Nest 4th Generation Thermostats Review


The nest, 4th Generation Thermostat, is expected to be out soon. Nest has now developed new features, and the hardware is currently in production. Meanwhile, you can go and pull the trigger on this Ecobee 5th Thermostat here that will offer you the same features.

There has not been any unboxing. It seems like the new nest 4th generation thermostat will feature significant elements when it is launched in 2019. What many people are asking is if the new features will make it even more expensive compared to the previous versions.

How Many Generations of Nest Thermostats Are There?

There are currently two generations of nest thermostats, nest generation 2 and nest generation 3. In 2013, Google introduced the nest learning thermostat, and from then, it has undergone two generations and changes for the better.

What I Like About the Nest 2

  • The installation is simple
  • The energy-saving is noticeable in the first few months
  • Airwave keeps from overusing the air conditioner
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices easily

What I Like About the Nest 3

  • Sunblock is a cool feature that is for certain mounting areas
  • The mobile app updates for the furnace heads up helps to keep the system running well
  • It enables you to match any décor with color ring variations
  • The safety alert and away monitoring help you to keep an eye on your home from wherever you are.

Differences Between Nest 2nd Gen and Nest 3rd Gen

  • Nest 3 gen has a higher resolution screen compared to the nest 2 gen
  • The nest 2 gen does not support Bluetooth or wifi 5Ghz, but the Nest 3 gen support both
  • Nest 3 gen has safety alerts and farsight while the Nest2 gen does not have
  • Nest 3 gen has five more sensors that the Nest 2 gen
  • Furnace heads up is installed by default in the Nest 3 gen  while it is not available in Nest 2 gen
  • Nest 3 gen is compatible with the remote sensor accessory while nest 2 gen is not.

Similarities Between Nest 3rd Gen and Nest 2nd Gen

  • They both have support for iOS and Android as well as wifi 801.1 b/g/n at the 2.4Ghz frequency
  • They are both compatible with Amazon Alexa and also integration with many other smart home products, except Apple HomeKit.
  • Each of them has the same installation procedure and comes with all the tools that you need.
  • They both have a two-year limited warranty offered
  • They all have the auto-away feature
  • They both allow you to use a remote control
  • Nest leaf, energy report, and airwave are standard for both versions

Is it worth Buying a Nest Thermostat?

The nest learning thermostat 3rd generation helps to blur the lines between home security, climate control, and automation. With time the thermostat learns your habits and adjusts to your lifestyle so that it conserves energy and lowers utility bills. It is worth having the nest thermostat because it has the ability to program itself and has extensive smart home compatibility.

The cost of getting one of these nest thermostats is under $250, probably one of the most expensive thermostats you can get. The cost is $70 more than what average smart thermostats cost, and from the features, the price is worth your investment though you can still get others with similar functionality and fewer HVAC options.

I have written a hands-on article on are smart thermostats worth it here, you should probably have a look at it.

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