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Well, if thieves want to steal inside my house in seconds, they would do so by smashing the window. I just don’t worry much about this issue though. Nest Doorbell can’t be reused, and the thieves are not one of the brightest. It can only be replaced once.

To answer the question, YES! Nest Hello can be stolen in less than ten seconds. Well at least you will have Nest aware, and it will have recorded the video of them in the house, and you could use it to present to the police when filing your report.

There is a valid concern that nest hello doorbells can be stolen, I totally understand this concern because I have one in my home. I currently don’t have any valid solution that can be of great help. Though I consider the situation just like my $500 front porch furniture which I have and sits outside all the days of the year. What I just hope is that no one is such a jerk to steal my doorbell.

I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy Nest Doorbells on the cheap from the listing on Walmart here, you should check out if you’re considering some home security.

What Can Nest Do Better In?

Though what I would like Nest to do in solving the situation is pretty much like what Apple has done on iPhone. It is much easy for someone to steal a $1000 iPhone, though Apple has made it known that stolen iPhones are worthless because they will be locked. This is a solution that I hope nest will probably do in the coming days.

Just make sure it is widely known that it is worthless to steal them. Maybe it could have some help. Though I have been wondering, why would someone steal a doorbell anyway? What nest are doing is the doorbell can be bricked and cannot be used anywhere.

It is totally a waste of time for one to steal them. Though it is not widely known as Apple, have done.

This is not the most secure solution you can have for your home, though it is a sufficient deter but for the most determined thieves.

I have written a complete hands-on review of the best outdoor security cameras where I outlined the durability and installation issues I ran into. You may consider having a look at it before you leave.

How Can You Prevent Doorbells From Being Stolen?

Doorbell cameras are not as safe as you may have imagined before. People always find things that they can steel weather they are big or small, and doorbells are not an exception.

There are some good news if you had some in your home and was wondering how you can protect them. Here are the steps.

  • Secure your power cables
  • Backup up the data on an external hard drive on the cloud
  • Update your system regularly
  • Purchase insurance for the doorbells
  • Have more security at your network account

With the ever-increasing rate of property crime, it is very important that you know if you have a security system, you are 33% less likely to be broken into.

You can also get insurance for your smart home products also.

For my garage, I use the Blink XT outdoor security cameras. They are good for even withstanding tough weather conditions. You can have a look at my review of them here for more information on them.

Unlike Nest Hello doorbells that are rated to operate above 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty bad for me because it really gets cold here. So I just use them as a doorbell but not as trusted security.

The good thing though, that I have come to like about nest doorbells is face detection algorithm which learns and recognizes any regular visitors that come at your doorstep over some time. If they get to recognize them, then it will notify you by their name.

Nest also incorporates well with my Google Assistant for me to get notifications routed to Google Home device. This has been of great help because I now never have to miss any caller when I am in the house.

Though it also has a quiet time feature that can silence it if you want to have a quiet time.

I never wanted to have a smart doorbell for my house, I was doing just fine with my Blink XT security cameras. But that was not until I met Nest and loved them as my door dinger with quality imaging.

Nest Hello Doorbell Features and Advantages

Here are some reasons for using them as your doorbell. You can have a look at more of their features and reviews here on Walmart also and see what customers who bought them think also.

  • They are compact and well-built hardware
  • The installation is straight forward
  • They have a beautiful day and night video which has minimal lag
  • Their facial recognition is smart
  • They have instant caller notification, two-way talk and canned responses.

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