There are a few worse feelings than not being able to track your keys.  Slight key misplacement can quickly escalate to panic as you start worrying about the cost of changing your locks, or even getting access to your car when you are on road trips.

However, it’s a bit rare that you lose your key entirely beyond all hope, but when on road trips, this can quickly happen since you move from place to place.  Sometimes you only need some slight help in finding them, and this is where key finders come in handy.

How frequently do you see yourself forgetting or forgetting where you left your keys? If missing keys is a common incidence for you, especially during road trips, a wireless key finder can go some way in preventing this problem.

There are so many different makes and models of key finders available in the market, and it can be hard to choose and decide on the best type of finder that may suit your need if you are often traveling or planning a road trip.

Below is a compilation of the ten best key finders that will point you in the right direction as you try to find one that will ensure you enjoy your road trips with less stress.

The Best Key Finder For Road Trips

Tile Mate  Key Finder

The tile mate key finder is a tiny Bluetooth enabled key finder that easily fits onto anything.  The tile mate has a key ring that allows you to hook it into anything when and conveniently carry it during your road trips. 

It is quite convenient for tracking your phone while on road trips or anywhere because you can make it ring your phone, and it rings through your phone.

If you are out of range of your item, which can happen when on a road trip, you can use the tile community tracker to help you find your missing keys. It works for a range of objects and its waterproof.

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 Key features

  • You can ring your phone using a tile mate and ring it from your phone.
  • Waterproof to ip57 standards
  • 100 feet Bluetooth range

Click ‘n Dig Model D2 Key Finder

The click ‘n dig key finder is a wireless key finder that helps you track items during road trips ideally. It has two receivers plus a  transmitter and works using radio waves that allow you to track things even when hidden underthings. 

The D2 receiver has a loud beep of 90db that helps you find your items quickly.

You can get to see the user reviews and current price of Click ‘n Dig model from this listing here on Amazon.

Key features

  • Can locate items through walls, furniture, etc. Since it works through radio waves
  • A range of 60 feet
  • It Includes a transmitter equipped with a 2- color-coded button and two receivers.


Esky wireless key finder is easy to use and simple to operate. It has a four color-coded receiver that can sit in its stand and place in your car’s dashboard. This receiver lights up and creates a sound to help you in finding your item within a range of 30 meters.

The radiofrequency makes it easy to track things in different places since It penetrates walls and furniture.

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Key features

  • Range of 30 meters.
  • Contains 4 recievers and aa transmitter.
  • Radiofrequency signals that allow
  • transit through walls with no interference.


The above tracking device is small, lightweight, and portable. It can be attached to almost all items and works via the Bluetooth technology system with a range of 100 feet. This tracker is convenient for wide spaces due to its high range, which makes it suitable for road trips. 

It has a crowd locate feature that alerts you when someone else spots your item. The tracker can be used at the comfort of your phone since it has an app that’s compatible with almost all smartphones. Flashing LED light and a loud being sound make it easy for you to detect an object.

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Key features

  • Blue tooth technology enabled
  • Lightweight and small
  • Entails a phone app that compatible with most smartphones
  • Alexa compatible
  • A flashing LED light.


With a range of 200 ft. we have the Chipolo classic Bluetooth technology tracker. It comes with an app that’s compatible with almost all smartphones.

This wireless tracker is perfect for road trips since it has a community search function so that other users of the Chipolo app can help you track your item when you are out of range.

You can have a look at the current prices of Chipolo classic Bluetooth tracker here.

Key features

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • A range of 200 feet
  • A community to help you track items when out of range


Tile sport can find items to a range of 200 feet. Its louder and easy to locate as compared to other tile trackers. Its name tile sport gives a clear impression that it can work very well when out and about. The above tracker is waterproof and longlasting.

Tile sport is compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa and googles assistant. The tile sport connects you to a wider community through its application.

You may have a look at the prices of Tile sport here on Amazon.

 Key features

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Small size enables you o fit it to most items
  • Connects with google assistant and Alexa
  • A range of 200 feet makes it efficient for outdoors
  • It has an app that’s compatible with most smartphones


The above tracker is wireless and can be attached to almost any item, e.g., car keys or wallets. Cubes come with spare additional batteries. It works seamlessly with most mobile devices through the tracker app that downloads on your phone.

It has a separation alarm that helps you not to forget items and Bluetooth enabled device helps you get close to your item.

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Key features

  • Spare batteries hence no need to do the annual replacement.
  • 100 feet range.
  • A compatible app.
  • It entails a separation alarm.


Choosing a key finder for you when planning a road trip is easier once you understand different designs and styles and the functions available. The above key finders vary; thus, you need to go for one that’s compatible with your needs. If it’s not loud enough, or not compatible with your phone, then it will be of no essence getting such a key finder.

As seen, wireless key finders have different technologies, e.g., Bluetooth or radio waves hence allowing you to control them at the comfort of your phone and smart devices.

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