The Best Soundbars With FM Radio

We do love music and excellent sound and soundbars satisfy this need. You may have a good soundbar but are you looking for a soundbar with an installed FM Radio? Looking for such electronics can be very tedious. It is never an easy task looking for such a product and that is why we have you covered. In this article, we will guide you on which soundbars to purchase and the necessity of a soundbar with an FM Radio. We will also guide you on the important features to look for while purchasing a soundbar.

Why purchase a soundbar?

There are many sounds from your devices but not all of them are pleasant to the ears. You might be having speakers connected to your TV or computer but the sound produced is still not satisfying. Well, soundbars are one of the best sound producers just as the name suggests. The sound produced is always very clear and there are multiple modes and options for tuning it to your satisfaction.

What is fancier than soundbars that support connectivities like Bluetooth, WiFi and may have multiroom capabilities? You will find soundbars to be suitable to use than any other sound device used in a home environment

Excellent soundbars have a feature that can support DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

If you love loud music, a soundbar is the best choice for you as it may be louder than your usual speakers.

What is the Best Soundbar?

Great electronics manufacturers still lead in the market in terms of producing wonderful soundbars. Manufacturers like Sony are the best in this specialization. We will analyze some of the outstanding soundbars. We will look at the highest-rated Soundbar, which in our opinion is:

Sony HT-G700


  • Has 1 HDMI ARC output, 2 RCA inputs, and 3 HGMI inputs
  • Has an AM/FM antenna connector
  • Has 2 optical input and 1 coaxial input
  • Has basic control panel on the subwoofer
  • Supports Bravia sync when connected with Sony Bravia TVs


  • Inbuilt AM/FM tuners
  • Has a variety of sound modes varying from night mode to music and game modes
  • The soundbar is very portable as it comes with a small size
  • Extremely compatible with Sony Bravia Tv in that; can be attached to the TV and supports Bravia Sync
  • You can adjust the treble and Bass
  • All the  mounting accessories are available in the same package  when purchasing


  • Does not support Voice assistance like Alexa 
  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cannot connect to WiFi
  • 4K cannot pass through as there is no port for that capacity and function

Click on the following link to get more specs and price of this model:

What are the Soundbars with FM Radio?

Let us go through the following soundbars with pre-installed FM radios;

1. Lenrue PC Soundbar Stereo Bluetooth Soundbar

Features and Pros

  • Has an in-built FM mode
  • The USB port has a rechargeable 
  • Has AUX Port
  • RCA port
  • Has Bluetooth Technology
  • Has a good, powerful stereo sound


  • Setting FM mode using the control buttons is complicated
  • Old version Bluetooth
  • Automatically connects to the first Bluetooth device it senses hence no privacy

Click here to get more specs and price of this model.

2. Pyle 3D Surround Bluetooth Soundbar PSB-V200BT 

Let us take a look at this soundbar model. It may not give the best physical appearance but its features are worth the cost of purchase.


  • Has a USB port
  • Has an SD Card slot
  • Has 2 RCA inputs
  • 1 AUX input
  • Inbuilt FM turner
  • Has SRS 3D Technology
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has 2 tweeters, a mid-woofer, and a full woofer inside it.


  • Easy to operate( has control panels with basic directions)
  • It is affordable(economic)
  • Durable, its speakers are covered with a good metal grill
  • Has an FM Tuner pre-installed
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity


  • Old Bluetooth version
  • Does not have any HDMI input or output
  • It does not have a digital audio input

3. Vizio V51x-J6 V-Series 5.1 Soundbar

Features and Pros

  • Has 3 inputs, Optical, AUX, and RCA
  • Has USB port
  • Has an SD card slot
  • Has a Micro USB port 
  • Has an in-built battery ( 2000mAh) hence portable
  • Has FM tuner
  • Has Bluetooth 
  • Easy to follow control panel


  • Does have HDMI inputs
  • The material used to build it is plastic hence not so durable
  • The prices given are higher than the quality


What are the factors to consider when purchasing a soundbar?

  • Price- This is one of the major concerns. You should know your budget before considering the type of Soundbar you want to purchase. Some of the soundbars described above might be expensive while others are cheap. 
  • Size – what is the choice size soundbar? You might want to have a soundbar that is the same length as your screen and vice-versa. Before you order/ purchase a soundbar, understand the length that will suit your deco.
  • Compatibility with other devices – what is the type of your TV? Purchase a soundbar that can be effortlessly connected to your TV and Phones. Other soundbars have HDMI ports while others do not have. Some Sony soundbars when connected possess some amazing features like Bravia Sync. Does it support Bluetooth? Well, these are some of the basic questions to ask and consider.

Do all Soundbars have FM Radios?

Most recent soundbars do not have in-built FM tuners. Big manufacturers do not produce soundbars with FM radios. However, generic companies still produce soundbars with Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, and pre-installed FM Radios. Most of these companies are from Asia. Some of their products have been described above (in this article).

Are there outdated soundbar models?

Huge companies in the recent past were making soundbars with Pre-installed FM Radio but stopped. Therefore, some models were previously in the market but are no longer in the market.

Some of these models include;

  1. Samsung HT-E8200
  2. LG SL6YF
  3. LG LAS655K
  4. Philips HTL2193B

Can I use my soundbar for dialogues?

Oh yes. Soundbars produce a very nice sound. It is very efficient for dialogues as most of them are portable. Soundbars usually have great modes that can support good dialogues such as EQ Presets

What is the 3.1 Soundbar?

Well, this is a very nice clerical question. Many people do not know what is meant by 2.1 or 3.1 and may end up misinterpreting information describing these devices. A 3.1 Soundbar simply means 3 in 1 where there are three channels, one in the middle and two on either side.

2.1 on the other hand means 2 in one. Two channels, one on the right and the other on the left.

Are there other Soundbars?

There are so many other soundbar models with FM Radio pre-installed. You will come across so many of them but we will give you some of them to make your research simpler. They include;

  1. Ciglow Wireless Soundbar
  2. Estink Bluetooth Soundbar (very good bass sound)
  3. Teastar soundbar
  4. Lenrue PC Soundbar

What are the cheapest soundbar models?

Products from well-known manufactures have proven to be so expensive and limited to certain amounts of money which are not economical for the greatest majority. Sony, Samsung, and LG top the list of Expensive models.

However, cheap soundbars are available in the market but most of them are from generic companies most of them being from Asia (China with the majority)

Some other companies with cheap soundbars include;

  • Denon
  • Yamaha
  • Pyle
  • Vizio.

 There are so many other cheap soundbars but the above-mentioned are some of the best.

Where can I order a soundbar from?

There are some sites. We would recommend as the above-given links. You may choose to look at other apps and sites like JUMIA,,, and many others of your choice.


Soundbars are one of the best sound devices. You should consider having it since it is less bulky and produces a wonderful sound. However, the brand name is key in choosing the best soundbar. You should always be keen on the model and brand to avoid purchasing fake/counterfeit products that are mostly faulty.

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