How To Fix LG TV Remote That Is Not Working?

Remote controls are one of the most essential TV accessories that one can hardly do without. Imagine watching your TV without a remote? Hectic, isn’t it? Everyone would want to control all action from the comfort of their seats. However these gadgets get faulty and fail to work at times. It happens so often and hence not a new occurrence. In this article, we got you covered. We have some juicy steps you can follow to fix problems that may have caused your remote to be faulty.

What Are The Types Of LG Remotes?

Technological evolution has enabled, great companies like LG to come up with new models and types of remotes. The regular remote has been used for the longest period now. A new invention was made when smart TVs came into market. LG developed the LG Smart remote to serve the purpose. The regular remote could not effectively work on Smart TVs.

The latest invention is the LG Magic remote which is compatible with all the LG TVs such as; Plasma, LED and LED. Most people are switching to this type of remote as it has proven to be reliable and flexible to use. 

What Causes My LG Remote To Malfunction?

It is very important to find out the causes of your LG remote malfunction. You cannot fix a problem when you do not know its root cause. There are a number of reasons why your remote is not functioning as it should. Some of these common reasons include:

  • Drained, old batteries – it is easy to detect batteries that are old even before opening the back of the remote. When pressing the remote buttons, some of them show some light. When there is no light, then the batteries might be drained. In extreme cases, the batteries have some liquid coming out of them.
  • Damaged remote buttons- some buttons may be over pressed such that they execute commands without being pressed and vice versa. Some buttons may also be damaged by rodents, and the buttons are not even existing.
  • Internally faulty remote- the remote may be damaged internally such that it does not execute commands as expected.
  • Moisture in the remote- when the remote is exposed to liquids rendering it to malfunction.

How Do I Fix My LG Remote Control? 

 The remote control does not need a lot procedures to successfully fix it.

Here are some of the ways you can fix your remote;

  1. Repair the faulty buttons – you may not be able to do this by yourself. Contact your trusted professional to handle this. Make sure the buttons put in place are of the best quality.
  1. Check and replace drained batteries – this should be the first step before taking any other action. Test if the power button flicks red when pressed. Insert new batteries if the previous ones are old and drained. We recommend use of best battery brands for better results.
  2. Reset your remote– resetting a remote is common to many users. Here are some of the few steps of doing it;
  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Leave it open for 2 minutes
  • Restore the batteries 
  • Try using it to see if it is effective
  1. Change your remote/replace with a new one – this should be the last option after exhausting all the other options. Purchase a new remote from LG stores, make sure the dealers are certifies to avoid counterfeit products. We recommend the latest model, that is, LG Magic remote control.

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How do I fix my faulty Magic Remote?

LG Magic remotes are the latest in the market and not so many people have the experience of using it. Note that this remote cannot work before initial connection is done. The remote is unique and uses Bluetooth connection. It may not be effective when held too far from the TV. Steps to carry out this initial connection include:

  1. Put on the you LG TV and turn off all wireless gadgets so as to focus on one connection
  2. Bring the remote closer to the TV
  3. Long press the ‘Mute’ or ‘Ok’ button for some time (6-10 seconds), after which a notification indicating that the remote is connected will pop up the screen.
  4. Constantly reset the remote as it uses a lot of battery energy and may drain its batteries faster than the normal remotes.

Is the LG Magic Remote applicable to all LG TV models?

The LG magic remote can be used universally to all LG TV models unless the TV software is outdated. It is applicable to every other LG TV, as is its name Magic Remote.

Can my LG TV cease to be responsive to my LG Remote?

The remote could be functioning well but some problems may hinder its signals from reaching you LG TV. Some of these problems include:

1. Old TV software

Some TVs are very old and their software may not be responsive to your remote as they may not be compatible. The remedy to this is to look for the latest TV model with updated software so as to avoid such problems

2. Blockages along the signal line

Solid objects between the remote control and the TV may hinder the signals from reaching the TV hence no response. Make sure there are no solid objects between the remote and the TV.


In summary, LG remotes work best when they are handles as indicated on the manual available during purchase. It is necessary to use the manual so as to avoid mistakes and irregularities.


  • Always check the battery first before taking any corrective action when the remote is not working.
  • Do not open the remote to solve internal failures without proper knowledge as you may alter it more.
  • We highly recommend use of the latest LG Magic Remote as it works universally for all LG TVs.
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