How To Make Google Assistant Find Something


How do you remind yourself of the essential things you need to do? Or where you keep important stuff that you think you might forget. Some people rely on their diaries, reminder apps, and others depend on their brains.

There are several digital note-taking applications today that can help you to remember things with ease. On the other hand, there’s a more exciting option that can act as your memory the Google voice Assistant app that’s available on recent android phones and Google app which is compatible with both android and iOs

What is Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an intelligent artificial virtual assistant that’s developed by Google and launched in 2016.

It is primarily available on smart home devices and smartphones powered by android, chrome Operating System, or iOs, iPadOS, KaiOS, and Linux.

Google assistant is one of the most dynamic of the assistants available now. Google has managed to spread this assistant wide and far not only to its hardware but also through partnerships with other organizations that see google assistant works with a wide range of devices such as headphones, speakers, etc.

What Can Google Assistant Do for You?

It offers voice commands, voice-activation device control, and voice searching, which allows you to complete tasks after saying “OK GOOGLE” OR “HEY GOOGLE.” The design gives the user a conversational interaction when using your assistant since you converse with it and give it commands of tasks that need to get done.

Things Google Assistant Does

  • Control your smart home devices
  • Access information from your calendars and personal information like a contact list
  • Play content from compatible devices
  • Open applications on your phone
  • Run reminders and timers.
  • Find information online etc.

A google assistant understands contexts and knows you, and it will react smartly. Google Assistant is compatible with a range of smart home devices that allow you to control smart home appliances remotely, e.g., controlling oven heat or lights.


Google’s assistant was initially launched in the Google Home and Google pixel smartphones, but with its advancement, it’s now available in most android devices e.g., android TVs and some cars.


To get started with Google Assistant operation, say ‘OK Google,’ which launches google assistant on your phone and then say “remember” then the information you would want google to recall.

Google Home device can help you remember things as earlier discussed. The remember feature works typically best with things that aren’t likely to change like where you put your tax documents etc. However, you should avoid or instead not use this device for private information like credit card pins since anyone in the house can access this information easily if the google assistant is activated.

To activate Google Assistant, you don’t require to set up or add a third-party service provider, provided that your Google Home has internet access. On the other hand, if it’s not connected to Wi-Fi, Google Assistant can be useless. When using a google assistant, you can quickly get updates through the internet.


You can not ask Google to forget what you dint tell it to remember, so first of all, you need to give it what it should remember.

In cases where you are uncertain whether or not you asked to google to remember something and you need to erase it you can say for example “what did I say about my birthday?” or “what did I say about my vacation,” if Google fails to recognize your question you could say “Google what did I ask you to remember?” and it shows you a list of the five most recent things you’ve asked it to remember in your application.

Whenever you ask Google to remember what you told, it tends to read back whatever you said. Google seems to be using the algorithm that searches for keywords to pull up the relevant info.

The keyword search method can cause conflicts sometimes when searching for something using google assistant, since it may give you the wrong feedback that has the same keywords as whatever you’ve asked.

How to Make Google Assistant Forget What You Told it to Remember

Security can be very low on these smart devices, so if you command your Google Assistant, to recall some sensitive information, you may also want it to forget this at some point to prevent someone else from accessing the same.

On the other hand, managing all the info you’ve told Google to remember is difficult. Since the only way to find out everything you asked it to remember is through asking. There’s no way yet to handle this in the google home application.

If your Google reminder list has grown too big, you can use your voice to instruct Google Assistant to forget what you had told it to remember. You can easily say “forget what I had told you about my birthday’ or say ‘what did I ask you to remember,’ and on your Google Assistant application, you tap the “forget “option to erase the list of items on your Google memory.

In cases this case of forget to remember, you have to be very specific because if you say” OK, Google forgets where my key is, “Google may be unable to help you because you are not precise.


Google’s Assistant is a useful tool, and it’s exciting to use. It comes in handy when dealing with a variety of home tasks. On the other hand, its forget capability isn’t yet where most people would want it to be. One of the biggest challenges is managing what you told Google to remember.

Making google assistant forget is a difficult task since you need to remember each job and ask it to forget and delete them individually. Sensitive information may be at risk with this feature in place because anyone can ask anything and gain access to private information that you had requested Google Assistant to remember and forgot.

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