How To Reboot/Reset Your LG TV With And Without Your Remote

Is your LG TV rebooting constantly? This can become annoying very fast, and most of us have experienced this at some time.  No one fancies their favorite programs being terminated. LG TVs are one of the best you can find in the market and have minimum errors. However the rebooting error is common. You don’t need to worry, we have some easy ways and simple formulas of solving the problem.

Why Is My LG TV Restarting/Rebooting Every Time?

You must be asking yourself this question over and over again. I’m sure the situation is very irritating and this is why we got you covered. The following are some of the reasons  why your LG TV keeps on rebooting.

  • Low battery in the remote resulting in a lot of unwanted signals sent to the TV causing it to reboot unnecessarily.
  • A timer which automatically puts the TV On and Off within the Timer duration might be activated.
  • TV cables might not be fixed/plugged in well.
  • Power cable might be bad or altered. 
  • A lot of devices connected to the TV and are running contrary to the TV function.
  • Altered motherboard especially for old TVs ( 7-9 years).
  • Inadequate power. 

How Do I Reset My LG Smart TV?

Reset Your LG TV Without Your Remote

  1. Hold the power button, mostly located below the LG logo on the front bottom part of the screen. In rare cases, the button is on the side of the screen.
  2. Press the power button, and the LG logo will appear on the screen. In some cases, the TV will automatically reset, if it does that, DON’T move to the following step but if it DOESN’T, move to this next step
  3. Using the buttons on the panel control, move to ‘Menu’ 
  4. On the ‘Menu’ select ‘settings’ then scroll to ‘General’
  5. Then select the ‘Reset’ option ( from this stage, you can use your remote control to make it easier)
  6. Select the ‘confirm’ option then enter your password and as easy as that, restart your LG TV.

Reset Your LG TV Using Your Remote

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button, Menu will appear on your screen.
  2. Scroll to ‘settings’ and press ok
  3. Select ‘reset’, this will take you through a resetting process.
  4. Warnings will keep popping up on your screen, for each warning, select ‘confirm’ option so that the process runs smoothly.
  5. You will be asked to enter a 4 digit PIN which will act as your password. The default PIN is usually 0000.

How Do I Restart My LG TV Without Password?

Forgetting your password is very common and happens often to many users. We have some simple steps that you can follow to reboot your LG TV without the password. Here they are;

  • Go to ‘Menu’ using your remote control and select ‘Settings’
  • Move down to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Choose ‘Safety’
  • Select ‘Reset Password’
  • Using your remote carefully press the channel button two times, then press the channel down once and finally channel up once ( make sure you do this as stated)
  • You will be asked  to enter a code, enter 0325 or 0313
  • In the next appearance on your screen, enter the default code which is 0000
  • Now put your new preferred password

Note that there are other ways of resolving the rebooting issues in your LG TV. This is by means of resetting where there are several modes of doing the same such as; Factory Reset, Hard Reset and Soft Reset

You can also use LG THINQ app to reset your TV without your remote. You will only require a stable WIFI connection (the connection should be similar for your TV and phone), then follow these steps:

  1. Using the app, select the icon named ‘Gear’ so that the settings panel is shown on your TV screen.
  2. Select ‘General’ then Reset to Initial Settings.

How to Easily Soft Reset Your LG TV

This is the simplest method. Follow these steps:

  • UNPLUG the power cable from the Power source
  • Give it a period of 30 second to 1 minute.
  • Plug back and switch the TV on and confirm if the previous issues still prevail.

How Do I Hard Reset My LG TV?

  • Simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons on your LG remote control and hold them for 6-10 seconds
  • The LG logo will appear on your screen indicating that the reset is complete.

How To Factory Reset Your LG TV?

  1. Go to Menu and select All Settings followed by Support 
  2. Choose General settings and then select Reset to Initial Settings, this will stimulate the reset process which will begin immediately
  3. Warnings will pop out on your screen, accept so as to continue with the reset process
  4. You will be asked to input your password so as to prompt the actual factory reset procedure
  5. Give it time while watching so that the process is done. You will be asked to reset, so you just repeat the Very Same procedure from the start.

Note that the above procedure can be done Without your remote control, the only difference is that you will use the control panels at the side or bottom of the screen depending on the model. Unlike remote, just press the Menu button and then select Settings then follow the same procedure.


Does the procedure apply to all LG TV models?

Most LG TV models are similar, the major difference comes when using the TV without the remote where the control panel buttons are located on different sides of the screen. Some LG TVs have their control panels at the front bottom, just below the Logo while others have their on the left side.

Is there a Reset button in LG TV?

Most LG TVs have the power button below the LG logo at the bottom front side of the screen. The power button acts as the reset button in most cases. Simply hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds until the LG logo appears on the screen. This is called a hard reset.

How do I reset the LG TV picture and sound?

This can be done very easily. Go to Menu using your remote control and select settings where there are a variety of settings from where you select one of your choice. Alternatively, follow the factory reset procedure from where you can set the same.


The above procedures are set to work effectively when followed properly. In case the above procedures do not work, you may need to consult a specialist/technician as there may be some issue with the hardware. Alternatively, you can take the TV back to LG outlets if it is within the warranty period.

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