Smart Security Light Bulb With Wi-Fi: A helpful Illustrated Guide


I never imagined that smart lightbulbs could be used in offering security solutions for our homes. This was until recently when I was having a problem in my basement, and I was looking for a solution to help me with the insufficient light and also security.

I had installed Blink XT security camera before, but I removed it and put it in my garage. This then meant that I had to look for a solution for the security of my basement. Buying new blink cameras would be a good option, but it could be costly for me.

So I went about the internet to search for something that would not be costly and offer quality as the blink I had previously installed.

Then I bumped into smart security light bulbs that use a Wi-Fi connection — the Meisort VR13E. This was a great surprise to me. I had not heard or seen any of my friends talk about such a thing. So I decided that I will give it a try.

So I went ahead and bought this smart security light bulb from Amazon and installed it in my basement to see if it would help me in achieving what I intended it to do.

At first, when I brought it in the house, I thought it is just like the other light bulbs. But then, it is not just a bulb; it’s a bulb that has a covert camera that helps to solve security solutions.

I looked up inside the package and found it had come with a free downloadable App for the smartphone. I then tried it and found that it was compatible with my Android and IOS. The App is also available on the Google play store and the Apple store. This was great!

I thought that its set up would be like rocket science, but no. I realized that it does not require any expertise for one to install the camera disguised as a bulb. The function is just like the normal bulb, and its setup is so easy.

The Meisort VR13E is nice as it did not require me to drill any holes, run any wires and have mandatory monthly fees. And they also work with any standard socket.

The package also had a free 32 GB Micro SD card which helps the camera to even store up to 64 GB of information.

I then quickly installed it and started to try it out so that I can see how it operates. Once I had downloaded its app on my phone, I could access the live stream of the camera from any place that I was.

The cameras do not limit the number of views as it allows you to add as many users as you would like using the app. This was nice because it then meant that my wife could be checking on our basement in our home when I was not.

I was using my home Wi-Fi to view all this while, so I tried using mobile data bundle to notice if there was any big difference. I realized that it worked just fine whether I was using the mobile data or I connected it to the Wi-Fi. I could still view the feed from the light bulb camera at my convenience.

Immediately the cameras detected any movements, there were snapshots sent to my phone immediately, and this allowed me to now have real-time viewing of my basement. The app allows for real-time viewing, and I could view the feed without missing out on anything.

The Meisort VR13E setup

I did not have anything to worry about installation of this camera. They work just like the other normal lighting bulbs. All I did was to plug my Meisort VR13E into the lighting socket, and I was good to go.

I then ensured that I had already downloaded the app on my phone and my wife’s phone and linked it to the lightbulb. This enabled us to start viewing the camera remotely without fiddling with it.

The Field of view of Meisort VR13E

I realized that these camera is not limiting me to the extent I could view my property. This was so encouraging because it was another concern I had before I considered buying them. At least I did not have regrets of not having another pair of blink cameras here.

They have fitted with an inbuilt1.3 megapixels fish-eyed lens in the camera which helps you to see all the images and the videos that are recorded by the camera. The view is also crystal clear, and the light bulb can also have a 360 degrees field of view that has zero blind spots. These enable the camera to capture very extensive areas where the camera is put.

The Resolution Resolution of the Meisort VR13E

When you look t other cheap light bulb cameras in the market, you will realize that they have poor quality imaging and this makes it hard to get much from the feeds. This can make it hard for you if you are doing an investigation and would like to use that feed as the evidence.

But what I like about the Meisort VR13E is the resolution of 960p that helps you to have high-quality images and videos. Ever since I installed them n my basement, blurry images and videos have now become a thing of the past.

Night vision of the Meisort VR13E

When I was out searching for the replacement of the blink cameras I had removed, I wanted something that would work just perfectly as the blink cameras. Night vision was another concern that I had while looking for the option for my basement.

Any good camera that I came across was a must have if it had night vision capabilities. Once I had installed the Meisort VR13E, that night I noticed that they are fitted with infrared LED technology which supports night vision.

This was automatic; once darkness came in. The infrared LED lights have sensors that help it in adjusting immediately they detect any darkness. When it is during the day, the lights on the bulb automatically switch off the power, and this helps in saving on energy.

The smart app also allows you to turn the lights off just in case you notice that the lights are a distraction.

The Meisort VR13E light bulb cameras stand out from what I have experienced with it. I like the unique features I have and offers. The wide field of view, their motion detection, night vision features, and the easy setup process. These are some of the reasons why I would keep on buying them in case I have any other place in my house I will require to have the access feed remotely on my phone. You can have a look at it here on Amazon.

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