Nest won’t Connect to Google Home

Is anyone else having this issue? I try to link my nest account in the Google Home app and it says it can’t and to check the connection. I tried for weeks and even contacted support… I could not find a solution to it.

Having a smart Nest thermostat connected can transform your house but the process of connecting it to Google Home to use your voice to control the temperature can take this experience to another level.

This is the solution that  I figured out! This is what ended up working for me just in case it helps someone else who has just started installing and connecting them.

  • Open the Nest app.
  • Remove the “Works With Nest” connections in the NEST App.
  • Link the Nest account to the Google Home App open the Home App > menu bar > home control > ( + ) sign > Nest > log your Nest account.

Google Home not Listing Nest Thermostat

I had the same issue with my Nest Account and Google Home/Assistant. I first noticed that Google Home did not list the Nest Hello under devices after I had added it. So I decided to unlink/relink the Nest account within the Home app.

That usually fixes any issue with connected accounts. The problem was when I added and accepted the terms it would say added and I would get a quick flash of the “add to room” screen. After hitting back the Nest account would not show up as being linked.

I googled the issue and tried about 10 things. I renamed my Nest Hello and Thermostat but that didn’t seem to work. I finally tried it from my iPad and boom it worked. Not sure if it was a glitch with the Android app but it worked from iOS.

Actually, this worked! I have three speakers, two Google Home Minis and a full size Google Home. I factory data reset all of them, then restarted the Nest and uninstalled the google home app. Then set it all up again fresh and it started working again.

Troubleshooting when nest won’t work with Google Home

I’ve bought a google home and a nest and currently use them in my home. Installation went fine and it was working great. However, my internet was playing up and my provider came out and replaced my router. Since then nest won’t work with google home. I have obviously set up the connections again and unlinked my nest account in the Google home app and I have removed it from the nest app too.

However, when I try to set it up from scratch I get“can’t update the setting, check your connection” even though it added it. But whenever I call on it from Google assistant it says it is not set up yet. YOU may be here and you are not sure what to do…

I tried a Factory Data Reset of  Google Home device, and am glad resetting and FDR worked and a feedback report wasn’t necessary after all!

Can’t Link Google Home to my Nest Products

I’ve followed the instruction that are on Google Home. Devices. Add. Scroll down and click on Nest. It all see, ms to work but a few seconds after the final click I get a message “ something went wrong. Try again”. Google assistant appears in my nest app but I can’t see nest products in my Google Home app. And Google can’t control any of my nest products.

The SOLUTION I used was to  Open the browser on phone go to log in with my account. Then open Google Home and add product. I was not logged in and that is why I was having problems.

One thing I realized is that I had to make sure that Chrome is the default browser on my phone. When you go to add the Nest, before scrolling down and clicking “Allow”, click in the upper right corner and select “Open in Chrome”. You may need to log into both your Google and Nest accounts again, but then it should link. I spent an hour trying every tip I could find, and this is what finally worked.

Why can’t I see my Nest in Google Home devices

Every time I try to set it up it’s not showing in my devices.

If you are using Nexus 6P then this is how I made my 6P work with Nest and without Google Home. 

Running Marshmallow 6.01 with Nest third generation:

  1. Set up Nest with an account and connect to your WIFI network.
  2. Open your Google application in your list of applications and then as follows: Click the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner > Settings > Google Assistant > Settings > Home Control. 
  3. If you have already established a link to your Nest but goofed it up somehow, you will probably see it there. Disconnect the link and then reconnect. The dialog that follows will ask you for your Nest login credentials, click OK or whatever and you’re set.
  4. If you have not established a link, there will be a list of things that can be connected to with Nest being one of them. Do the obvious and you’re set to go.

Have Nest App installed, Nest account is linked but Nest 0 devices

My problem and how it worked for me:  When I first tried to connect via the Google Home app (Home Controls/ Add Device/ Nest).  It would link but would say 0 devices meaning it really didn’t work.  You need to sign up a Nest account via the app or via computer.  Use the same email address as your Google Home setup. 

After signing up for a Nest account then go to your actual Nest thermostat and go to Settings and scroll to Nest Account. From there you grab a secure key…it will be 7 digits.  Go back to your app or computer and go and “Add Product” (meaning you need to add your thermostat) from the main screen.  It will ask you to input the 7 digits secure key. 

Now your Nest account should be linked to your Nest thermostat.  Ok…final step is to unlink your Nest from the Google Home app simply by selecting the “Nest 0 Device” and confirming that you want to unlink, then you will relink your Nest via the same process you tried the first time using the Google Home app (Home Controls/ Add Device/ Nest).  You should be all set from there.

You must have the thermostat added to your Nest account, so if you haven’t gotten to the point where you’ve entered the seven-character code you’re missing a critical step and your Home won’t be able to control the Nest.

Although the Google account you set up the Home with does NOT have to be the same as the account you use for your Nest. My Home is set up with a personal Google account while my Nest(s) are set up with a family Google account and everything works fine.

Failed to Connect Nest, 404 Error

Other times, everything may look like it should work, but when I linked to Nest through my Google Home app I received a 404 after the ‘Success’ page. Then it looks like everything is linked up within the Google Home app, but when I try to talk to Google Home it says that device is not registered even though I can see everything in the app.

The 404 looks like a google 404 page, but I guess the issue could be on either side. I would suspect it would be a 404 page if it was nest’s issue, but maybe they are sending back junk data or are hosting their stuff on google app engine. Who knows We just reinstalled google home and the nest and everything works. My account was the owner of the nest, and google home was set up with my wife’s account. Once I reset them both and used my account to set everything up it all seemed to work. No idea if that is the reason why it wasn’t working. I still got the 404 when I linked the accounts.

If you ever experience other problems with your nest and Google Home, I would then suggest that you reach out to Nest support. They will help you with the way forward.


when you are starting out as a beginner, you may have many challenges, but I have some articles here that will help you in how you will connect nest to Google Home. This is a guide of what I did and worked for me. You may also want to know if Nest will save you money if you have them installed. This article here will help to answer that question for you clearly.