Is 1 Ton AC Enough? 5 Things To Consider

The size of the room is always directly proportional to the capacity of the AC you will need to use. If you have a bigger room, the capacity will be higher. What you need to consider most as important is the capacity of the AC based on the size of the room you want to fit in.

A 1 ton AC is enough for a room that is 10 feet by 10 feet area and about 12 feet height, which is about 1200 cu. This is a room that is around 100-120 sq ft. That makes the 1 ton sufficient enough for.

If you have a room that is bigger, you should consider getting either a 1.5 ton or the 2 ton AC. You should also consider the amount of sunlight that enters your room as it affects the cooling of the room. I am going to share with you here some of the factors you must consider when choosing an AC, so stay tuned.

How to Calculate How Much ton AC Will be Suitable For a Room

When buying an AC, the most important question that many consumers have in mind is how much ton AC should they buy and whether the AC will be sufficient enough to keep the room cool. If you ask this question to the salesman most probably, they will try to sell you the maximum ton AC, which in fact will be more than required to cool the room.


I have a small chart here that will help you to know the kind of AC you need to buy for your home. This is because you may not know how to measure the room size and the capacity of AC that is required for it.

The first thing that you need to know is the length, breadth, and the height of the room you would like to cool with the AC. If you have the figure or an estimate of the same, then you should multiply all of the three to get their total. If you do not know how to measure, you may consider getting help from someone experienced.

Here is the formula to use Total = Length x Breadth x Height (in feet)

The next thing you have to do is to now compare the total you get to this chart here so that you may know the capacity of AC you need for that room.

Total                           Ton AC Required

Less than 729              0.75

Between 729 and 810 0.75

900                                0.75 to 1

1000                             1

1089                              1

1200                               1 to 1.5

1296                               1 to 1.5

1400                                1.5

1600                                 1.5

1900                                  1.5 to 2

2200                                   2

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner: 5 Things To Consider

Buying the right AC is the most important question that many people ask themselves before they go out and buy. The most common concern that most people have is the tonnage AC they should buy for their home or office and whether it is going to be sufficient to keep the room cool.

If you ask a salesman this question, their most common attempt will be to sell you the maximum ton AC that will be more than what you require to cool the room. That is why I have that chart above so that you can know the kind of AC you need for the space of the room you want to cool.

If you buy a smaller capacity, AC is even worse as the AC will have to work harder to cool the space, and this will result in higher electricity bills, and you will spend more money in the long run.

The harsh reality is that when people want o buy a new AC, most people just head off to the market, and they start selecting from the available choices. One must first know the size BTU unit will cool a certain area of their home. You may even find some buyers reading the home appliances shop without having a clue of what size they need.

ACs come in various sizes, and they may be DC inverter or the fixed speed type units. The type of AC you need for a room needs some calculations done before so that you know what is suitable for the kind of space.

To achieve this, I have these five factors here that will help you to determine the type of AC you need to have in our home.

These will help you to get the optimum cooling efficiency that you need. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Room Size

The size of the room determines the capacity of the AC you need to buy. If you buy an AC that has a lower capacity than what is required, it will have to consume more energy so as to provide the required cooling.

As much as the lower capacity units save you on the costs of buying, but they will, in the long run, increase your electricity consumption and also decrease the life span of the AC. This is based on how it will strain to cool the large room.

On the other hand, if you buy an AC that has a higher capacity than what is required, you will end up paying more while purchasing besides also getting large power bills.

The key thing to consider is to get the right tonnage to get the bang for your buck. The chart above can help you determine the capacity of the AC you need for your room.

There are other factors you may need to consider also if you live in areas where the summers usually cross 45 degrees. You have to consider adding 0.5 ton extra for you to have effective cooling. Also if you stay in an apartment and you stay on the top floor, it is advisable that you go for a higher tonnage.

The Number of Windows in the Room.

The number of windows also has a significant impact on the capacity of AC you need to choose. This is because some rooms have less air circulation and may need more conditioning compared to rooms that have more windows and are well ventilated.

The energy consumption rate will be lower if the room has more ventilation because less power will be used in conditioning.

Appliances That Produce Heat Such as TV, Desktop, etc.

We all know what our laptops and computers become after long hours of operation, our mobile hones behave in the same way.

All electrical and electronic appliances emit heat, and this can be cooled I the AC is turned on. This means that if you have more of these in a room that you intend to cool, then the AC will have to use more power to cool the room. 

Even the bulbs and lights emit heat along with light; this is you have a lot of lights in the room that you would like to cool with the AC, you may need to have air conditioning to cool the room. This means using lesser lights will be of double benefit to you.

Solid objects also absorb heat. Thus you have to keep the room less stuffed. This is because every object that is kept in the space needs cooling.

Every solid is a conductor of heat, and thus the more the number of solid objects, the more conditioning you will have to do.

Keeping things in closed almirahs is a good way to reduce some electricity that is used by the air conditioners.

Insulation of the walls is also important as they also absorb heat.

If The Room Gets Too Much Sunlight.

Suppose that the room you would like to cool has a balcony or a window that is in the north direction. This means that it is bound to get more light, and hence there is going to be more heat.

This means that you will have to add the capacity of your AC by about 10 percent for you to have efficient cooling.

Another factor you must consider is the top floor flat, as they require more cooling capacity.

This is applicable if your home or flat is on the top level where sunlight falls directly, you may need to buy a higher capacity AC than the usual one.

The other thing you may have to consider this is the type of AC you plan to get, there are basically two types of AC. The window AC and the split AC.

The window ACs are relatively affordable, and they also have one room cooler. The compressor is placed outside of the room, and the blower is mounted in the room.

Both of them need to have enough ventilation space for there to be efficient cooling.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

To help you with better buying an energy-efficient AC, there is a new rating methodology that is better and stringent. The higher the star ratings of an AC, the lesser power it consumes. Although this does not mean that you should always go for the 5-star rating AC.

The decision you make should be based on the usage pattern you intend to have. If you are going to be running your AC for a few hours on a daily basis, then a 3 star AC is good for you.

These lower start rated ACs have higher air circulation rates, and thus the room cools faster. If your room needs more than 8 hours of air circulation is when you need to get the costlier but less power consuming five stars rated AC.

This will help you get a worthwhile difference in your electricity bill.

The Right 1-Ton To Buy Right Now

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