Is a Kirby Vacuum Worth The Cost? (Cost Breakdown)


Kirby vacuum cleaners are among the few most reliable vacuum cleaners that you will get on the market. They are also the priciest though they do a good job which makes them worth all the money.

They are expensive compared to the other premium vacuums like shark and Dyson. They are impressive you should consider having one of them if you can afford them. You should be able to find one for less than $500.

Most people consider Kirby vacuum cleaners to have things that are high end and may not be necessary for vacuums. Like the aluminum housing that it has while other premium vacuums only have a plastic housing.

Their brush cylinder is also wooden, and their bristles also seem to be made of animal hair. But to me I consider these to be a plus on the vacuum so that they can function even better.

Where Can I Buy Kirby Vacuums?

You can find a lot of 20th centuries Kirby vacuums on Craigslist that are ranging from 1970-1992, and they are selling on the cheap though you may not consider buying a vacuum that is that old.

You can also find them on Walmart; there are some genuine vacuums for less than $500 though you may find they are twisted. The Kirby belts are also available here if you need some.

You can also get Kirby vacuums at a pawn shop and have them completely rebuilt for you at a price that is not expensive compared to the cost you may incur in buying a new one. Kirby vacuums can also be found for under $500 here on Amazon. You should make sure to look up at their reviews before getting any of them.

Kirby vacuums have been considered as high-pressure sales, but if you have your heart set on a high-end vacuum, then you should go for it. You will find one that will be worth your investment.

Pros of Kirby Vacuums

  • They are very powerful. They have very impressive suction power compared to Dyson vacuums.
  • They seem to clean pretty well compared to other premium vacuums
  • They can easily convert to handheld vacuums
  • They are self-propelled


Cons of Kirby Vacuums

  • They are heavy though their self propelled feature compensates for their weight. They may be difficult to lift up when you are cleaning stairs
  • They are very loud, and most people may not like it.
  • They use bags, and most people may not like bags.
  • They are difficult to change the attachment
  • Dirt goes through their impeller, and this may make them prone to clogs.

Uses of the Kirby Vacuums

Kirby vacuums are better known for their features that are so appealing. They have the state of the art HEPA 11 filtering method and TechDrive variable power Assist, which helps in cleaning the home successfully and with much ease. The Kirby vacuums work extremely well on almost every surface and clean pet hair, dirt, dust, and allergens.

The Kirby vacuums also has some more additional features and tools that help it to perform multiple features like polishing, shampooing, buffing or massaging to make the floor look clean and shining.

 What Can a Kirby Vacuum Do?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are regarded as exceptional compared to other premium vacuums which are also capable of multitasking jobs at home. From their inception in 1906, Kirby has been making vacuums that have good capabilities of cleaning homes and making them free of dirt and dust.

The company has been prompt enough to make regular enhancements to their product and offer distinctive recognition to it. The water and dirt separation technique used in the unit makes the Kirby quite synonymous.

Moreover, the vacuum also has removable tools and other multiple accessories that come combined with the unit to help in performing the various tasks of cleaning.  

The company also has embraced sales strategies that are admired and supported by the door to door selling and in-home demonstrations that have made the vacuums quite distinctive from the other vacuum cleaners.

Kirby vacuum cleaners and well known to be well-built machines that are also long-lasting and well equipped with HEPA filter technology that helps to make your home hygiene and clean free from all sorts of contaminants and dust. The engine is redesigned and offers good power to the unit to help in better removing dirt and debris.

The unit is tough and has impressive maneuverability when cleaning pet hair and dust even in hard to reach places. The Kirby vacuums are also well known to be easy to use and clean units because of the TechDrive Variable Power Assist technology.

How Much Does a Kirby Vacuum Really Cost?

The salesman of Kirby vacuums may say that they last for long. But do you always buy new vacuum cleaners every year? No, if you have the Kirby, you have a carpet/rug shampooer too.

But how often do you even shampoo your carpet? For that money, you may even consider having a maid clean your house as well. This means the Kirby vacuum cleaner has to really work well and be worth the money you invest in it.

