The Smart Home Tech Secrets

Smart Home Tech Secrets to Build a Smart-home From The Ground UP : Volume 1

Building a home requires countless decisions—on the layout, finishes, appliances, and wall colors, among other things. All these “must-haves” are what make your new home comfortable and customized just for you.

Who is this Book for?

This book explains state of the art smart home, building automation and Internet of Things technologies and demonstrates step by step how to apply them to real world projects.

The toolset covered consists of tablets, smartphones, sensor equipped devices, the Internet and the latest wireline and wireless building automation standards.

You will be introduced to technology basics, planning and design principles, security and privacy considerations as well as implementation details and testing philosophies. Expecting no specific know-how upfront, the book is suited for both – the professional consultant as well as the technology loving hobbyist.

After explaining the big picture and the key concepts of state of the art home and building automation, the book will walk you through the implementation of a concrete building automation and control project in a step-by-step manner.

At the end of each project phase you should have a real, working solution on your desk, which can be further customized and expanded as desired. No programming skills are required as prerequisite. Scripts are explained line by line, configuration settings step by step.

Of course, if you have never written a short automation script or configured a DSL router, at some point your learning curve will be steeper than that of others. However, everything you learn will be based on open standard technologies, which you will be able to utilize in any other IT related project.

  What You Will NOT Find

This book is not a cookbook for simple plug and play type home automation solutions, which various vendors are offering based on closed and proprietary solutions with limited functionality.

It looks at the much broader market of smart homes, building automation and IoT and does a much deeper dive into the technology basics, than the average smart home customer typically is interested in.

Plug and play type solutions and how to integrate them with professional-level building automation are covered, however, but it is the smaller part of a much broader and deeper discussion of the topic.

What You Will Find

The objective of this book is to explain and demonstrate how to build a comprehensive smart home and building automation solution, which is capable of integrating devices and platforms from different vendors, connecting them through meaningful and useful rules.

The outcome is a professional level, real-world smart home solution, which improves the quality of life while saving energy. For the implementation of the sample project in this book, I have selected a combination of a local home controller and a cloud-based solution.

The local home computer component is based on the open soure platform OpenRemote, the cloud component on cloud services from Google and IFTTT. In combination they deliver a solution providing interoperability with most devices and platforms on the market, while allowing for full customization to needs of residential as well as commercial users.

In this E-book, you will find the most amazing information you need to know about building a smart home from the ground up. 

The Ebook has 430 pages of information(8.1 MB), with a Free additional bonus Ebook of 50 pages (2.1 MB) for only $10.

This is a guide book that will enable you to know everything, it does not matter if you are starting out or already have a smart home setup, the information you all need is here. If you are new, this is where to start and if you are an expert, then this is also the place to revisit.

Let Us Help You Build a Smart Home and Escape the Ordinary

What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of scammers and fakes online these days. Maybe you’ve fallen for BS before like we did and are now very skeptical when people talk about buying e-books online.

That’s why radical honesty is our #1 value.

We present the truth, even when it hurts a little bit. But you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting into.

We Teach You How To Build a Real Smart Home

This is not a trick, hack, or technique. Not something gimmicky that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

We’re teaching you how to build a smart home that will reduce all the stress of manually switching on and off.

That’s the difference between us and the “smart home hackers” online – our ideas are here and are here to stay.

We Don’t Just Blog About Smart Homes

We didn’t just start out making smart homes by talking about making smart homes

We actually started with buying all smart home gadgets that we started making a smart home. This was before we ever started the e-book.

Modern technology has impacted all spheres of our lives including our homes. There is a wide range of smart gadgets available that make our life easy and save us time and effort. Just as our cars and phones have become smart, so can our homes. Any homeowner can upgrade their current or new home into a smart one by opting for these devices. 

If you are someone who has or is going to move into a new house and want to make it a smart one, here are a few steps on how to build a smart home from the ground up.

A home full of automations and smart devices in every room sounds about as futuristic it gets. A voice-controlled oven, a TV that doubles as art or an indoor garden that practically manages itself — it all sounds amazing. There are some things you should consider.

We also cover the new technologies that are now happening in the smart home world. Feel free to buy and get the feel for yourself.

Get information from people you can trust with a system that ACTUALLY works. For all niches.

Do you know another must-have these days? Smart home technology, which includes cameras, sensors, and lighting. After all, the home of your dreams should be as safe, efficient, and convenient as possible.

