How to Get An Internet Browser on Roku

Streaming for TV was pioneered by the Roku company. Streaming on Roku is the most convenient and cost-effective way you can watch TV. You just need to plug in your Smart TV, connect it to the internet and set up your Roku account and start streaming your favorites.

You can use the internet on Roku, but it is not a built-in one, it is available as a third-party channel. Roku does not provide you with the privilege to directly browse the internet; it uses some channels that act as web browsers.

But you should not expect to have all the functionality that you get on the web browser. The truth is that there has not been a decent web browser that you can use on Roku.

If you want to get the internet on Roku, the list of options is minimal. The quality of the web browser that is available is not as robust as the choices you will get when on Fire TV sticks or Android TV boxes. I shall share with you here the only options that are available to choose from.

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Roku And Android

The irony of this is that there are more than 500000 channels for Roku, but few of them are browsers. Currently, you cannot install android apps on Roku because Roku has its own Operating System that is a highly modified Linux Version. The operating System Roku uses is pretty different from Android, and they have different base kernel version. This makes it impossible to install android apps on Roku.

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This is the reason why Roku has there own SDK platform where you can develop your own apps, and they are a closed device Get it in the link here. But you will need to have some coding knowledge to be able to work on it. The web browsers may not be the best option for you; the other option is to Mirror your Android or Windows screen onto your TV.

Advantages of Roku Products?

Tons of FREE Content

When you use Roku products, you get to access on channels like YouTube, TV Player, Red Bull TV, Sky News and BBC Sports.

Catch-up TV

When you use Roku products, you get to catch up TV on channels like STV Player, All 4, ITV Hub, Demand 5 and BBC iPlayer.

Popular Music

When you use Roku products, you get to watch popular music on channels like Deezer, VEVO, ouTube, Box Plus and TuneIn.

Blockbuster Movies, Original Content and the Latest TV Shows

When you use Roku products you get to watch original content, latest TV Shows and blockbuster movies on channels like NOW TV, Rakuten TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, Sky Store and Google Play.

Media player pro is a good option i use to play audio and video playback combined that supports large number of media formats.

In addition to having the very many free channels for you to watch, there are some few channels that will require you to pay for their availability. There are channels that their availability may change and some depending on the country and your location.

Does Roku Have Their Internet Browser?

Roku has not developed its own internet browser that can work on their streaming devices despite being around for a very long period of time. Roku sticks and set-up boxes are not the best options for you to use if you want to use your streaming devices as a web browser. There have been several Roku competitors that have been offering their own internet browsers on their own streaming devices. The Roku Channel Store has only two browsers, and none of them has been developed by them. 

The Best Roku Web Browser

There are only these two web browsers in the Roku channel store, and they are available if you would like to have them.

Web Browser X

Web Browser X is the best web browser for Roku. I have not found any other way around the internet that is better than using Web Browser X; this is why I have concluded that it is the best way to surf the web on Roku. But this surfing comes at a cost per month.

Considering that Roku does not have their own native browser as they have not implemented this despite the fact that they have been around for quite some time now. I would say that this is the reason why the Roku wed browser is not slick and modern in design, even after using this paid browser. Media player pro is another better option.

Some people have been disappointed after using it, just as I was. They expected a slick modern design and all they got was a 1990s font and interface that is old fashioned. But this is something Roku is working a way to solve pretty soon I guess. Well, but it still serves the purpose right but not to the expectations.

There are few problems when you use it; it does work pretty well though it may struggle to render and format pages that are highly complex. This is something that Roku can sort by having its own web browser. You will still get some few pre-saved favorites like CNN, ABC News and Google News. The best thing about using We Browser X is that you get to visit any site on the internet by entering the URL, and you also have an option to add your own frequently visited sites like your favorite sites.

You can navigate a web page easily when you are using Web Browser X by using the left and the right buttons on your remote to cycle through the links on the page. Then the up and down arrows are for scrolling through the text. This gives a nice user experience that you would expect.

The few downsides that I experienced with Web Browser X is that you cannot play videos, and it cannot also fill in web forms like password fields and usernames. This is something that could change in a few years to come through.

You can get this web browser at a fee of $4.99 per month in the US, though there may be a few countries where you can access it for free. I tried the Mexican version, and the store had a $0.00, so there may be a discrepancy in the various countries.

Poprism Web Browser

Poprism is the only other Roku web browser that you will find in their channel store. Though this is some levels worse compared to when you use Web Browser X, this is because Proprism is only allowing you to read the text. It does not allow images, no CSS, No JavaScript and no GUIs and many others. They just bring a mass of text that is not formatted in whichever site you visit.

Poprism browser is not good for the majority of sites, and it may be the only suite you if you are for the text forums RSS feeds and all types of content that are text-heavy. You will get the basic Google research readable on Poprism.

The other good thing with using Poprism is that they don’t scam you $4.99, they are absolutely free.

Chrome Via Screencast

Until Roku release their own web browser that is fully-fledged, these are the only ways that you can use for web browsing on Roku.

We use browsers to stream video content and movie content. There is no point of having a browser if it cannot stream these contents. This means that the best way is then using screen mirroring. This allows you to cast or to mirror your screen on your Android device and start surfing directly in it.

You can also cast any other browsers on your Roku, and this will allow streaming of content. The only drawback is that it depends on the other device as it needs the help of the other devices so that you can cast their screen.

The best approach that I would recommend when using Roku is to use screen mirroring and cast a browser directly to your computer or your phone to the Roku device.