You can find a used Kirby vacuum cleaner here on amazon for less than $500, the same price of a new Dyson vacuum cleaner. The question is, what if that used one doesn’t work? Well, the fix is for just a few dollars, and you have a perfectly good vacuum for a fraction of the price you would have spent on a new one.


What Are The Kirby Vacuum Models?

Kirby Company has been around for quite some time now. It was established in 1935, and Kirby vacuums became popular immediately, and they have remained so for many more years. The amazing thing you get when you have a Kirby vacuum is the core design they have that has not been changed or altered for a very long time.

Their basic arrangement of things has remained the same for since the Kirby design was first introduced in 1919. This has been a testament of how good the Kirby design has really been as far as their overall power is also concerned because they are still the top performers.

The design of the Kirby vacuums is somewhat considered backward if you compared them to other vacuums that have been made recently. The main reason for this is their weight as they are heavy because of their metal components.

Most of the other vacuums are made of plastic which makes them light, unlike Kirby vacuums which are heavy. Kirby vacuums are also very loud when you are using them. Some other people also may say that it fills the bag too soon, but if you look at the later models, they include HEPA filtered bags. So that is not a big issue for now if you get one of the later models.

As I have mentioned above, the original design of the Kirby is still intact. Although when you take a look at the modern Kirby vacuum models, they have added features which are just improvements of the great original design.

Here Are Kirby Vacuum Models

Kirby G3

This is a model that is considered the precursor of the current modern generation of Kirby vacuums. They are considered to be heavy and have a self-propelled drive system. This is known as TechDrive and is considered to be one of the heaviest models in the catalog of Kirby vacuums. This vacuum was the first attempt by Kirby vacuums to marry high technology with the humble vacuum cleaner.

Kirby G4

The Kirby G4 runs a little smoother because of some improvements to the TechDrive system. They also have added a filtration system which was a precursor to HEPA filters called Magic Micron Filtration. The TechDrive system was improved after the G3 to enable a glide that is smoother on the surfaces when being cleaned. It also added the magic micron filtration and a three-position locking mechanism which made it more maneuverable than any other models.

Kirby G5

The Kirby G5 featured an added Kevlar fan that meant there was not much damage when vacuuming metal objects and hard materials compared to the plastic fan blades. Their overall look is streamlined and made a bit sleeker in appearance, and the controls were improved as well as some of the attachments.

Kirby Gsix

The Kirby Gsix features HEPA micron filtration that means a drop in power, so to compensate, Kirby had to improve the mini emptor. This is the tube going from the vacuum body to the bag; this was to enable airflow to become free and easy.

It had improved filter bags which could then trap finner particles of dust. They also had improved brush roll to help in cleaning up dirt trapped in the lower layers of carpets. They also had improved portable shampooer and sprayed pattern with a handle tilt latch for locking the handle of the Kirby in an upright position.

Kirby Ultimate G

The Kirby Ultimate G featured more power improvements, and their brush rolls were also more improved. It had a better outer bag and liner helped to improve filtration performance. They also had extended fan blades to help increase the rate of airflow.

Kirby Ultimate Diamond

The Kirby Ultimate Diamond is currently one of the most popular Kirby vacuum models that are sold. This is because of the two-speed motor that allows them to have a variety of uses from just the delicate hard surfaces to even durable carpets. This was made with a more powerful motor that helped in boosting performance.

Kirby Sentria

The Kirby Sentria is lighter compared with the diamond because of the use of some plastic parts although they are still very durable. They have a design that is modern, and their bumper is redesigned to moderate the angular appearance.

It is 1.2 pounds lighter compared to the ultimate. They added the headlight to help customers see where they were vacuuming. They also added carpet shampooer as standard to help in having a deep clean. The mini Em-Tor Collector was added to help collect large and heavy objects.

