How To Pick The Right Robot Vacuum

If I can simply put it, Roomba is the best smart vacuum cleaner that one can ever pick. Let me explain further here. A few years ago I used to hear about smart vacuums. Most of the time I would hear about the robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner and how cats love to ride on them.

I would look at their prices, and I kept on wondering if I would ever be able to afford even one of them, even when I was very sure that I need to have one.

Let me admit that back then when I first read about Roomba, I was not a fan of spending up to $800 on them. I didn’t even imagine that they had such nice value, especially remembering that almost all the vacuum cleaners I had previously owned in my house never lasted for more years.

And that’s the big question that everyone is asking themselves as they consider buying vacuum cleaners. Are they worth all the money? Well, I’m going to go dipper into this topic and cover everything that you may need to know.

The Cost of Smart Vacuums

I will start with the cost of the vacuums because ever since I bought my Roomba model 870 late last year, there has been an explosion in the market with other reasonably priced smart vacuums.

Now, one can buy smart vacuums even as little as $100, that is a little more than what one could spend on a new walk behind vacuum for their home. I will cover three different brands of smart vacuums that you can purchase and also give low down on the price.

The Roomba

For sure you can still go ahead and spend $800 if you want to. But I also realized that IRobots’s Roomba now has smart vacuum models that can fit in the average homeowner’s price range.

For instance, if you buy the Roomba 690, their price range is almost half of what you would spend on their top end product. You can check out the customer reviews and price of this Roomba 690 over here on Amazon if you are interested.

I still have the Roomba that I bought, and it still runs every day on its automated schedule. They have helped me a great deal; I don’t sweep the floor of my house anymore. The only broom I have is used in my workshop. You can watch this video to see it in action.

But the story does not end there…

You can still find many more other options out there from the Eufy Robovac to the ILife A4 Smart Vacuum. There are almost dozens of other companies that also make them. So here are some of the options and their price range scale.

Are Robot vacuum cleaners worth the money?

iRobot are among the leading manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners in the world. They have models for Roomba that vary in price that range between $300 to $900.

Their cost may be prohibitive for some people considering that they may not fully replace the traditional vacuum cleaner.

It’s also worth noting that they are time-saving. Considering that time is money. They can be set to clean your house every day if you prefer that and they will clean efficiently and save you hard work. This is so because now people are so busy and may not get enough time to clean the house.

Robot vacuum cleaners also help to save money for hiring a vacuum cleaner.

Housemile Robot Vacuums

I understand that some people may find the Roomba to be a little bit pricier especially if they have never owned a smart vacuum before. This can be daunting, and they may not have the interest in having one. So maybe they may want to have a look at something that is in the beginner range.

If this is the case, then I would recommend them to start with the Housemile smart vacuum. They can be found here on Amazon for checking their customer reviews and price range. But I would say that it would be almost impossible to find a smart vacuum out there for a price that is less, and they still work well.

But here is the catch…

I love to get the details right, and on the Housemile, I realized that they have one thing that I usually look for convenience and it is not there. The smart vacuum doesn’t have a charging station to return to. I would say this is problematic because my preference is for my smart vacuum to run on schedule every day.

It comes with an AC adapter that one can plug in when they wake up in the morning. It may not be as functional as I would have wanted it, but it still gets the job well done. I may soon be picking up one of this to use in my workshop soon.

ILife Robot Vacuums

Fortunately, there is the middle road smart vacuum cleaner which is best for both worlds. If you were looking to keep your price at about $200 or less and still get the nice services that the Roomba offers. Then you may have to consider the ILIfe A4s smart vacuum cleaner.

Yes, they come with their charging station and his saves much. They work so well on hardwood floors and carpets. They have dual brushes, and their reviews are great. I would opt for this option when my Roomba dies as a replacement because of its price range. You can have a look at all the reviews and their price range here on Amazon.

The Value of Smart Vacuums

Yes, I find the Roomba to be great. I can spend the whole day speaking good of it. What I mean is, there is nothing bad I would say about them. They have great durability. I don’t remember owning a vacuum cleaner that ran on daily basis and still operated well at this well. But still have to clean the dustbin a few times in a week, but my floors are always clean.

My friends often ask me if I would go ahead and spend that $800 once more on it, and I still answer a resounding YES! From the point of convenience, it has made our lives easier.

My home is a square foot, and I don’t know much time I would be spending to sweep and vacuum it on a daily basis. I’m not sure about that because it’s something I would not have tried before.

I personally find the value apparent, though it may not be obvious. But I can guarantee you that it will be worth the price.

There are not as many smart vacuums out there in the market, and so you could be asking yourself about mopping. Well, I’ll soon do another article on that as I have found good companies that make good smart mops and they have equal value to the smart vacuums.


The world is changing slowly, and there is an evolution in smart home technology. With the rise in competition, the prices of smart vacuums are sure to come down very soon.

I hope you found this article helpful to you and it has helped you in deciding the smart vacuum that rightly fits your home. Please be sure to also check my recommended tools page for more things that I like and recommend to my readers.