Smart Thermostat With Adjustable Swing

Smart thermostats work by turning your heating or cooling system on and off when the room temperature varies a certain degree from the point that is set. This set variation is what is called swing.

For a good range, I would recommend that you set a swing of #1 that will provide you with maximum comfort, this is also the default value that the thermostat has when it is shipped to you when you set it to a value that is wider results in less frequent cycles and may save energy.

In this article, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about thermostats that have an adjustable swing or Differential in another lingo.

I got all the answers for you here, I used the Lux Geo-B hooked to my Englander 25PDV, and it is one example I would recommend you use.

I chose it because it works with millivolt appliances; it also works with a two-wire setup, it has a programmable swing and minimum run length and also because I could use an app on my phone to warm up the house even when I am gone.

The neat thing about these thermostats is that they have nice graphs. The red shows heat demand on the stove, and the line shows the temperature. When it turns red, the stove is idling.


It is easy to set up the thermostat, and the programming is done directly from the unit, which is so nice compared to other thermostats. 

They also work with Alexa to enable you to control them using your voice. You may have to get the Alexa device separately though they are found on the cheap here.

Their installation is also very easy compared to other smart thermostats, and it is quick, like standard thermostats. The unique thing about them is their vertical and horizontal mount capability.

They also support android and iOS Apps for free to help you in making a smart home that is comfortable and flexible.

The application also features an option for geofencing with an easy away and back settings that enables savings and comfort.

The thermostats also have three power options where you can use a micro USB connection, though it is not included, system power or C wire, and battery only te 2AA lithium batteries, which are included.

They also work with devices that are enabled to work with Amazon Alexa when it is installed with a c-wire or USB power option.

There is so much flexibility and control that is delivered by LUX/GEO, plus it also has brains and beauty with its attractive design and curves that are soft.

The large display, free android/iOS app, and control wheel interface offers it with intuitive functionality at the device and also online. The GEO enables the users to have full control with programming that is easy to understand and radius geofencing that is built in to help in saving energy when the user is not in the house.

How To Adjust Swing on LUX/GEO

  • Make sure that Dial is in the RUN position.
  • Turn the switch for HEAT/OFF/COOL to the OFF position.
  • Press HOLD for 2 seconds.
  • You will see a number pop up on the screen, between 1-9 on display.
  • Use the up and down buttons to adjust the numbers to the desired swing level.

If you want the tightest control, you should set the swing set on, this is a plus or a minus of 0.25 degrees if the setpoint is 70 F, and the highest it will get is 70.25 F, and the lowest it will get is 69.75 F.

How Do I Set a Swing Thermostat?

When you set a smaller swing setting, it increases the number of cycles, so the room temperature is more constant relative to your set temperature. When you set a larger swing number like nine, which decreases the number of cycles per hour, you may end up feeling a slight increase in the amount of temperature variation, but this setting will help you to save more money.

I would recommend you set it to number four so that it provides a balance of comfort and energy savings. This also happens to be the default value that the thermostat already has when you ship it.

To change the swing set:

  • Place the system mode switch in position OFF.
  • Hold down the save button for like four seconds until the display changes to a single number.
  • You will see a number that is between 1-9 in the display.
  • Use the up and down buttons to make the adjustments to your desired level.

Swing            Temp

Setting          Differential

1                   +\-   0.25 F

2                   +\-   0.50 F

3                   +\-   0.75 F

4                   +\-   1.00 F

5                   +\-   1.25 F

6                   +\-   1.50 F

7                   +\-   1.75 F

8                   +\-   2.00 F

9                   +\-   2.25 F

The actual variation in temperature varies depending on the conditions, and these are the approximations.

What is an Adjustable Cycle Rate Differential Thermostat?

There is no difference; all thermostats have a set temperature that will turn on and off a heating and cooling system. The difference in temperature that a thermostat turns on and off an HVAC unit is Differential.