Kirby Sentria II

The Kirby Sentria II features more color options, and their brush rolls are also stiffer when you compare with the rest of Kirby vacuum models. This came with a pet tool which helps to clean animals coat and fur. Another addition was the hardwood floor kit, and toe adjusts system, which helps the users to change the height of the vacuum.

Kirby Avalir

The Kirby Avalir is the most recent iteration of the Kirby vacuum. There are many different options for cleaning and the Kirby Company actually markets the Avalir not like a vacuum but as a home cleaning system. This came with an auto rewind cord to rewind the cord back to the unit.

Kirby Avalir 2 (Best Kirby Vacuum Cleaner)

This is the newest version of the Kirby vacuums that have dry foam tech which enables thorough carpet and floor wash and scrub feature. This is their most expensive model because it is the newest model and also the best model of Kirby vacuums. In addition to what the other vacuums have, it has multiple accessories that include a two-gallon tank for cleaning the carpet, mop and scrub with rollers for polishing hardwood floors.

Dyson vs. Kirby, Which is The Better Vacuum Cleaner?

  • The Dyson vacuums may clog, there is no guarantee not to clog. The Kirby vacuums are impossible to clog. You are guaranteed they won’t clog. The best vacuum not to clog.

  • The Dyson vacuum may read a power flow of 2.8 out of 10 on the power meter. Kirby is the best vacuums for most airflow and vacuum power. They have three times the power and airflow than the Dyson.

  • The Dyson Vacuum may have an average of 2.8 on the suction when full. Kirby vacuums have most suction when they are full of dirt in the bag. They may measure even double the airflow and power than the Dyson on the Airflow meter.

  • The Dyson picks up the least amount of dirt compared to the Kirby. The Kirby vacuums better since it picks up the most amount of dirt.

  • The Dyson has less durable compared to the Kirby. The Kirby has a long life span, and thus they are more durable.

  • The Dyson has less weight and offers ease of vacuuming. The Kirby is heavy, and you have to have a hard time in vacuuming.

  • The Dyson vacuums only have five standard tools and accessories. The Kirby has 15 tools and accessories that include the tool caddy.

  • The Dyson only has like seven seals for filtration. The Kirby has many seals for filtration.

  • The Dyson has a cool marketing factor because it looks modern and new age and has all tubes and looks cool. The Kirby does not have a new age, and they have bad marketing factor.

  • The suction and vacuum seal of the Dyson has a 1.5 lbs of pressure on the suction plate. The Kirby vacuum has a suction and vacuum seal of 12 lbs of pressure on the plate and is hard to pull off.

  • Dyson 2/10 tests won Kerby 8/10 tests won

There are the Dyson v6 and Dyson v8 vacuum cleaners. The Dyson v6 animal is ordinarily at the top of the price range for most of the cordless vacuum cleaners and has the premium cleaning power and convenience that backs it up.

The V6 ensures it has a powerful performance on carpets and also on the hard floors, and it amazes people with how it is able to find the tiny invisible particles. The big seller of the Dyson v6 is how it is able to deal with pet hair, especially with the help of the motorized mini tool.

The v6 animal is only 2.21kg, and it should not be a chore to carry around the house. This is an attribute that is rare for most vacuum cleaners. Considering the weight it has, that means that it won’t have a strain on the wrists and elbows while you are cleaning.

For many years, Kirby has been the king of vacuum cleaners as far as cleaning power and durability is concerned though they could be beaten. This is because of the new kid in tow, the Dyson vacuum. Dyson has been around for a few years, but they have made a very big splash, and many people have bought them.

How Does Kirby’s Vacuuming Compare?

Kirby vacuums come with many attachments, and one thing that I love about them is that you can make quite a long hose with the attachment and the ceiling fans, curtains and other places that are usually forgotten.

What you may not like about them is that for you to use the hose, you must take the vacuum head and put the hose on. When you get the Dyson vacuum cleaner and other vacuums, they have the horse right there ready to pull out at the moment. Though their hose may not each high compared to that of Kirby. This then balances out.

