Samsung Smart Switch vs Google Backup: Which is Better?


I had been wondering how I would easily transfer all of my data from my old smartphone device sung device. I tried talking with my friends, and there are a few options they suggested to me. It was not until I stumbled upon the Samsung smart switch.

I worked so well with my Samsung device, and it helped me in transferring almost everything that I needed. My contacts, messages, media and even some apps that I still needed in my new Galaxy S8.

I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy it from the listing on Amazon, If you would like to have one of these you can check out their current prices and reviews here.

Quick Tips Before Installing Smart Switch

When you use the Samsung Smart Switch application, it will make it easy for you to have backup data in your computer and then you can restore the data later on to your Samsung smartphone, Samsung tablet or Samsung phablet.

This can only be done with a device that was made in or after 2016 and is running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Android 7.0 (Naugat) or Android 8.0 (Oreo). Here’s what to download and install, plus tips for using Smart Switch.

Quick Note on Smart Switch

The good thing to note is that if you get one of the devices mentioned above and are from 2016 to date, the Smart Switch Mobile app is already installed. It is only the tablet you will need to install from the Galaxy Apps store.

You’ll also need to download and install the Smart Switch for your Windows PC or Mac from the Samsung website here

My Smart Switch

The Samsung smart switch transferred all the data via USB, though I could still connect using the Wifi or iCloud. There is still another Samsung smart switch for MAC OR PC which uploads all your data to your computer and downloads them to your new Samsung device.

Though Google has done a great amount of work in trying to keep the content of mobile phone users in the cloud, it sometimes gets trickier especially when you are transitioning from one mobile phone to another, and you want to back up some certain types of local data with you.

Some applications that you may be using, game saves that you do not want to lose and even more, may become tricky to loose in the process.

Samsung smart switch makes it easy for you to sign back into all of your apps once you have transferred them and setting it up.

All that I was required to do was to download the application on my computer and connect it with my phone. In a very short time, I had everything that I needed backed up to my new Samsung device and restored to the old state.

This was so amazing; I had not imagined it.

What did the Samsung Smart Switch Backup?

I used my Samsung smart switch to back up all of my contacts, photos and application data that I did not want to get lost. There were also some other local files that were transferred in the process.

The move for me from my old device to the new Samsung device I had bought was a smooth one. I had never used the Samsung Galaxy S8 before, and I knew little concerning the specks and features.

But one thing that I was happy about is that I had moved all of the data that I needed from my old phone. All I had to do is to pick up from where I had left from my old device to my new Samsung Galaxy S8.

I had to go through a few steps in setting up the desktop applications thought it was straightforward and I did it quickly.

Installing the Samsung Smart Switch on my Computer

  • I use a windows computer, and the process of installation on my windows was pretty standard though it is not hard to install on the Mac as well.
  •  Go to the Samsung smart switch support website and click on the download link for the windows or Mac depending on the system you want to use. In my case, I used the windows.
  •  click and lunch the download. Exe file. If an error appears and says that the application failed to start because side by side configuration is incorrect, then you need to download and install this Microsoft visual C++ package here.
  •  you then click on the two checkboxes so that you verify you are accepting to the terms of their licence agreement. Then click on NEXT.
  •  click on the Finish once you have completed all the installation process. The smart switch will then launch by default.

Now that I had installed my Samsung Smart Switch, it was now the time to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy  S8.

Setting up my Samsung Smart Switch for the First Time.

Once I had finished installing my smart switch application, all that I had to do next was to get it synced up with my phone.

Here are the steps that I followed.

  •  I launched the Samsung smart switch application after I had installed, or it can be through the desktop icon on the computer.
  •  then connected my Samsung GalaxyS8 phone to my computer using the USB cable so that I could get started. The program instantly could recognize when it was connected. I then had to allow USB file transfer on my phone.
  •  I then unlocked and swiped down from the top so I could pull down the notifications shade. Then I tapped on the notification for other USB options on my phone.
  • I then tapped on the transfer file option.  Ongoing back to my computer, my phone was now connected in the smart switch application.

Backing up my data to my Galaxy S8 using the Samsung smart switch

When I had now finished launching the smart switch application, and my phone was connected, the process of backing up was now easy.

This is the process I followed to back up my data on the phone.

  •  I launched the smart switch app on my windows computer and clicked on Backup.
  •  I had to allow access permission on my mobile device. I clicked on Allow, and it gave an option to save data on my SD card.

When it had finished backing up all of my data, I received a breakdown of everything that had been backed up successfully.

Would You Want to Use the Samsung Smart switch?

If you are still on the fence on whether you would like to use the Samsung smart switch; then from what I experienced using it, the process was so easy. Tough you still have the alternative of just using the cloud services which will come on your Galaxy phone, or whichever phone that you are using.

What About Google Cloud Back up?

The Google cloud services will work for both Ios and Android phones, and you will be able to get all your precious memories.

But I liked the approach of using the Samsung smart switch because it had some benefits. Unlike when you use the google’s back up services, you will find that it does not back up everything. I just enjoyed the nice feeling of control having a local back up.

If you have been using Samsung phones and would like to keep your new phone just as familiar with your previous one, then don’t look elsewhere.


It does not matter if you are moving from blackberry, windows mobile, android or iOS to a Galaxy phone. When you use the Samsung smart switch, the move will be very seamless and simple.

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