When you have a thermostat that has a +-1 degree differential that is set at 70 degrees, it will turn an air conditioner on 71 degrees and off at 69 degrees.

It is also sometimes referred to as the cycle rate because it is the cycle that a unit like an air conditioner turns off and on.

When you turn an HVAC system on and off constantly, it has a toll on the thermostat and leads to some parts wearing out and needing replacement. A unit that is used for cycling leads to a larger electric bill.

Why is there a Higher Electricity Cost on Swing?

When it is turned on first, this is when there is the biggest power consumption. This is mainly because of the compressor that needs a large draw of power for it to start running.

When the compressor starts running for a few minutes, the power draw then drops. This is why a short cycle can run up a power bill.

Wear on Equipment

The hardest time on parts is when the HVAC is first turned on. Units that cycle frequently cause wear and tear on parts and this leads to a shorter life span.

How to Get an HVAC Unit to Have Longer Cycles

When you are using a differential thermostat that has an adjustable cycle rate is a quick and easy way to use in solving this problem.

The current thermostat you have maybe having the ability to change the cycle rate, as can be seen in its manual.

Buying a Differential Thermostat

Most thermostats have a differential built-in with a +-1 degree, while there are some that have a +-3 degree differential. 

Thermostats that have an Adjustable Temperature Differential of Adjustable Cycles in their product description have a +-3 degree differential.

Robertshaw RS5110 Thermostat

The Robertshaw RS5110 thermostats are the right choice when it comes to getting a programmable thermostat with temperature controls that can save energy and money.

They have the comfort convenience and efficiency features that homeowners and contractors would want. It has EnergyStar and California Title 24 compliant features and an affordable price.

It has a set point differential feature that prevents an HVAC system from short cycling. You can also set it from 1 degree to as much as 3 degrees in half degree steps. It also features a 5-minute minimum compressor off time, which is great when the power is interrupted as to not cause damage.


  • Auto changeover
  • Fully programmable with a soft touch key that easily set four elements per day and a 5-2 day schedule.
  • It has a vacation setpoint override that reduces energy use while away from home.
  • Pop up wizard that enables customizing the thermostat settings with an instant start-up menu
  • Easy change battery access
  • Bigger, brighter backlight with an option for a nightlight.
  • 1 heat/ 1 cool
  • Circulating fan
  • Adjustable temperature differential and upstaging
  • Low-temperature free protection
  • Hardwired with battery backup OR
  • .V DC
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • Terminals


Backlight Display


Battery Backup




Cool Stages


Heat Stages


HVAC Product Type


Periods per Programmable Day


Product Depth (in.)


Product Height (in.)


Product Width (in.)


Program Type

5-2 Day



Thermostat Product Type

Programmable Thermostat

Thermostat Program Type

5 – 2 Day



Lux Products TX9600TS

The Lux Products TX9600TS thermostat is listed as having an adjustable temperature differential (swing).

This is great for heating and cooling systems, including single and multistage heat pumps. It has the universal compatibility for all system types except for electric baseboards.

You can program each day of the week can be programmed differently with 2 or 4 periods per day. Their large, lighted, and easy to read touch screen display is menu-driven and enables it to be easy to operate and program.

It also has a programmable air filter life timer and keyboard lockout that is for unauthorized users. This adjustable vacation hold can be set from 1 to 30 days.


It has universal compatibility for all types of systems.

It has a large lighted touch screen display that is easy to read.

User-selectable periods per day are 2- 4

The menu is touch screen driven programming that makes it easy to operate and program, and each day of the week can be programmed differently.

You can also lockout screen protection for users that are not authorized.

Temporary temperature override

Temporary hold manual operation

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

It has a built-in Alexa, and Room sensor is also included. The Ecobee4 will go up to a 3-degree differential. For an A/C unit that is set at 78, it would turn on at 82 and off at 75.

It is also a smart thermostat that can be set up with zones or sensors in multiple rooms. When you have multiple sensors, it is good for temperature balancing in many homes.

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