How To Make Your Voice Sound Deeper When Using A Microphone

Most people crave deep voices. You may have noticed that a deeper voice is very attractive and catches the attention of the audience. You might not have this deep voice but you want to record audio that would make your voice sound deeper.

You cannot change your voice box hence using a mic that can make your voice deeper is the only option left for you. We will give you some ways of making your voice sound deeper whenever you are using your microphone. We will also give you some mics that will make your voice sound deeper.

Ways Of Making Voice Sound Deeper On Microphone

Use either of the following ways to make your voice deeper whenever you are using your mic.

Adjust The Microphone’s Sensitivity

Sometimes background noise and sounds may make your voice less deep when you are using the mic. Adjusting your microphone to be more sensitive will help you achieve a deeper voice on the microphone. 

Mic sensitivity focuses on the voice behind the microphone and eliminates background noise and sound. Most microphones have the option of reducing or increasing sensitivity. You can increase sensitivity to your preferred level. In some cases, you will need to reduce sensitivity if your voice is too sharp. When the sensitivity is too high and your voice is equally sharp, then you may not achieve the deep voice that you want, the microphone will focus on your voice and hence your sharp voice will be very clear.

If in case your microphone does not have the option (Knob) for sensitivity adjustment then you can use your PC with Windows 10 to adjust the sensitivity. Locate sound settings on your PC with Windows 10. Scroll to Levels then move the levels bar to either left or right depending on whether you want higher sensitivity or lower.

You can try recording your voice severally on your mic and try different sensitivity adjustments. Don’t change the tone or try to make your voice deeper by yourself so that you check whether the sensitivity adjusting is working for you.

Try Using A Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphones are the best for voice and sound recording. We have discussed sensitivity in the above option. The condenser microphone is sensitive and you may not need to adjust the sensitivity unless you want to reduce the sensitivity. Condenser mics tend to capture detailed sound whenever you are behind the mic. 

These microphones will capture the voice as it is mostly. You can make your voice deep naturally and then the mic will capture it as it is. A condenser mic is much helpful to people with deep voices but has issues when it comes to recording their voices. If you fall in this group then this is the best option for you. While the dynamic mics will need you to raise your voice for them to capture it well, condenser mics do not need much noise, you don’t need to stress yourself, just relax and speak.

When using the condenser mic, you can set the frequency range to be high for better results. Alternatively, if you want a deeper voice, you can look for a large-diaphragm condenser mic. Most professional musicians, speakers, and music producers use these large-diaphragm condenser mics to make the voice sound deeper than it is.

Some good condenser mics that you can consider purchasing are:

MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone

Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Try Using Sound Apps In Your Smartphone

Technology has come in handy for you in this case. There are many applications available for you, especially android users. You can adjust your voice and make it sound deeper when using one of these sound apps. 

The apps vary from each other. Some of them have more features, they will teach you some ways and methods of making your voice sound deeper on the mic. Other apps have the option of changing your recorded voice and making it deeper, you also have the option of adjusting how deep you want the voice to sound. These tend to make the work very easy unlike using any of the above options.

However, there is one limitation of using the smartphone sound application. You cannot use an external mic, you will have to use the built-in mic. This will need you to use a phone with an excellent mouthpiece. If your phone has a faulty mic then you will not use the apps effectively to record your voice.

If you choose to use this option, then you can record your voice and make it sound best then transfer it to wherever you want.

Use A Microphone Filter

Whenever you are recording your voice on a microphone, there are other noises around other than the voice that you want to be captured. Common noise is the inhaling and exhaling sounds. You cannot avoid breathing and therefore the microphone filter comes in. Since you are behind the microphone, every sound that you give will be automatically recorded by your mic. This is the function of the mic and cannot be avoided, however, these sounds can be filtered using filters. Most people call these filters Pop Filters as they tend to filter and eliminate the sound and noise that pop out whenever you are recording.

Your voice could sound less deep when you are not using a filer due to the popping sounds. Try using a filter and check the results.

Reduce The Distance Between Your Mouth & Microphone

Most people tend to distance themselves from the mic as they either do not want to sound too loud or to avoid micro-bacteria on the microphones. Well, your voice might be sounding less deep because you are a little far from your mic and hence the popping voices are more than your actual voice. Moving closer to the mic will make your voice sound much deeper than before. If you are keen on musicians that give the bass vocal sound, they tend to get their mics very close to their mouths so that they can achieve deeper voices.

This could help you achieve the deep voice that you want when recording.

Use A Pitch Shifter

Pitch shifting is where you lower or raise the sound effects of audio. This is altering the original sound/audio. You can adjust the voice and make sound anyhow you prefer. They are also called pitch harmonizers or pitch transposers.

Pitch shifters may give you a wide variety of voice adjustments. You can make your voice sound younger or older. In our case, you can make your voice deeper or less deep. However, they tend to limit your microphone variety. You cannot use them on your headset or phone microphone. You, therefore, have to purchase a high-quality microphone. Some cheap and low-quality microphones may not work with the pitch shifter. 

The pitch shifter may limit some users who do not have quality microphones. However, it is worth purchasing since some of them come with advanced technology that allows you to change and tune the sound input of your mic. You can consider purchasing a quality mic and pitch shifter if voice recording is a long-term activity.

Use Shotgun Microphones

The hardware of these microphones will make you easily identify them, they are long and look like some rod structure. They tend to capture the voice that is directly in front of the mic. They will not capture background sounds and other voices that are not directly in front of them. Just like condenser mics, you will be able to only record your voice with little or no background noise/voice. 

They are directional and can make your voice deep when you stand closer to them whenever you are recording.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Microphones Can I Use To Make My Voice Sound Deeper?

One thing you should keep in mind is that all microphones capture what you speak. The microphone will not capture anything different when you are closer to it and may be using pop filters. Therefore, you cannot specifically enumerate microphones that will give you a deeper voice than what you are capable of. However, for your satisfaction, there are some good condenser mics that you can consider purchasing such as:

MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone

Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone

What Equipment Can I Use To Reduce Noise When Recording?

Noise while recording is very irritating, nobody wants noise when recording audios. Common noise is wind.There are some gadgets that you can use to reduce/prevent/eliminate the noise around your mic. Here are some of them:

  • Shock Mount.
  • Preamplifier.
  • Windshields.
  • Pop filters.
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