How to Pick Kwikset Smart Lock


Smart locks have gained popularity nowadays. Security and safety are some of the critical things that technology works to improve in people’s lives. With a smart lock in hand, you don’t need to worry whether or not they locked their door, or even start rushing back home to make sure you locked the door. Instead of all this hustle, a smart lock allows you to remotely access your lock history and secure your house in the same way.

If you lose track of your keys, a smart lock means you don’t have to worry about how to access your home or go damaging locks to get through. Smart locks also ease the burden of having to sneak out of work to let guest access your home since you can easily grant your guest access to your home using your smart lock app.

With many amazing features in the market like auto-unlock and motion sensors, it may be time to consider an upgrade from the old lock to a Kwikset smart lock. These smart locks give you a wide range of locks models to choose. With all these options, it can be quite challenging to decide on the best model that fits your need and lifestyle.

Below are some  considerations you can factor in when picking a Kwikset smart lock

Things to Look for When Choosing a Kwikset Smart Lock


Battery life is one of the critical considerations when people are picking a Kwikset smart lock. Very few homes run electrical wiring to the door; hence these locks are battery power dependent. Battery life can be affected by several things. Smart locks that use WIFI connections tend to consume more power compared to ones that use Bluetooth. When you opt for a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock, go for Kwikset smart lock with more control. Bluetooth smart lock use relatively low battery power. Also, always ensure you change your batteries on time to avoid instances where the lock goes off when you are in great need of it.  


The primary function of a lock is to provide security. It’s essential to pick a smart lock with appropriate security features. Go for a Kwikset smart lock that is resistant to forced entry methods. Ensuring that a smart lock has proper features in place is critical. People should also research cybersecurity measures on the smart lock that you decide to pick.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


No one likes something that doesn’t go well with other devices since it makes things complicated. This same concept applies to smart locks. Capacity to incorporate with other smart devices and smart technology is one of the most useful features, which enhances smart lock features and allows it to easily communicate with other devices and swiftly run tasks with others.


Smart locks work well independently, but one of the features that make them better is the fact that they can be remotely be controlled and monitored with smartphone apps. These apps usually are easily installed and used. App connectivity features are necessary to help in communication between your locks and devices.

These applications also help a homeowner to maximise the smart lock features. Essentially these applications allow you to have the complete home security at the palm of your hand and you can monitor the locks.                                                                                                                            


Before choosing a Kwikset smart lock, build and quality should be a key consideration. High quality smart locks ensure maximum safety to your home and property; these also tend to be less vulnerable to hacking and damage for any external forces. A lock made with a sturdy material that lasts longer and not easily broken what one would go for to ensure maximum security at home.


Alternative entry method is indispensable when picking a Kwikset smart lock. What if you left your phone at work how will you get into the house?, Kwikset Kevo 2nd generating, for example, allows you to access the house through a smart e-key, via blue tooth or a fob that allows you to open the door without a smartphone. Such a lock give you an alternative of accessing your home without necessarily having your phone in hand.


Most people rarely need to let a guest in the house if we aren’t around. But a smart lock that can create temporary guest keys can be a handy piece. If you usually have guest, e.g. a pet sitter or a housekeeper in your house and your busy schedule don’t allow you time to let them in, picking a Kwikset Smart to lock with the feature will be of great relief.

If you anticipate to frequently use this feature, ensure you look whether the Kwikset smart lock that has it included rather than an optional add on, to avoid any inconvenience.


Choose a Kwikset smart lock that’s compatible with your smart doorbell set up or existing smart home accessories. A sizeable number of Kwikset smart door locks, e.g. the Kwikset Kevo Convert don’t require you to replace all the existing hardware.

Most people prefer those that are installed on the inside door only, thus replacing only the interior deadbolt. Deadbolt lock system enables you to continue using the standard key from outside or use the smart app lock; it’s also more secure having this type of lock system, an intelligent Kevo Kwikset lock may come in handy if this matches your preference.


A Kwikset smart lock with a geo-efficiency smart lock system automatically locks the door when it detects your phone has left the premise and can be automated to unlock once it senses you’ve arrived home. Such a feature might be useful if you forget to look up when you’re leaving in a hurry.


A Kwikset smart lock is a great way to make your home secure and improve your home access style. There is a wide range of  Kwikset smart lock options in the market that will match the functionality you need. To get started with a Kwikset smart lock purchase, you need to look out for the above considerations mentioned. Once you have the above concerns in mind, it’s easier to decide the most important factors that best fit your need and get a Kwikset smart lock that will satisfy your requirement.

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