How To Weatherproof Security Camera

If you stay in areas that may be experiencing extreme weather conditions like cold winters that are below zero or very hot summers that hit 105f, then your security cameras may potentially suffer from. That is if they are not well designed to cope with such scorching hot summer or subzero cold weather.

I have had this problem in my home for quite some time with my security cameras not until I bought the Blink XT outdoor security camera.

As you may all be knowing, I live in New England, and the temperatures here get cold especially during the winter.

Back then when I was working for a local cable company in our town, we could receive many complains from many customers about their security cameras freezing especially during winter.

Nobody prefers to spend so much money on buying security cameras and later on realize that they cannot withstand cold weather or the hot summers.

So I decided to go for a journey to search for a good security camera that would serve me well and could be weatherproof. I went on to look at many of them and realized that they could not hold what I wanted even though they claimed to do so. That is not until I stumbled upon Blink XT cameras.

Protecting Outdoor Security Cameras From Cold Weather

First of all, this is New England, and here we get lots of snow. Some of the winters we get more than others. However, we still have had some substantial snowfall and have even had a noreaster or two.

This was a big concern that I had on my side. I would ask myself how these cameras would these cameras handle snowy and wet weather. The answer I would give to that is without care!

I had never seen a camera that could be just stuck outside of my house, and you still expect it to still work through a noreaster. That’s a crazy talk where I come from.

Well, call me nuts, because these things are very incredible and will still hold up no matter what nature will throw at them. The Blink XT outdoor security cameras are the solution you need if you are worried about cold weather like I was sometimes back.

Video Quality Of Blink XT In Cold Weather

The video quality of the Blink XT is just awesome, more than what one would expect for a security camera, but at the same time, at night it can become a bit challenging to see things that are at a distance. The nighttime video is pretty grainy, but it has the IR illumination that makes it good enough if you trigger any recording at night.

If I compare it to my other smart home cameras which I had tried before, it is on par with other high-end 720p cameras. Even a little better than them.

When you receive an alert on your phone, you can watch the video easily with the App and even download it and share it. The app is easy to be understood and to use even for a newbie in smart homes.

Though there is a little bit of delay with the motion sensor, this is not a huge issue that would make one worry about them. But it would have even been nice if you would use it and see when someone immediately comes to the door. However, it is only a few seconds between the trigger and the alert. That is not enough to worry me anyway.

I have seen some people who have been complaining about their notifications being slow, but from my personal experience with the cameras, it can be a flaw with some smartphones that one could be used rather than the system itself.

For instance, my wife’s phone will alert her in just seconds of the motion detection, but mine will sometimes lag. After looking carefully into this issue to establish the reason, I have found that LG phone frequently has this issue. But on the iPads, the alerts come in faster and are reliable.

You may consider having a look my guide on the Desktop Apps for Blink XT cameras here also for more information.

Security Camera Sun or Rain Shield

When you get a proper outdoor security camera, then it has to be weatherproof, or it may be equipped with housing or a cover. The work of this coverings is to enable your cameras to keep out moisture, dust and any dirt so that they don’t get in and destroy it.

You may find some security cameras that come with vandal-proof housings that consist of high-quality baked enamels, painted steel casings and stainless steel.

If you may consider having such for your camera, then this sun rain shade camera cover shield here on Amazon would serve a great work for you. They are made with composite fibre material that has good tenacity, and they are highly reliable.

They prevent direct sunlight from reaching the cameras, and this helps to also improve the image quality with also good junction boxes. The junction boxes offer good positioning for the cameras that also prevents rainwater from flowing to the cameras.

Apart from just ensuring the protection of the camera, if you are using the wired outdoor cameras, then you may consider the cables and the connectors. You should make sure that they are all waterproofed using a cable protector. You may have a look at it here on Amazon.

In case you are in a region that experiences lighting and thunderstorms, then you may consider having the lightning protection for your cameras like this one here on Amazon.

Besides this, if there are extreme weather conditions, then you may have to check the enclosure of the camera and ensure that there is no moisture or condensation that may be inside the enclosure.

You may even put a packet of silica gel inside of the housing and have regular checks on them to make sure that the camera and cables with all their connectors are in good shape.

Why Blink XT are The Best Weatherproof security cameras

I found that after a power outage, the Blink XT cameras would reconnect quickly and also sync immediately with the base station.

But for the wireless cameras, I had tried like Arlo Pro; there was some trial and error process that required multiple resets to the base station or the router or modem. This was a little time consuming for me. I would highly recommend that whether you are buying a camera for outside or inside, get the Blink XT outdoor model. You can get one here on Amazon.

For more information, you may consider reading my guide here on the best outdoor security camera.

Pros of the Blink XT Camera

  • The system is priced reasonably
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to install
  • It’s wireless
  • It has a great quality of the picture
  • It offers real-time picture snapshots
  • Offers real-time video
  • It has live audio
  • There is automatic arming or disarming of cameras
  • There is the ability to arm and disarm individual cameras
  • There is no monthly fee for cloud storage
  • It has an incredible battery life
  • You can easily add cameras
  • It syncs up with Samsung SmartThings
  • It works with IFTTT

Cons of the Blink XT Camera

  • It does not have a computer program which allows you to watch live feeds. (Though I normally use my phone all the time)
  • It can’t record while you are watching the live video feed.
  • The camera thumbnail picture cant is saved.
  • The audio feature is one way.


I can’t say enough of how much I love these Blink XT outdoor cameras. I have five of them, and I have just ordered another one. I find that they are so easy to set up and also easy for day to day use.