in case there is any problem regarding your Wi-Fi or device that capable of running your fan.

Compatibility With Other Smart Devices.

One of the critical things to consider when choosing WIFI oscillating fans is compatibility with other smart devices in your smart home.   The ability to issue commands to your fan is an exciting feature that one should look out for prior to making a purchase.

Being compatible with digital assistant devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will take your fan experience to a whole new level. In addition to this, you also need a WIFI fan that’s compatible with your phone and provides applications that are easily installed and available.

Settings and Accessories

When you want to pick a WIFI oscillating fan keenly consider the settings. Settings mainly contribute to ease of use of literally any device. A fan with settings that you can easily understand makes it easy for you to control your fan. In addition to settings, accessories like batteries and spare parts should be considered. Always go for one that has readily available parts in the market to avoid any inconveniences.

Speed Settings

The majority of Wi-Fi oscillating fans come in the market come with a three-speed setting that is normal speed, natural, and sleep setting. The settings are crucial as they allow you to set your fan depending on your preference automatically.

Powerful Motor

An Osculating fan, just like any other fan, should have a powerful engine. A motor controls the performance of your fan, and without it, your fan is as good as useless.  It regulates the wind intensity; therefore, a strong, powerful one means that your fan will have strong wind intensity.

Remote On and Off

It’s possible to leave your fan running when you leave the house in a rush. A WIFI oscillating fun should allow you to remotely turn your fan on and off using your smart device wherever you are.

Real-Time Reports

A fan that’s capable of telling you the quality of your air is much better than one that can’t.  As an air purifier, it should be able to give you real-time reports. This is a great useful future, yet most people overlook it. With this kind of report, you can easily detect gas leaks or carbon presence in your house.

Built-in Timer

Almost all smart home appliances have an automated timing system. Fans are also not left behind. An Oscillating WIFI fan requires to have a set schedule capability whereby you can just set the fan to turn on and off at specified times.

Smart Sense.

Above is one of the features one can look for in a smart Wi-Fi oscillating fan. It is an automatic system that triggers your fan to either go on or off by humidity and temperature. The feature is useful since you only need to set up your fan remotely, then it will be automatically picking the temperatures set and run and stop with no supervision.

Share Control

When choosing an oscillating WIFI fan, especially when you have a family, share control is essential. This feature allows anyone connected to the smart fan app to control the fan remotely. Share control feature also makes it easy for people who ran fans in their rooms without having to do it manually.

My Choice Wi-Fi Oscillating Fans

My choice for the best wifi oscillating fan is the Rowenta VU5551 Oscillating Pedestal Fan. There is no doubt that Rowenta VU5551 is the best oscillating fan for a large size room with the highest CFM rating.


  • Engineered with Extra Powerful and Quiet Blade
  • German Technology
  • Adjustable Height
  • Offers a very powerful breeze
  • easy to clean
  • simple to disassemble
  • adjustable height
  • unique design


  • The high-speed setting can be noisy
  • Short power cord
  • The remote control doesn’t shut it down
  • You should be careful not to wet the grill


You will want to list down all the features in your WIFI oscillating fan before you decide on the model and make to purchase. The common features majorly involve the size, price style, cooling capacity, etc.

Oscillating WIFI fans are the new thing in most homes since most people have smartened up their home appliances, and they also remain very useful in keeping you cool. The above considerations should be of great help as you narrow down your search for the best WIFI oscillating fan for your home.

WIFI oscillating fans perfectly fit ass an alternative cooling method to help cool air in a room. They can be perfect for people who live in a climate that doesn’t necessarily require an air conditioning system. There are

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