Here is a list of chapters and pages included in The Smart Home Manual so you know exactly what you are getting

  • 1   Read Me
  • 1.1  Who is this Book for?
  • 1.2  What You Will NOT Find
  • 1.3  What You WILL Find
  • 1.4  Safety First!
  • 1.5  Take no Risks
  • 1.6  Formatting Rules
  • 2   The Big Picture
  • 2.1  Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 2.2  The Potential for Energy Conservation
  • 2.3  Safety Management and Assistive Domotics
  • 2.4  Changing the World (a bit) to the Better
  • 2.5  Bibliography
  • 3   Key Concepts
  • 3.1  Devices under Control
  • 3.2  Sensors and Actuators
  • 3.3  Home Automation Network (HAN)
  • 3.4  Controller (Smart Hubs)
  • 3.5  Remote Control Devices
  • 3.6  Cloud Services
  • 3.7  Bibliography
  • 4   Home Automation Network Protocols
  • 4.1  Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • 4.2  Open Ports and Port Forwarding (Port Sharing)
  • 4.3  UPnP
  • 4.4  Dynamic DNS
  • 4.5  HTTP REST
  • 4.6  HTTP Server Push
  • 4.7  Bibliography
  • 5   You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Smarthome Security
  • 5.1  Attacking the HAN
  • 5.2  IoT Search Engines – Shodan and friends
  • 5.3  Bibliography
  • 6   Home & Building Automation: Markets and Trends
  • 6.1  Market Size and Growth
  • 6.2  Smart Devices & Deep Learning Technologies
  • 6.3  Bibliography
  • 7   Smart Homes for the Masses: Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon and more …
  • 7.1  Google’s Nest Labs and Google Home
  • 7.2  One More Thing … Apple HomeKit
  • 7.3  Samsung’s SmartThings
  • 7.4  Amazon’s Echo
  • 8   To Cloud or not to Cloud – This is the Question
  • 8.1  Securing your Project Cloud Account
  • 9   The Project
  • 9.1  Overview
  • 9.2  Equipment and Prerequisites
  • 10   The Home Control Centre: Open Remote
  • 10.1  OpenRemote Overview
  • 10.2  OpenRemote Controller Installation
  • 10.3  Java Installation and Configuration under macOS
  • 10.4  Java Installation and Configuration under Windows
  • 10.5  First Synchronization between Designer and Controller
  • 10.6  The Importance of Directory and File Management
  • 10.7  OpenRemote Professional Designer
  • 10.8  The “Hello World” App
  • 11   A Pretty Smart Sensor: Internet Weather
  • 11.1  OpenRemote Control via HTTP: Retrieving Internet Weather Data
  • 11.2  Designing the App Layout
  • 11.3  Bibliography
  • 12   Integration of Multimedia: iTunes Remote
  • 12.1  Scripting Basics: Shell what?
  • 12.2  Testing it Right – Best Practice for Script Writing
  • 12.3  Script Based iTunes Control in macOS
  • 12.4  Smartphone Remote for iTunes (macOS)
  • 12.5  Script Based MediaPlayer Control (Windows 10)
  • 12.6  Script Based iTunes Control (Windows 10)
  • 12.7  Talk to Me
  • 13   A Little AI: Drools Rules
  • 13.1  Wake me up Early if it Rains: iAlarm
  • 13.2  Remember me: Maintaining State Information
  • 13.3  From Sunrise to Sunset
  • 14   More iDevices
  • 14.1  Denon / Marantz Audio System Control
  • 14.2  Device Control Using Z-Wave
  • 14.3  Bibliography
  • 15   Where are you? Geo-fencing!
  • 15.1  Google Drive
  • 15.2  If This Then That (IFTTT)
  • 15.3  A Geo-Fencing Database on Google Drive
  • 15.4  Google Sheets Manipulation
  • 15.5  Writing a Geo-fencing Sheet Management Script
  • 15.6  A Smartphone App for the Geo-Fence Database
  • 15.7  Further considerations for using a Geo-Fencing Database: Concurrency and Hysteresis
  • 15.8  Google Sheets Integration with OpenRemote
  • 15.9  A Cloud Based Smarthome Control Platform
  • 16   Industry Grade Home Infrastructure Control: KNX
  • 16.1  What is KNX?
  • 16.2  How does KNX Work?
  • 16.3  The KNX Software Infrastructure: ETS
  • 16.4  Which Operating Systems does ETS Support?
  • 16.5  ETS on a Mac
  • 16.6  Other Software Tools
  • 16.7  ETS5 Installation
  • 16.8  Importing Vendor Catalogs
  • 16.9  ETS5 Infrastructure Configuration
  • 16.10  ETS5: Adding the Building Infrastructure
  • 16.11  ETS5: Configuring the KNX Elements
  • 16.12  ETS5: Connecting Infrastructure to Controls
  • 16.13  Notes on Configuring KNX Devices
  • 17   KNX Control via OpenRemote Designer
  • 17.1  Background Pictures for the Smartphone and Tablet App
  • 17.2  Configuring KNX Based Heating Mode Control
  • 17.3  Smartphone Based Heating Control
  • 17.4  Drools Based Heating Automation
  • 18   Remote Smarthome Control
  • 19   Cold Start: Launch Automation
  • 19.1  Windows 10 Task Scheduler
  • 19.2  macOS launchd
  • 20   Troubleshooting and Testing
  • 20.1  Preventive Maintenance
  • 20.2  OpenRemote Heartbeat and Watchdog
  • 21   We Proudly Present: Reporting
  • 21.1  A Drools Reporting Rule
  • 22   Appendix
  • 22.1  Upgrading from OpenRemote Designer to Professional Designer (2.1 to 2.6)
  • 22.2  Troubleshooting Strategies
  • 22.3  Problem Symptom – Cause Pairs
  • 22.3 A Brief Introduction to JavaScript and Google Script
  • 23   Bibliography

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