Is Tado Compatible With Alexa?


There are many types of smart thermostats that are available out there that one can choose from. From the new players like Nest 4th generation and the Ecobee 5th generation to some established names like Honeywell and Hive. You can now add Tado to that list though there is a big name in smart air conditioners.

Amazon Alexa works with Tado. Amazon Alexa works through a cloud connection, and this means that you need to have a working internet connection so that you communicate with your Tado device over Alexa.

How to Set Up Tado With Amazon Alexa

  • You will first need to add the Tado skill over the Amazon Alexa web app or mobile app so as to control your Tado device with Amazon Alexa
  • Within the app now, select on “Skills” from the menu
  • Tap on the search bar and search for Tado. After you have enabled the skill, you will be prompted to sign into your Tado account. You will use your credentials to log in and then you will be asked to accept the conditions.
  • Once you have your Tado account linked to your Alexa, you can then start the discovery process for your Tado devise. This may last for some time, like 20 minutes
  • When this is completed, your Tado device will then show up in the smart home section of the Alexa app. You can then organize them in groups, and there will be accompanying scenes for each device to allow you to return to smart schedule via Alexa.

Getting Started With Tado

Tado is a company that started way back in 2011 and needed to have a Kickstarter to help it jumpstart their products in the market. They are currently having most of its products in the European market, and it has not yet started selling in the US.

Tado is split into two, heating and cooling; for the most part, most of their core features are the same all across both sets of devices. One of their most important is the Tado climate assistant that is artificial intelligence. This learns all of your behaviour patterns and then offers you recommendations. 

Tado Smart Thermostat V3

The latest Tado product is an update of their smart thermostat line. The Tado smart thermostat V3  comes with multi-room control and new heating algorithm that makes it even more efficient than their previous models. Thre is also a slight design change to the thermostat that has enabled it to become easy to use.

The thermostat comes with an internet bridge that connects to the home wifi. The bridge links to your thermostat with a radio that enables you to control everything using the Tado app. It also works with more than 95% of all heating systems. Ther are available in the US.

If you have a thermostat that is wireless, you will need to have an extension kit. But no matter the extension kit you have, you will still be good to go. There is the auto assist service also. You can also pay a small fee of $3 to get automated geofencing and open window detection.  This latter will be able to automatically turn the heating off for 15 minutes so that it preserves the energy. If you dint chose this service, you will just be able to get push notifications instead.

For smart integrations, you will be able to get Alexa, HomeKit, Google Assistant and IFTTT support. There are also add ons that you can also have like the extension kit.

Smart Radiator Thermostat V3

If you have a radiator, but with no boiler, then this Tado smart radiator thermostat is what you need to have. It has much of the features that you will find on a smart thermostat. All you need is just to attach it to your radiator, and you will be good to go. This will enable Tado to tell you if there is anything wrong with the thermostat.

The starter kit comes with an internet bridge that helps you to connect your radiator to your home wifi. But if you already have one of these, then you can just go ahead and purchase the smart radiator separately.

Just like the main thermostat, it also comes with Google Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit and IFTTT support.

Smart AC Control V2

If you have an air conditioning unit, then the smart AC Control is a device you need to have in your home. It controls the unit via infrared just like the remote of the unit.

It will also add all of the Tado smart controls to your air conditioning setup. These include the climate assistant features like geofencing, smart schedules and many more. Unfortunately, you can only use Smart AC with units that work with infrared remotes.

There are not many smart home support options like Tado’s heating products.  You only get Alexa, HomeKit, and IFTTT.


The climate assistant uses the location of your phone to control your AC and heating.  This means that if you are on your way home, it will rev up your AC. You have headed ou, and it will turn it off. Your location id also built into the smart schedules. It thus understands that you leave for work in the morning at eight and come back on the evening at 6.

It also takes into account the weather forecast. This means that if it is cold outside, it will warm up the inside to make sure it is at the right temperature.  The climate assistant of Tado can also sense what is going on in your room and make recommendations or adjustments.

It is able to sense if the windows are open or closed, which will affect how your home heats up.  It can also detect when a room is getting too hot or humid.

There are also detailed energy reports that enable you to know how much money you are saving when you use a Tado device. This builds in things like temperature and humidity trends and factoring in when windows are opened.

For all the smarts, Tado keeps their products small and tight. There only a handful of them available and they tend to get rid of the old devices.

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