How to Connect Nest to Google Home

Have you been trying to connect your new Nest thermostats to Google home mini? Then you have found the guide that will help you walk through the process step by step.

I personally have both Google home mini and Alexa that is set up for this purpose in different areas of my home. If you have Google home mini, then don’t stop, keep on reading.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps you will take to connect your Nest thermostats and get it up and running with Google home mini, in a few minutes without much struggle.

Setup Instructions

Considering that Google home is enabled with setup support in the assistant for all the different versions of Nest thermostats.

How to Connect Nest to Google Home Mini

  • Start by opening the Google Home App
  • Go to devices
  • Then select the Ecobee icon from the list in your device.
  • After you have selected it, then enter your username and then the password for your Nest account so that the application can be authorized.

Is Google Home compatible with Nest?

Nest are making some of my favorite smart thermostats, and these thermostats are now getting pretty more capable with the support for Google assistant.

Nest Thermostat 1st Generation, Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation, Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation and Nest E are now controlled from Google Home and any other devices that support the Google Assistant. This then means that one can use their voice to set and also check the temperature or nudge it in either direction using phrases like “OK Google, make my house warmer.”

They aren’t the first thermostats to add Google assistant support because Honeywell already did add Google Assistant support to several of their smart thermostats.

There are many options that are so many options that are out there for buyers to choose from, and thus it means there is less hassle if one tries switching systems.

This addition of Google Assistant support doesn’t change the fact that one cannot ask the Nest to Google something. This only means that the owners of Nest who have an Android phone have more than one way that they can control the temperatures in their homes.

Voice commands For Nest Thermostat

There was a time when one had to use a program like IFTTT (if this then that) to use Nest thermostats with Google home mini. But those days are now long gone!

There is a list of commands which are built right in and work very well with Nest using Google Home Mini. You may say things like.

Hey, Google, What’s the <thermostats name> set to?”

“Hey Google, increase the temperature in the < thermostat name>” (default to increase with 5 degrees)

“Ok Google, set the temperature to <temperature>.”

“Ok Google, increase the temperature in the <name of thermostat> by <the number> degrees.”

“Hey Google, turn on the <name of thermostat> schedule.”

“Ok Google, what’s the current reading on the <name of sensor> sensor?

You can have a look at the full list of all the acceptable commands on the Ecobee’s website.

Does Nest work with Android?

You may be wondering if you can control your Nest thermostat from an Android device, well then you have some good news. This is because you can use both Nest mobile app for Android and iOS to control your Nest because you have access to all the app features and functionality.

However, you may not be able to use any of your HomeKit functionality like Siri voice commands on your Android devices because the HomeKit technology of Apple is not compatible with that of Android.

What is Competition?

If you are reading this post, then there is a high probability that you either have a Google Home or are probably looking for a Nest thermostat or two. I have been having some good luck with this on both the Google home and the Alexa platforms.

I would personally say that they are both equally the same as far as the setup time. From my experience with them, neither the Google Home Mini nor the Alexa have any real pitfalls when used with the Nest app except only one.


If you have been here before and have been reading some of my other articles here recently, then you probably know that I am a huge fan of thermostats and I have installed them in different zones in my house.

This addition of Google Home Mini then makes them even more useful as they enable me to check on or even change the temperature in any of the rooms in my house without actually being there in person.

I would rate Nest with an A+ in their implementation of Google Home Mini.

If you are still interested, you may also want to have a look at one of my articles on the smart thermostats to use with Google Home before you go.