The other cool fact is that Kirby vacuums can also be used as carpet cleaners. This is because they are more compact. The Kirby vacuums can also be detached, and you use the head of the vacuum to vacuum mattresses and couches.

How Well Do Kirbys Vacuum?

Kirby vacuums are best known for vacuuming dirt, hair and also sand from carpets. The brush rolls of Kirby vacuums have long stiff bristles that help in lifting the debris which sticks on carpets like pet fur.

Floor heads of new versions of Kirby G6 and the other newer versions produce incredible suction because of their funnel design that helps to pull more dirt pass and thus maintains a suction across the entire cleaning path.

Are Kirby Vacuums Just As Good at Shampooing Carpets?

The Kirby vacuums have a spray gun tool that you can use to shampoo upholstered furniture. Though the performance of a Kirby vacuum is not to the same level compared when vacuuming.

Kirby vacuums are only compatible with their own branded shampoo. This is because they employ a low moisture cleaning method, which is only good for periodic touch-ups. They are therefore not effective enough to replace wet shampooing.

Features Included in a Kirby Vacuum

One of the longest-running features of Kirby vacuums is the self-propelled TechDrive system that began with the G3 model. Their plastic fan was replaced with a Kevlar version of the G5 that is more durable, and HEPA filtration was then added to the G6 Kirby.

Some of the models have a brush roll switch and blower options while the ultimate diamond is coming with a dual-speed motor. The common Kirby features include bagged dirt collection and the manual floor adjustment. They also have headlights that help in the dark visibility with a standard power cord measuring 32 feet.

How Long Is a Kirby Vacuum’s Service Life?

Kirby vacuum cleaners have a longer lifespan than most of the other vacuum cleaners. If you properly maintain your Kirby vacuum, it can last for up to 20 years. There are some people that still have and use their Kirby vacuums which they bought in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kirby vacuums cleaners are one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners you can get on the market right now. They are also one of the priciest. When you get a door to door salesman at your house, and they show you a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you will be impressed with their performance.

But are Kirby vacuums really worth all that money? They may do a good job of vacuuming the house, but are they worth over $1000? This is the much you could use to hire a maid in your house to clean it.

Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth the Money?

The design of the Kirby vacuum cleaners is to help in protecting and maintaining the value of your house. Though they may be and pricy, for that much money they have an advantage to it. They are also user-friendly that even a two-year-old kid can use them to vacuum the house. Their functionalities are not complex compared to the other vacuums. Kirby vacuums can pick up pet hair, sand, broken toys, and other dirt with much ease.

Why Do People Love Kirby Vacuums?

One of the main reasons why people love Kirby vacuums is because of their longevity. They are well built with metallic body parts, unlike plastic; this enables them to last for up to 20 years if kept in good condition. They can also be bought with an annual maintenance cover, and this means that it will have to be fitted with new parts every year if they become faulty.

The vacuums also come with HEPA filter technology that ensures your home is free from all harmful dust and contaminants. This is very helpful for people that are suffering from allergies. The vacuum is tough and can pick up fine dust easily with TechDrive variable power assist technology that helps to get in the tight corners.

Why Do People Buy Kirby Vacuums?

People buy Kirby vacuum cleaners because they have good versatility and toughness. They provide good cleaning with much ease, and they can also be maintained and repaired in any vacuum repair store since there are real spare parts the company provides of all their units.

Today, when you buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you will have bought one of the best vacuum cleaners that money can buy. This is because they are versatile and durable. Though they are very high powered appliances, you can adjust them to suit the needs that you have. It also comes with many accessories which help to make the work even easier to clean in your home.

Getting the parts of Kirby vacuums is not a problem; neither is getting the bag for an old model. They are even an owners club of Kirby. They are definitely no other vacuum cleaner that has an owners club!

You may even have a Kirby salesperson come over to your place if you are not familiar with how it is used so that they help to demonstrate to you the powerful suction. This is what has and still is the case even now why people will always use Kirby vacuums in their homes. This guarantees them of a clean compartment, and this implies saving money on some other bills.


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