How to Cast a Web Browser to Roku From Android

If you prefer to browse the internet on your Roku from your Android phone or tablet, these are the steps you should follow to set up.

  • Open the Android settings App
  • Go to Connected Devices and  > Pair New devices
  • Let Android find your Roku set-top box or streaming stick
  • Tap on the name of your Roku and wait as connection initializes
  • Open the web browser you want to use on Roku

You should note that not every Android device supports Miracast. Consult your manufactures literature for more information concerning this.

How to Cast a Web Browser to Roku From Windows

These are the steps you should follow to cast a windows web browser to Roku.

  • Check and ensure that your Roku is running the latest version(at least version 7.7) on the Operating System. Do this by going to SETTINGS>SYSTEM>ABOUT. If it is not, go to SETTINGS>SYSTEM>SYSTEM UPDATE> CHECK  NOW and wait for the process to complete.
  • On windows, open the action center by clicking the link in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on CONNECT tile, if you cannot see it directly you may need to EXPAND.
  • Allows windows to scan Roku. This could take up to 30 seconds.
  • Click on the name of Roku in the list of devices. It will then connect automatically.
  • Open your web browser and start surfing.

To disable casting, click on STOP VIDEO on your TV screen and click on DISCONNECT on windows.

How Do I Get Google on My Roku?

Roku devices are considered the best ways to help you streaming content on your TV although there are sometimes when you cant use Roku for things like browsing the web and sorting photos.

That is the point when you need to have access to Google services on your Roku. I am going to share with you how you can get  Google on your Roku, including Google Play Movies, Google Photos, Google TV and Google search.

How to Get Google Play Movies and TV on Roku

Given that Roku devices support all the major streaming services, it is no surprise that Google Play Movies and TV also has an official Roku channel that you can download and start using.

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Once you install the Google Play Movies App on your Roku, you then need to pair it with your Google account by going to this site You should also provide a payment method when you sign up although they will not charge you unless you order something.

There are few-restrictions that exist according to Google’s official help page. Theoretically, you can only use this App if you stay in Canada, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, the United States, or the United Kingdom although it is still unclear how accurate this information is. The non-supported countries may have some issues when accessing.

Set up Play Movies & TV on Roku

  • Go to channel store on your Roku and search for “Google Play Movies & TV.”
  • Then select the Google Play Movies & TV app and  Add channel
  • Click on Go to channel and then Sign in.
  • Then go to on your computer or mobile device.
  • Enter the code that is shown on your Roku screen and click on Continue
  • Review the permissions screen
  • Then confirm it and add a payment method following the instructions on the web browser.
  • Set your Google PIN by following the on-screen instructions
  • Return to Roku and search and watch videos

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How To Connect Roku To Google Home?

  • Launch the Google Home App
  • Tap on the Add button
  • Tap on Set up device
  • Select on Have something already set up?
  • Seach for Roku from the list and select it
  • When prompted, sign in to your Roku Account
  • Select the Roku device you want to control with the Google Assistant

How To Get Google Play Music on Roku

Currently, there is no official Google play music that is for Roku devices. There were a couple of ways in which you could listen to Google Play Music on your Roku with the Nowhere Music private Roku channel or using the third-party plug-in for Plex, but developments have stopped on both projects.

The only remaining option is to cast Google Play Music from an Android device or Windows computer to your Roku directly. Roku sticks use Miracast technology, and iOS devices are not supported.

Steps To Get Google Play Music on Roku

  • Ensure the Roku and Android device are on the same wifi network
  • Swipe down on your Android on the Notification Bar
  • Tap on Cast
  • Choose your Roku from the list of devices that appear
  • Steps to listen to Google Play Music on a Roku for Windows user
  • Ensure that your Roku device and Windows computer are on the same wifi
  • Open Settings app
  • Go to System then Display.
  • Scroll to Multiple Displays
  • Click on Connect to a Wireless Display
  • From the list, select your Roku device

Does Roku Have Google Chrome?

As per now, there is no Google Chrome app for Roku, and if you need to get access to your Chrome on your TV screen, you need to mirror your screen from another device that is Miracast enabled.

How to Get Google Photos on Roku

There is also no official Google Photos app that you can use for Roku. Although you can still use a third-party app from the Roku channel store. The App is PhotoView for Google Photos. It is the best way that you can use to access your photos on Roku.

The App enables Roku to have screen saver features, Google Photo albums and an integrated search feature. The photos can also be played in a slideshow when Roku is not in use.

You can download PhotoView for Google Photos (Free) here.

Here are Steps to Get Google Photos on Roku.

  • Go to channel store on your Roku and search for “Google Play Movies & TV.”
  • Then select the Google Play Movies & TV app and  Add channel
  • Click on Go to channel and then Sign in.
  • Then go to on your computer or mobile device.
  • Enter the code that is shown on your Roku screen and click on Continue
  • Review the permissions screen
  • Then confirm it and add a payment method following the instructions on the web browser.
  • Set your Google PIN by following the on-screen instructions
  • Return to Roku and search and watch videos

Advantages of Roku Screen Mirroring

When you use screen mirroring, it opens up Roku to a lot of new possibilities. Roku is a closed device, and when you screen to mirror, it is the only way you can use to communicate with other devices.

  • You can play all of your favorite games on the big screen
  • You can use an android device as a wireless joystick
  • You can cast Kodi from your windows PC to stream TV shows and movies
  • Search Across 500 Apps at Once
  • Discover ‘Hidden’ Roku Channels
  • Adjust Playback Settings for Netflix
  • Use Roku Private Listening


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