The Best Speakers For Mac Mini

Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of computers and a Mac Mini is one of their amazing products. It is a desktop computer just like the others and has features and performs tasks that other PCs can. However, when it comes to Sound, Mac Mini can be very disappointing. It does not produce a pleasing sound.

Apple products are rarely compatible with most Non-Apple products and therefore you might find it difficult to purchase a speaker that would be compatible and work best with your Mac Mini. Although the market has a variety of speakers from many manufacturers, it is important to understand which speaker will work best with your Mac Mini. In our article, we will show you some of the best speakers to make your work less strenuous. 

What Makes A Speaker Compatible With My Mac Mini?

Modern speakers come with multiple features that make them flexible for use when connected to any device. Apple products might be complicated when it comes to compatibility but you do not need to panic, several features will make your Mac Mini compatible with these speakers such as;

  • RCA inputs (3.5mm size)
  • Airplay2 capability
  • Bluetooth connectivity (5.0 version)
  • WiFi connectivity

Speakers with the above feature may be compatible with your Mac Mini but there are many more things to look at before purchasing a speaker for a Mac Mini. We will look at specific brands to show you some of these amazing things you should look at.

What Are The Best Speakers For My Mac Mini?

There are many speakers in the market. Some of them are extremely cheap and are at your closest reach but the quality is key especially for a Mac Mini. You may purchase a speaker then it fails to work with your Mac Mini. Here is a good list of speakers you can consider for your Mac Mini. Remember to click on the links provided to check their prices and finer specs.

1. Sonos One (Gen 2)

This is one of the latest models from this brand. It has an amazing feature you would love to use in your modern, Smart Home.


  • Voice assistant- enabled. Built with Alexa mic array that supports voice controls
  • Can support Airplay 2
  • Can be connected to a home theater system 
  • Fitted with Sonos App that allows you to connect wirelessly including services like Apple Music and Spotify
  • Waterproofed


  • Can be connected to a 5.1 Home theatre
  • Supports WiFi connectivity
  • Has Sonos App and connect to Apps like Apple Music
  • Supports Voice controls (Alexa)
  • Supports Airplay 2
  • Humidity resistant
  • Capable of being paired to more than one speaker
  • Has a control panel


  • Very expensive
  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cannot be connected physically 
  • No rechargeable battery and cannot be portable

This is the best speaker I have come across so far. It has features that are unmatched apart from a non-rechargeable battery, all the other features are awesome. For a complete smart home, lack of physical connection may not be a disadvantage of these speakers. Technology is at its peak and wireless connection are mostly preferred.

2. KEiiD Computer Speakers

This is one of the best-looking speakers in the market. It comes with amazing features such as;

  • Has a controller that comes with a headphone jack
  • Built with 5.0 Bluetooth 
  • Has a controller fitted with an AUX port 
  • Comes with options for different sound modes such as music, game, and movie modes
  • Has 3 Input modes; PC, AUX, and Bluetooth


  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has 3 EQ options; Movie, Game, and Music
  • Has 3 inputs
  • Housed in Aluminum hence strong and durable
  • Has LED mode Indicator
  • Compact 


  • It is not voiced Assistant-enabled
  • Does not support WiFi connectivity
  • Does not support AirPlay 2 

3. Libratone Zipp

This an amazing smart speaker here are some of its key features;

  • WiFi connectivity enabled
  • Has a unique shape ( cylindrical)
  • Can be controlled by its app (Libratone app)
  • Has an in-built rechargeable battery
  • It has 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports AirPlay2
  • Fitted with Voice Assistants ( supports Alexa Voice)
  • Can be connected to more than 5 speakers ( fitted with SoundSpace technology)


  • Supports voice assistants which enable you to receive calls
  • Built with rechargeable battery 
  • Can support Airplay 2
  • Its covers can are removable and can be washed
  • Easy to follow control panel
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • WiFi connectivity enabled
  • Built to allow connection with Spotify
  • Comes with an amazing Libratone app


  • The Bass is not balanced with the bass 

Compared to many other brands, this is the best portable speaker. Most portable speakers do not have additional features like AirPlay2 capability. This one comes with the features of a smart speaker yet it is portable. You can use it wherever and whenever.

4. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200                     

This is a much more budget-friendly speaker but serves the purpose well. You do not need to worry because it is compatible with Mac Mini. It is very common in the market.

Pros and Features

  • Less power consumption
  • Small and easily portable
  • Has 1 headphone output
  • Easy to set up 


  • Does not support voice assistant (Axela, Google Voice)
  •  No WiFi connectivity
  • Permanent wires (hard wired)

The biggest thing about this brand is that it is cheap. Unfortunately, for a modern smart home, this might not serve your needs best.

5. Denon Home 250

This is a smart speaker with the most amazing specs you will ever come across. I would rank this as one of the best speakers. The goal of most people is to have the best smart home experience. Well, this is one of the best smart speakers. I would take Denon Home 250 as my priority.


  • Built with HEOS technology (allows you to connect it to other devices with the same technology.
  • Supports AirPlay2
  • Fitted with HEOS app
  • Enabled Bluetooth connectivity( slightly older version of 4.2)
  • Unique Bluetooth button
  • Has several ports for connections; AUX, Ethernet, and USB


  • Supports WiFi connectivity
  • Supports AirPlay2
  • Has HEOS technology (multiroom capability) and app 
  • Has a Bluetooth pairing button
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Alexa is built-in
  • Has enabled compatibility with Alexa devices


  • Old Bluetooth version (4.2)
  • Expensive
  • Not rechargeable battery 

Are There Other Affordable Speakers For My Mac Mini? 

We mentioned earlier that there are so many speakers in the market from several manufacturers, you just have to look at their specs and make a decision. Here are some of our picks;

  1. Edifier R1280T – view specs and price here
  2. Creative Pebble – view here
  3. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 – view here
  4. Amazon Basics Computer Speakers- view price:

What should I consider when purchasing a speaker for my Mac Mini?

Purchasing can be tiring and confusing but we have some guides, things you would put into consideration when purchasing a speaker for your Mac Mini.

  • Associated feature – these are very key for a smart home. Technology keeps advancing and you should consider that. We recommend you check these features to avoid buying a speaker that may soon serve as an analog. Features like Alexa support, Multiroom capability, WIFI connectivity, and apps like the HEOS app.
  • Price- the speaker should range within your budget lest you overspend. Some of these speakers are expensive but have the same features as other brands that are cheaper.
  • Size – space is vital. You may have picked Mac Mini while considering the aspect of space. Pick a speaker that would fit your space well. You might as well need a portable speaker and size will matter in this case.
  • Connectivity- some speakers do not support wireless connectivity and might be very boring to use especially in a smart home setup. Some of them like Logitech MultiMedia Speakers Z200 are hardwired and cannot be disconnected from their wires hence a limiting factor.


What Are The Best Smart Speakers?

There are many speakers but none of them can match the comfort and amazing features of smart speakers. Earlier in this article, we have described some of them. Here are our chosen best:

  • Denon Home 150
  • KEiiD Computer Speaker
  • Sonos One
  • Boss Home 300

Which Is The Best Portable Speaker For My Mac Mini?

You must have come across so many portable speakers but we have one that we would recommend: Libratone Zipp. It has the best features.


We can say in summary that the best speakers are much more expensive than you would think. For a Smart Home, a smart speaker like the ones mentioned above will be the best investment.

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